Friday, November 8, 2019

Friday Finishes!

This week I was able to make two items and one is a freebie. The freebie is offered by Michelle Palmer on her facebook page, Michelle Palmer Artist. She offers one each year, and I love this new one. It was fun to do and can be done in primitive wools or bright wools.

The stocking is about 9" tall. I think it makes a nice gift that you can add some candy to, or some lip balm, etc. You can find the pattern at the link above. You can see a little shading on his head and tail, I used walnut ink but it faded as it dried, so I can add a little more.

My next piece is a design by Kathy Schmitz for her One Stitch Club. I decided to do it in Christmas colors,  on a tea towel,  perfect for a gift.

This week I was able to get in a beach day. Bill has his laser surgery and a late appointment the next day, so we got in a  few hours at the beach. I got  quite a few nice treasures, that large chunk is an old green piece and the larger rock would make a nice shape to do a nativity scene.

Do you see that smaller dark piece above the green and yellow one?

Well, I got a nice surprise when I put it to the light and saw that it was a piece of red glass with a gold decoration on it.  I almost threw it away, thinking it was a piece of a new bottle.

I hope you all have a nice weekend and not snow bound. It is colder here, but it will be sunny.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Weekend Wanderings!

We had another nice weekend, even though the cold is coming in early this year, it felt nice to be out without getting wet. On Saturday we tried a new area, Old Saybrook in Ct. It is a beautiful town which has a lot of history, but now it is more of a tourist area. It would be a wonderful place to stay in the hotels and condos that surround the beach area.

We explored the town and historical waterfront, then took a walk on the town beach. I found a few pieces of glass, but the tide was coming in, so I am sure there was more at low tide. We also stopped at one of the oldest cemeteries, lots of old stones from the founders of the areas and a view of the Long Island Sound. We started our day here and headed up the Connecticut river, where we passed by Essex, a village with a train museum and you can take rides along the river from there.

We enjoyed some stops at local graveyards and vistas along the river. I had hoped to spot some eagles at an island, they are known to winter at, but nothing on this day. Our destination was Gillette castle, which was open again.

It was nice to get out for a walk, and Bean was happy to get out, and say hi to everyone we passed. Do you see the kitties on the top? The man who built the castle, loved cats.

We got to enjoy a nice walk around the main areas, lots of paths with bridges and a little covered bridge. Some areas still had vibrant colors, but most of the area is turning to dark red.

On Sunday I wanted to go for a ride to Woodstock, they have a prim shop, a Christmas store and an antique consignment store. Not much this time, but the ride is on scenic roads and we got to enjoy a few stops, One at Roseland park, and another at a Rhode Island cemetery. I even found these cute snow dolls, online it said they are snowmen, but I think they look like white owls, lol. I know the boys will love them, they are soft and fluffy. I like to have a kid's display with their nativity, so they have things they can touch and play with.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Friday Finish and wanderings!

This week I tried a stitchery from a free painting design at Deco Art. I modified it a bit so it fit into a smaller square, since it is something I will give away as part of my DSmiles4miles group on facebook. The material was horrid to work on and the photo makes it look, even worse.

I think it is a fun design to give to people during the holidays, we can all use a smile. It is a painting on wood, so I maybe see if I can find some mini wood pieces and paint some, It is a fun design and easy to do, even if  you are not a painter. It could also be adapted by making the bird with applique, which I will try too.

We also got an extra day this week, since my husband had to work on Sunday. I picked Tuesday since the weatherman said it wasn't going to rain. It didn't rain but it misted all day, so it was damp and wet and we got out for a ride, but most visits to places had to be quick, so we couldn't enjoy any long walks.

One place I had seen online was Pumpkin town, we took a little detour and I got a few shots from the road. It wasn't worth going in, since it was too wet, but it would be a fun place to take the boys, next year.

This guy was hitch hiking on the side of the road.

We were lucky that the mist stopped long enough to visit the falls. I found a new function on my camera, so I was able to take a nice photo with a smooth look to the falls. It was gorgeous and the area was surrounded by color, but too wet to hike up the hill to the view point.

And no visit to the park would be complete without a photo at the covered bridge.

I got photos of churches and grave yard stones along the way and our last stop was the castle. I really wanted to see the views from above the river and the castle would give me some cover from the mist. Well, it was closed for repairs, so no castle this time. We went down to the ferry landing and watched the ferry go back and forth, this one is fast and always on the move, since it is easier than driving to a bridge area.

I thought it was fun that they decorated the area.

Tomorrow we are going to try another ride, this time going down the coast to an old coastal town, then up river and back across, and hopefully the castle will be open. I plan out our route online and look for interesting things along the way. So, a few old cemeteries, ocean views and hopefully some eagles along the river. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and made it through the last storm without damage.

This is what I woke  up to, but at least no trees fell this time. Bill had started putting up new sides and they made it through, but all the old ones are gone.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Weekend Wanderings!

We had one good day this weekend and we took advantage of the weather and the foliage. We headed  across the Connecticut river and visited a few new places.

Of course I can't resist a cemetery and we found an old one on the way and a large one called Indian Hill. It was on a hill and was a wonderful place to walk around and enjoy the views, as well.

The next stop was Wadsworth Falls. It was a beautiful place and the falls were beautiful. Someone was taking a photo shoot with this woman. She was barefoot and standing at the edge of the falls, not the safest place to be.

We headed to Meriden to visit Castle Graig. You can drive to the top, but it was crowded and slow going since the road was narrow and we had to pull over every so often. Here is a view, looking up at the tower, from the park.

And at the top, views of the surrounding towns and on one side, you can see to the ocean on a clear day.

On the way back, we stopped at another cemetary that had a funeral going on. It had a lot of old stones, but the clouds were covering what was left of the sun, so I couldn't get too many good photos. The row of stones are all from 1863 and 1864, war veterans.

And at home, my neighbor's trees are in full bloom and mine are turning fast. Bill had to work Sunday which was fine, since it was raining. Tomorrow he is taking his day off, so we can enjoy another ride into Ct. This time the falls and castle, since that is the last places to turn. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Friday Finish!

I have decided it is time to get going on Christmas, it comes so quick and I am always rushing, so I am starting early. A friend gifted me an older book, Kindred Spirits Christmas. I love the older books and designs, they are prim, easy to work up and can be modified, if I want.

This one was a large stitchery, so I reduced it for a smaller pillow. It is 9" x 7", just the right size to set in a grouping or on a cupboard. I really love the design and think it would be fun in bright colors or with applique figures, so I may do another for people who don't do prim. The material on this one is a medium brown, but it is hard to see that in the photo, this one I may keep for me.

I also want to do at least one new thing each week, something I can make to give or hide in stores during the holiday. I loved doing this, it worked up quick and you can use felt, which is easy to get. I happened to win a batch, years ago, so now I can use the green bolt for these trees. If you like the idea of giving gifts to others, just to bring a smile, you can check out my facebook group; DSmiles4miles.

I didn't add a hanger yet, but I will add a tag with a saying and the group name. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, we have one nice day and one rain day, so I plan on making the most of tomorrow and checking out areas, we missed last week.

The pattern for the trees and other free felt patterns can be found at Touch the Beauty.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Weekend Wanderings!

We had a nice weekend, one day of sun and one cloudy day, but as long as it isn't raining, I am happy. We decided to head into Connecticut and go across the upper, middle area. That way we could decide which was to go, since there are places in all directions.

We ended up going straight across to a town called Glastonbury, which is on the Connecticut river. The town was really built up, lots of stores and homes on the outskirts and we would have had to go further up to get to the city section and historic areas, so we just made a stop for coffee and headed back down on a scenic road.

We had never been in this area, so we drove until we saw something. Of course there are always lots of churches, so I took some photos and we stopped at one that had a large graveyard. It was in the town of Portland. The church is beautiful, a lot of beautiful detail and sculpture on the church.

There were a lot of old stones, but the slate was deteriorating and most of the fronts were missing. There were quite a few war heroes, from all periods of history.

The next thing I spotted was a ferry sign, so I wanted to check that out. It also means access to the river. There were a couple of cars waiting and the sign said,  honk when you want to come over, lol. The ferry is a barge that is pushed by a tugboat.

As we came down, we saw a bridge across the river and a large area of the town, so we went to see what was on the other side. There was a church right by the bridge and we found a parking lot in the back and an old graveyard. I was walking around and most of the stones were people from Ireland and all their info and place of birth was on the stones.

I had to steal a photo from the internet. I started to walk through the cemetery and I realized it was under the bridge in a bad neighborhood and there were older kids arguing with a man. I listened long enough and the man left, then I left, the kid was still screaming and getting upset, so not the place I wanted to stay. So no photos from me. Now I wish I had known where we  were, Wesleyn College was down the road and there was a larger cemetery on a hill, with views of the valleys. Now I can go back and know the area better. There is also a park with falls, so lots more to explore.

Saturday was a day with the boys, so I didn't want to go too far. I also wanted to try the new apples at the orchard, they are supposed to have a hint of pineapple flavor. I got a few for me and Nick said he liked them, so I let him pick his own small bag for his lunches. Not sure if they taste like pineapple, but it is a flavor that tastes funny but gets better as you eat more, lol.

This is a new crop for them, so these took 4 years to produce. They are called sun crisp.

I decided to take the boys to Mohegan park, Nick's favorite place, which is anywhere with a playground. Alex loved checking out all the fun things at the kiddie section.

And we enjoyed a walk around the pond, Nick likes to run ahead and Alex is always trying to keep up with him and Grandma is trying to keep up, period.

There were areas bursting with color and others, just starting to turn.

We ended the day with a stop at the farm stand for ice cream. The boys enjoyed eating in the old hay wagon.

The clouds were out all day and by the time we headed home, it was nearing dusk, but I was able to get a few nice shots of the pond in Acadia, before we dropped the boys off. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Friday Finish!

I have decided that if I want to get things done by Christmas, I better start now. I know I will never finish all the projects I would like to do, but hopefully a few of them. I also start making gifts, so it is good to get started early.

I received the new issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects and I loved Tonya's of Mad Hen Primitives, rug pattern and decided to do it in punch needle. It was fun to do and I was able to use up scraps, on most of it. I also used Lopi wool yarn on his beard in a higher height. I separated the strands to get a smaller piece for punching, it is white with gray flecks. I wish the colors and antiquing showed up better.

I received a nice surprise in the mail this week. Brenda from Rusty Thimble sent me two beautiful, velvet pumpkins. The stems on top, are real pumpkin stems, I love them. She has been making new things again, so hopefully she will have her Etsy store, up and running soon.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I am hoping to go exploring again and find more foliage in the upper areas of Connecticut.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Weekend Wanderings!

A long weekend means a lot of activity and we kept busy, each day. We were lucky enough to have nice weather so we could get out.

On Saturday we did an easy day and went to the beach. It was a little cooler, but that meant less people. We have been making friends with the regular beach combers, so Bean had fun too, meeting up with his friends.

We got a few nice treasures, I just enjoy being outside and chatting with people, so anything I find is a bonus.

With the recent storm and winds, we wanted to check the girl's graves to make sure there was no damage. Everything was fine and the cemetery was full of fall colors.

We made one more stop at the pond and let Bean go for a short walk and enjoyed the views and the colors were starting to pop in some areas.

On Sunday we went up state and visited with my nephew who was camping, so we got a late start to the day. The colors popped in some areas and some are still green. Of course, I see a cemetery and have to stop for a look. I loved this memorial and the fall colors.

We stopped at a few ponds and headed to Putnam. The falls and surrounding area are worth the stop. They also have a lot of antique stores and historic buildings, as well as a river walk. A few sights along the river.

Today I woke up late, so we went for a shorter ride and stayed in central Connecticut, near the city of Norwalk. The first place we headed to was Occum, a small town but the ride up, is along the river and beautiful views. We stop at the Dam to see the falls and this time we drove to the other side and found a little country church. The larger church is in the city of Norwalk.

Next on the stop was Yantic falls. We always love going there, unfortunately the leaves were just starting to turn.

And another stop at a nearby cemetery, Connecticut has plenty of churches and cemeteries. And cemeteries are the best place for old oaks, maples and color.

We ended the day with a trip to the apple orchards and filled our bucket. The orchards are almost bare, so that is going to be the last batch that we can pick. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed exploring with me.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Friday Finishes!

This week I was able to work on a few fall pieces. I got last years issues from Punch Needle and Primitive Stitchery. It is nice that you can get back issues at a reduced cost and be able to store them on my computer, instead of finding new spaces for magazines. And I don't have to dust them.

One of the patterns I liked was by Teresa Kogut. This was a fun and simple piece to do and I could use up some scraps. I wish I could figure out how to get better photos, this one I like more in person, than the photo. I did antique it, so it is with brighter colors, but all dulled down with walnut stain.

Another piece I made was a stitchery with a design by Kelley Belfast. I joined a new facebook group called Uncounted Cross stitch. Perfect for someone like me, who cannot count tiny stitches. I traced the design on with a washable marker and filled in, the best that I could. I missed a few holes, and I know I went over the same stitches in some places, but it was fun to try and relaxing, since I didn't have to be perfect.

I made black facial features and realized I couldn't make a black cat, so I did white around the face and then ended up using a dark shade, so that is why he has a weird face, lol. This was on 32 count, I think if I do it again, I will use a 14 count.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Last weekend we did get out, but the foliage isn't peaking yet. We did get to see a bit of color and explored some new areas for fun. Hopefully we can get further out this weekend and find some foliage.

I also love to find old towns with mills and churches, so I will be on the hunt for some new towns, we haven't been in. I also need to remember not to move when I press the shutter, my photos always come out crooked and it makes it tough when I am doing close ups of churches.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Friday Finish!

This week I worked on some new stitcheries, both from Kathy Schmitz. When she sent out the newsletter, she showed a fun halloween piece, that was featured in, American Patchwork and Quilting. I had received a few magazines from my friend when we camped together and that issue was one of them.

It was a fun piece, so I decided to use fun colors and I even added glitter paint to the cape and hat. I also antiqued it, so it has that vintage look. I like making prim, but a little whimsey and color for the boys to see, when they visit.

My second piece, I did in simpler colors and kept prim. I enjoy making a few new pieces for fall, to decorate with.  This piece was the offering for the monthly stitch club. She also gave us an extra with a pumpkin to put on a tea towel. I only have a red stripe left, so I guess I need to get more, in different colors.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Hopefully Bill and I can find some new places to explore and see the start of foliage. The temps are dropping, so perfect time for hiking.

The two pieces have more dark spotting, but it doesn't show up in the photo.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Weekend Wanderings!

We had a beautiful weekend for getting out, so we took advantage of the weather and the lower tide. We spent a few hours at the beach on Saturday and of course I was happy I found more glass this time. There were other collectors who had gotten there earlier, but they tend to look for glass that is at the shore, I went for the rock piles and found a lot, hidden under the pebble beds.

And while we were there, we spotted about 100 sailboats coming toward us. I found out that it is an annual charity event, that was started after 911. They do it every year and the money goes to local charities, one is for sailing lessons, for wounded warriors and a kid's sailing program.

On Sunday, I was still feeling sick, but the boys wanted to go out, how could I say no. The plan was to take them to the park for a short walk and some time at the playground. But, Bill went by the exit and we ended up at the beach. I am glad he messed up, the weather was so warm, I wished I had put on my suit. But, we still got wet with the crashing waves. Nick enjoyed playing in the sand an all Alex wanted to do was stand in the water and have the waves hit him, I loved seeing him playing and laughing so much.

We finished the day with a trip back to the playground and then we took them to the farm for some ice cream. They have a play area for the kids with a giant sand pile for them to play on. They also had great displays outside and in a barn, for picture taking. Of course no one could sit still long enough for a nice porttrait photo.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I seem to have over done it, so I crashed today. Some housework got done and lots of sewing on my quilt.