Friday, July 19, 2019

Working on Friday!

Not a lot got done this week, seems I am still dragging from taking the kids out. I really have to stop lifting Alex, it does me in, every time. Add the heat to that and it is just miserable, so mostly resting, swimming and a little stitching.

I am finally getting close to finishing my stitchery, by Kathy Schmitz. Since it is so large, I have decided to make it into a lap quilt. I will add a border, than blocks, then another border. I have lots of precut squares that will go nice with it. The design is 16" x 20".

I have also been enjoying the birds in my yard. I showed you a photo of the baby robins, well this is what they look like after one week, they sure grow fast. The other day I noticed them standing up and ruffling their wings and yesterday they were gone.

Mama robin is still close by and feeding them, until they are ready to go out on their own. I think they are in my neighbors yard, since I saw her go behind the fence with a worm.

Lots of birds this week, I think most of the houses are empty now, except for the beach house, I can still hear chirping. It is fun to see the new ones, flitting about the trees, testing their wings.

And today I saw 8 large birds, flying over head. I was all excited, thinking they were hawks, but after closer inspection of my photos, I realized they were turkey vultures, lol. I have never seen so many in our area.

And the final visitor today was a surprise. Two guinea hens came across the street and they had a group of Keets with them. Of course I worried that they would get hit, not sure why they are allowed to wander around. I kept an eye on them and the minute dusk came, they hunkered down in the thickets behind our trailer. Hopefully nothing comes by tonight, the hens are known for leaving their young, the birds are a bit daft.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I have been up to this week and the feathered friends in my area. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and be careful in this heat wave.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Week in Review!

This has been a whirlwind week, going all day and coming home to clean and cook, then back at it, the next day. Today we stayed home and I caught up with some real cleaning and resting. We did look at trailers and picked one out, but it didn't work out. I loved the size, but realized it lacked the storage I wanted. We were all set but Bill's security for credit access, shut them out, so we said it would take too long and we would rather wait. I have decided to look for a small truck camper for weekend getaways and wait until we find the right size and type of trailer, that we want.

We had a great week for getting out, a bit hot but always cooler by the beach. We made beach stops are several places, but the tides were usually high. We did find a bit of glass and some driftwood.

We spent one day in Newport, the tower was impressive, but closed, so we couldn't go to the top. We also did a 4 mile hike around the trails at the bird sanctuary and then we stopped to get photos of the Castle lighthouse. As usual, we had bad timing, there was a wedding going on and they were about to get photos at the lighthouse, so I took a quick shot from the path.

The next day was spent with the boys at the state boat launch in Burlingame. The launch has a large cove with shallow water, so it was perfect for the boys. I was so happy to see Alex get over his fears. He did not want to go in and being in deep water was ok if I held him. But after a while, he was going up to his chest without a life jacket and going out in the boat with me. Nick was showing me how he could swim and even paddled by himself.

Thursday we wanted to go back to the pond, but they closed due to high bacteria. Found out later that it was only certain areas, but better to be safe with the boys. We took them on a picnic near a waterfall and then went to another boat launch beach, lots of shallow waters. It was so crowded we couldn't park, but I got out with Nick for a quick look and someone left, so Bill parked the truck and we were able to enjoy a few hours at the shore. The kids loved playing in the water and seeing the little crabs, running around in the shells. We even go to see two large horseshoe crabs.

I got a few shots of birds at the sanctuary and spotted a Great Egret at the boat launch. Wonderful to see such a variety this week.

Today I got caught up. I also had to empty the trailer and clean it, and now it has to be repacked. But it is good, it needed a good cleaning and a lot of things will be left out so I have more storage space. We even found a good spot at the ocean in two weeks, so a three day weekend will be nice.

This week our Robin's eggs hatched. Her fist eggs never hatched, so I was happy to see that two survived. Even though I am exhausted, it was a week filled with beauty and happy memories with the boys. I hope you all had a wonderful week and a fun filled weekend.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Friday Finish!

A new month and new stitcheries from the One Stitch Club by Kathy Schmitz. This month we got an extra free one, so I decided to make that first, just in time for the holiday. I almost had it done in time, but yesterday was spent with the kids, so cooking and a party at their house, put me behind.

Today I finished it. I didn't have much time to work on things this week, so I rushed it a bit, but it was fun to do and I used up fabrics in my scrap box. It measures 9" x 7 1/2", great for a small area on the wall.

And of course I enjoyed a day with the kids, even the big kids had fun;) Bill has to stay out of water for another week, but he had fun squirting the kids with the hose. Alex is afraid of the big pool, so he has his own to play in. Hopefully I can get him to the pond without his mom and get him used to the water. She is petrified of drowning, so I think it is best if I teach them myself. Maybe someday I can help her overcome her fear.

Bill has this week off, still not sure what we will do, but the weather will be nice without the humidity. We will be looking at trailers again, I think I make our dealer crazy, I can't make up my mind, large and comfy or smaller to fit in more campsites, plus I want space for the kids so we can all go together. I love the comfort of a trailer, but I like to camp, and I don't need fancy or a bunch of Tv's.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, July 1, 2019

Weekend Wanderings!

We had a nice weekend, even though storms rolled in, both days. I check the weather map in motion to figure out when the storms will hit, so I can plan how long we have. It was pretty accurate and we were able to spend a few days on the beach with time to get home before it hit.

On Saturday we went to East Matunuck Beach. It is a long beach, with an area at one end, that is roped off for the birds, so we walked that way first. Lots of rocks and plenty of driftwood and I have been thinking of ideas, for using it. Today it is sitting in a bleach wash, then I can sun dry it tomorrow.

We decided we had time to walk to the other end, which comes to a breaker wall, the opening to the Salt Pond area.  Bill was enjoying the view.

And this is the view, Bill was looking at, Galilee, this is where the fishing boats and ferries come in. As you can see, the fog was coming in, as well.

Sunday warned of early storms, so I noticed that the last area to get hit was Jamestown, so it would give us more time out.

We found our own little piece of heaven, with a few friendly visitors enjoying a quiet swim.

Bean got to come this time, he had lots of fun playing with another pup and being silly in the water. Here he is, showing his walking on water skills.

Here he is, levitating rocks.

A close up of the sailboat in the cove. Love the old sail, on her.

And before we left, the racers and larger sailboats were coming in, to beat the storm.  Newport is in the background.

And I didn't leave, empty handed. It was a rocky beach and not much glass on the surface, but by digging through the piles, I was able to find some nice pieces. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and found your own adventures.

Friday, June 28, 2019

New Pattern: Jonah and the Whale!

Today was a busy day and I almost forgot to post. Bill had his second surgery to fix the eye, they did cataract surgery on and all went well and he is seeing much better now.

I was able to make another whale but my arm gave out from two days of punching, so I just kept it simple and slightly different, than the first. I also made a pattern, if you would like to make your own. You can use any old piece of wood or check your local craft store, they carry a lot of weathered board pieces now.

I just laid this whale on one of my boards, I need to find some more flat drift wood, or I may use a piece from an old bureau I saved.

If you would like to buy this pattern, you can find it at my Ecrater Store. It would also be fun to do as a rug or applique piece and with a change of colors, perfect for a child's room. The pattern includes both whales, since they are a little different.

It looks like a stormy weekend, so hopefully we can get out for a walk before it hits or in between storms. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Whale and Driftwood Punch Needle!

It seemed to be too long of a week. Our anniversary week and Bill took it off, but it rained on and off, so we never got to do anything we had planned. We got some time at the beach, but I never got to relax or work on anything, so today I made up for it, lol.

I have been collecting driftwood and thought it would be fun to design something to go on a flat piece. Today I made a whale with Jonah inside, based on old drawings I had seen. I wanted to keep it simple and see how it would look, so it is not perfect, but I like how it came out and with a few tweaks, I can make it into a pattern. I have already gotten interest in a pattern, so I will be working up a new one, that may be different, so I can make two in this set.

I would love your input, what you do and don't like, anything you would like to see in nautical or beach pieces? I antiqued this piece, the blues were too bight and light, I tend to grab floss out of my scrap box, to use them up. I also had to go with 6 strands, since I can't seem to find my smaller tip, so I will look for that tomorrow.

I want to thank everyone for the anniversary wishes. I try and answer comments, but some are anonymous and some have no email, and not all come to my email. If you have a question and I cannot answer you, I will answer those in the comment section.

We had planned on taking the kids out a few days, and on Saturday I got too sick to do anything. Sunday they came over and had a fun day at our house, I was still weak but having them, always picks up my spirits. Unfortunately Bill put way too much chlorine in the pool, so my son bought one of their small ones to play in. That along with squirt guns and we all got cooled off. Bean had a blast too, but he got so excited listening to the boys screaming that he tore off the lower half of my screen tent, ugh. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and made memories of your own.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Anniversary Week!

This was not our best week to take off, it rained a lot of the time, so I was afraid to make any good plans, just to get washed out. If it was free, I might have, but for the cost of going to the island or Newport, I hated wasting money. Of course when we stay home, the sun comes out and when we go out, the rain comes, can't win.

We usually head north for the week, but with Moki on shots, I would have to pay more for our sitter or leave him with the vet, so for now, easier to stay close to home.

This year makes Forty Four years. It is funny to see how we looked then, Bill with his full head of hair, my dad told him he had to cut it, if he wanted to marry me, lol. That is short compared to the long mane, he had.

We spent most of our dry time, at the beach. The good thing was, we had the beach to ourselves, most of the time. Just being outside in the fresh air was a nice change.

Yesterday we got out late, after the rain stopped, but the fog was thick.

We did find some nice glass on Monday, we spent 5 hours that day, a bit of clouds and sun, so it was a nice day to hunt and enjoy the beach. We also walked the entire length of the beach, so I got some exercise too.

Yesterday we walked more, than hunted, but I did find some nice treasures. The blue piece is my favorite and Bill found a green heart shape. The oyster shell has two holes in it, not sure if it is natural or a piece of lost jewelry.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We finally have sun and heat coming in, but that also means, the crowds will be back.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Monday Meanderings!

This week we are staying home and trying to just enjoy being out, when the weather is good. We had an early fathers day with the kids over for dinner. We did a family visit to look at trailers and it was fun to see how we all fit, or not, but nothing that was just right for us, so we will wait until we decide what we want. Hate to buy too much if they don't come with us.

Sunday was a relaxing day at the beach. The air was cool and windy, so there weren't too many people at the beach. We found a few nice pieces of glass and got some exercise, walking up and down the beach. I found some nice driftwood, as well. I need to get a cheap dish pan so I can soak them, then they will lighten up more, when dry.

We also enjoyed the birds in the area, a Great Egret flew over head and the Lesser Terns were in their nesting areas and if you got too close, they would dive bomb you.

Today I decided to go to the beach again. We stopped at the store first and I was able to find a speedo for only 12.00, couldn't beat that price. Once we got to the beach, I realized it was warm enough for suits, luckily I had extras with us, so we could beach comb and walk in the water.

I found a few nice pieces, we walked and looked, more than hunting today, less glass, but easier on the back. Always thrilled when I find a nice piece of pottery with a colored spot.

After beach combing, which was a lot of walking, we walked to the furthest point of the beaches, which took us the the breakers. Between the walking back and forth and the full walk, we did well over 4 miles today, lol.

For a perspective, we are at the end of our walk and the dots in the sky is where we were beach combing.

On the walk we met up with this little guy, a Piping Plover. They are very busy birds, so hard to get a photo.

Then I noticed a knob on his leg and this is what I found. He has a hitchhiker.
I hope  you all had a wonderful weekend and a wonderful week to come.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Friday Finish!

This week I finally got in my sewing room and finished something. I won fabric from Minick and Simpson in 2011, called Banner Rose. I had it for a few years and decided to make a patriotic runner. I got as far as sewing the strips together and it has been sitting since 2013.

I kept it simple with a darker blue border, which frames it nicely. Then I machine quilted it with a straight stitch around the inner strips. Not perfectly straight stitches, but I can live with my wonky sewing, I tend to stray on occasion.

The finished runner is 23 1/2 x 65". Moki has already taken over half of it, which is why I didn't put too much effort into it. I do have some nice patriotic fabric so I may do one with squares and stars for next year. Things do not last in my house, so having another, just in case, is a good idea and always fun to make them.

I guess I need to work on a fall one next, that I can put more effort into, as well as one for Christmas. This week Bill has off, so hopefully we will get out and have some fun on the water and maybe take a ferry ride. I also want to explore the bird sanctuaries in Newport, always a nice walk and amazing views. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Friday Finish and Fun!

This week I worked on a stitchery. It is a pattern from Kathy Schmitz's, One Stitch Club. It is fun to get a new one each month and they make wonderful pillows. The designs this year have a bird theme and are all the same size, so those who want, can make them into a quilt.

I made a pillow, something I can decorate with or give as a gift. It measures 10" x 10". I wanted it a bit larger, so I added a little border.

Last weekend we took the boys to the aquarium and then to the owl sanctuary, as well as a picnic. The boys loved seeing the outside areas, now that it is warm enough. The sanctuary was a great place to play and explore.

We went for a picnic in between and I wanted some place close that wasn't crowded, so we went to the Mystic cemetery, which was nearby. It was a beautiful day to sit and enjoy watching the boats and the boys were fascinated by the gravestones. The funny thing was, I told Bill to stop at a place that had an open area and parking, and when we got out, I noticed the gravestone in front, said Daniele. Spelled differently than my daughter's name, but a strange coincidence.

At the sanctuary, they noticed that the different trees, made different sounds when they banged a stick on them.

And a few of the critters we saw at the aquarium, as well as, a Tom who was showing off to the two females in my yard. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Friday Finishes!

I hope everyone had a good week, mine was up and down. The up was time with my grandsons, the down was Bill's surgery was messed up, so his eyesight is worse. Now he has to wait for that to heal up before they do another one.

Another good thing is my ability to make things, that keeps me sane and even if they are small items, it was nice to have some new things to enjoy. The first thing I finished was a small braided mat for Moki's bowl. It is the perfect size to sit in front of the corner cabinet and more homey looking than the junk rug I had.

This is a great way to use up old wool that is not great for hooking or applique. The green was given to me and the moths got to it, but it still works in braids. It measures 22' x 16" and I realize, it kills my bad arm, so if I make big ones, I will have to work on them a bit at a time. I messed up on the end, but I just wanted to finish it and it is good enough.

I also made up a stitchery, a lavender pillow which went into the box of wool strips, that I rolled up. The lavender keeps the wool, fresh smelling and moths do not like it. The design is by Diane Knott for Lori's facebook group, Humble Work Hand Embroidery. There was more to the design, but I wanted to keep it simple. I used colored pencils before I stitched and a twisted yarn around the edge. It measures 5 1/2" x 3 1/2".

Today I got all my paint supplies out of my sewing room and set my machine back on the desk. Next I will clean up and organize and start practicing on my quilter and prepping some new pieces, time to quilt.

Saturday we went to the boy's birthday. I got Nick a  Vtech smart watch and Alex got a fun kid's watch. Nick's can take photos and video, so he can use it when we go to the beach or on hikes. Their party was at a science center, so they did experiments and got to make slime, to take home. Alex was more interested in getting a cupcake.

It is always good to see the boys having fun.

On Sunday we took the boys out and got a slip and slide and other fun things to have a fun day in the yard. Then their dad said he wanted us to come back for an early dinner, so we ended up at their house for a Birthday dinner for Bill. We gave Ivy a gift certificate for her Birthday and she got a new fire pit. This time my son made a dinner I could eat, so it was nice to relax and let them do all the work and spend time together.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Friday Finish!

This week I was behind since Bill had his cataract surgery, but all went well, so one more eye to go. It is so nice that it goes so quickly and easily and he won't need to wear his glasses anymore. When Bill is home, I never get much done, he distracts me too much, lol.

But, I decided to try a new piece for my beach display, a whale. I looked online for ideas and liked the more realistic look, so I redid the design a bit and enlarged it. I thought it was large enough for turning, but I was wrong, the tail would not go through and I ended up ripping more than a few loops. I had to slit open the entire back to turn it easily, but it is for me and no one sees the back, but the large slit made it sew up more tightly and turned his tail. I definitely have to rethink how I design something so it sews and turns easier. To fix the pulled loops on the tail, I used my ink marker and colored over the white, that was showing.

He is 6" long, so the next one will be bigger and thought out better. I would love to know how others turn small areas for shaped pieces, that are stiff like this. I was thinking I could sew by hand, by whipstitching the backing to the piece, so no turning.

I have also been making my yard more bird friendly. I bought a new house, a beach one and more peanut bricks, the birds love it. I learned that Robins and other species like an open house to build their nest on, so something to find for some future houses. I found this under my porch, the robin keeps leaving it, every time we go out there, so hopefully they will hatch.

And of course we got one last good weekend of glass hunting without the crowds. There is less glass to be found with everyone enjoying the nice weather, but I still found some nice pieces and a little plate of plastic corn. Nick went home with that one, he thought it was neat.

Tonight I watched the boys while their parents went birthday shopping. They are a handful, but we kept it calm most of the night. Tomorrow is their birthday party and then we will hit the beach for a little bit, before we go home. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Friday, May 17, 2019

Friday Finish!

First I would like to apologize to those of you, who have blogs. I see to be having a problem with my browser lately, so I am going to have to backup my data and clean out my computer and reinstall my browser and hopefully my computer will run a few more years without having to get a new one. I am not able to comment on most blogs, I comment and it disappears, but on blogs that have security pictures, they seem to work. So, I do enjoy reading your blogs, but I can't always comment.

This week I wanted to do something from my Seaside Ornies pattern. I made ornaments to hang on my tree, but I wanted something larger, so I enlarged the ship and lighthouse. The ship is 5" tall and the lighthouse is 6". Perfect sizes for shelf sitters and a summer display.

I added the pail and one of my felt starfish for fun, along with a piece of driftwood, I found on the beach. I think it would be fun to make smaller pails and items and make a whole scene. Maybe if I get creative, I can make an old salt man to add to the scene. Not sure if I would punch it or do one in needle felted, which would be a fun challenge for me.

Later I can make a better back drop for the scene, I do have plenty of larger canvases. If you have the pattern or would like to purchase this one, you can redo them into larger sizes, even for hooking, I was thinking, larger pillows would be fun. You can find the link to the pattern in the left column, or my Ecrater site.

Last weekend was spent with the boys, which is always something I love, no matter what we do. We took them to the bird sanctuary which they loved, but even the short walk, wore them out, so we will have to take shorter walks for now. The beach is always their favorite, they got to play in the sand and a small playground, just their size.

I am also enjoying my back yard, I am adding more flowers on my deck and garden, and the trees are full and green, and two of the bird houses have residents, so it is my own little sanctuary. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, looks like we finally got away from the rain, so we can enjoy getting out, both days.