Friday, April 26, 2024

Friday: Another unfinished project

 I am still working on my punch needle piece. I tried pushing it, but wore my arm out, so I had to take a break. I have a lot of projects I do want to finish and one of them is, a child sized quilt, I had made years ago. After I did the boat, I realized there is too much empty space.

Since it is for a child, I want to keep it simple, so I am thinking, a large cloud over the boat. Then I can do swirls in the sky and wavy lines at the bottom end. It would be good practice to get used to my new machine without getting too complicated with quilting. 

Taking a photo helps me to think on what would look good, on it. What would you do?

As usual, we spent time at the beach. Lots of birds are coming in and I see more, each time we go. I spotted this pair of ducks and thought they were a pair. But, a fellow birder told me, the green bill is an American Black duck and the other is a Mallard, both females. 

Jamestown is always a great place for birding, all types live in the bay and in the coves.

One day we went to Barn Island in Connecticut. It was a bit too windy, but we got a nice walk in and spotted a lot of shore birds. Lots of Great Egrets in the cove.

And we are spotting a lot more Snowy Egrets.

Lots of Greater Yellowlegs, hang out with the egrets and a new nesting platform in the cove.

Yesterday Bill took the day off, since he had extra hours. We went to the bird sanctuary for a walk and enjoyed seeing all of the birds that are coming in. My camera was acting up, so I lost a lot of photos to blur. Luckily, a reset fixed the problem. I hope you all have a good weekend and for those in the paths of the storm, safety from its wrath. 

Friday, April 19, 2024

Working on Friday!

 I have really missed making punch needle pieces, so this week I decided to make one that has been on my to do list. It was gifted to me by my friend who passed last year. She has gifted me a lot of items over the years, as well as other friends, so I have a long to do list.

This is a design by Yvonne Buss and I like how it is longer, so I can make it into a long pillow or maybe mount it and make it into a key rack. This is the backside, and my hands aren't what they used to be, so not as neat, as I would like. I also am doing it in 4 strands, since using different sized punches will change the heights. I may do the background in a lower height so I can use 6 strands, so it will work up faster. It will depend on how it looks.

Last weekend we got out for our usual rides, this time with the boys. We took them on a walk at a park and then to the beach. They always have fun when we can get out and it is not too cold.

I also got lucky and caught the Great Egret, feeding near the road.

And in the parking lot at the beach, a flock of Brandts. A first for this area.

Before we headed home, we stopped at a small park and I was lucky enough to spot an Eastern Kingbird.

On another day we went on another beach loop and I caught several Ospreys nesting. Lots of birds are coming in this week.

And on the way home, we stopped to watch the surfers at Narragansett beach.

Today we stopped at the kids house to drop things off, but Nick had a sore knee from playing at a trampoline park, so after we dropped some goodies off for them, we headed for a ride to shop and around the beaches.

It was beautiful but windy and cold at the beach, so we just stopped for a look.

We got to see another Great egret in the marsh. They are usually too busy hunting for food, to care about us, watching them. Another day of rain tomorrow, so hopefully it will end early. I hope everyone is getting better weather and able to get out to enjoy the areas where you live. 

Friday, April 12, 2024

Friday finish!


It took two days of constant stitching, but I finally finished my quilt. This quilt was made, years ago. I had originally made it too long, so I took a few rows out and added the border to make it more of a lap quilt. I had planned on quilting it last summer, so it would be done for my friend's birthday. Unfortunately she passed last spring, so I gave up on making it for a while, but decided I wanted to finish it now. She will not be able to receive it, but it will be my memory of our friendship over the years.

I used an AI program to add a different background, but it added a thin dark piece to the edge, so that is not really there, just the green border. 

Last weekend we went out for a ride around the beaches, something fun to do when the weather isn't great. We were able to see a few of the locals, while there.

On Sunday we went to the fish hatchery in Connecticut. They have cut down more areas, so there were more paths to walk around. We were lucky to spot the resident eagles in their usual spot on the telephone poles. 

Lots of birds in the area, but it was hard to get close enough without them flying away. Here are a few, I was able to catch and some scenes along the river. There was a new Osprey, nesting on a pole, the eagles were not too happy about it.

During the week we had a nice day, so Bill came home early and we headed to the point in town. Beautiful views of the bay.

And in that photo, in the far background to the right, this is what we came to see.

And this rock was loaded with seals. There were others on smaller rocks and in the water, so we got to enjoy watching them, even though they are far away.

And Bean got to enjoy the walk and playing in the bay. Way too cold, but he has no sense. I hope everyone got to enjoy their week and the eclipse. We had a good view from our porch and I was able to get glasses in time, to watch it. Enjoy your weekend and hopefully Spring will be staying this time.

Friday, April 5, 2024

Friday; Will be working on!

 I am still working on my hand quilting, but finally at the top design. Once that is done, then the border and putting it all together. The next quilt I want to do is one I made years ago and planned on doing fancy free motion on. 

The fabrics in this quilt were gifted to me by Barbara Brackman. I made it with a center design, thinking it would go on our bed, but it would need more edge, to do that. I will finish as is and it will be a summer, Americana quilt. I am going to have to decide on the quilting, maybe not too fancy, but it will be machine quilted. There is a darker red, solid border on it.

This weekend, we enjoyed time with the kids. We had a fun Easter egg hunt. 

I also got a croquet set and the boys enjoyed playing a few rounds with me. 

Over the weekend we were able to get out for a bit and enjoyed a ride around the beach areas. I got a surprise when I saw two birds, fighting in the sky. I was able to get a quick shot before they flew off. A juvenile Eagle was trying to get a fish from an Osprey.

We also found another Osprey couple, who made a home near the ocean road. The male had a nice catch and the female was upset that he was eating without her.

He finally flew up and gave her the rest.

Today we spent the afternoon on the island. I never get sick of the view from the cliffs.

And we found a bit of beach treasures today. I really need to start making things with all the treasures. I hope you all had a good week and get to enjoy the solar eclipse. I got some glasses so I can watch it this time.