Friday, December 6, 2019

Friday Finishes and Freebie!

I have been busy this week, finishing up things and now I am done with gift making. I will make more Christmas for fun, which I love doing at Christmas and I will have them for next year. I have tons of snowmen stitcheries that I can do. One thing I am thinking of is, making the larger ones into pocket pillows, so I can just send that and the recipient can put in their own pillow form. It will be easier to ship and less cost, what do you think? Would you be happy if you received just the pillow cover?

This week was the new stitchery from Kathy Schmitz, so I had to do that and have one more gift. I wasn't happy with the bright colors so I antiqued this one.

I also made the last of the snowmen pillows. I wish I had more to give, it seems everyone likes this one, especially my family members, but I will have to decide who gets one, since there is no more time to do more.

Another project I worked on was, my pillows I made last year. I never got a change to send them out and I decided I should add a touch of color. I used a red and gold trim, so it pops, but not in the photo.  I like how it looks on the square pillow better, the wonky one would have looked better with a bulky yarn to hide the bad shape.

And this week's freebie is by Diane Knott. I made mine more simple, in the penny style, but it is a fun idea to use with thick wools and small designs. We all have patterns that can be reduced and fit into a smaller circle, so it is a great project to use up leftover wools. You can find the pattern at her facebook page, with the link above. I over cut the scarf pieces, so they are not placed right.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and time to enjoy holiday making, without the stress. We did some early shopping for Bean. We got a new couch and I am retraining him, to stay off. He is not happy but he loves his new bed and gives him his own comfy space.


JustGail said...

For me, it's a "maybe" on receiving just a pillow cover vs. a whole pillow. It would depend on if I already had the right size pillow.

Kate said...

I'm all for the cushion cover only especially if it's being mailed - after all when we gift a pillowcase we don't usually include the pillow.. I love Bean's new 'couch'. Your new projects are lovely as usual Debbie.

acorn hollow said...

I am for just the cover you could put it over an existing decorative pillow you have to make it Christmas. You are always so productive.
I am sure Bean loves his new couch.

Fiona said...

That's lovely stitching, and I love how you change the colour just that little bit by antiquing them. Sending a pillow cover is fine I would think.. if it is an unusual size you could always add a 'pillow lining' and the recipient just has to fill it with whatever stuffing they like.... many people have existing pillows anyway so that might not be needed. Bean will soon learn .. he's very smart...

Laura Quaglia (Fun With This and That) said...

Your work is so lovely
Just found your blog will follow you

Susan said...

I think the red looks great on the wonky pillow. Of the two, that's the one I like best. =) All of these are beautifully done, and your family is so fortunate to have your handmade wonderfulness. Thanks for the link to the pattern. Those are great ornaments or package tags, either one - or it can be both! As for the pillow cover - yes, it makes much more sense to let the person buy their own pillow. If it bothers you, send a check with enough money to buy it, but I would think your work would be plenty enough.