Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring Pillows!

I wanted to make another pillow to match the first one, since I am hanging them on the same peg rack. I messed up and had to straighten up the bottom edge, but I think the whole stitchery is a bit wonky and seems that way in the photo. I love the design, but not the way it is put together, the bottom is too pointed to look nice hanging, so I think it would be better to round off the bottom corners. I decided to just use it as a shelf sitter with a bird arrangement.

I forgot to look at the photo before I started and made a blue bird, the one in the pattern is red, but I wanted blue anyways;) This is from the book, Simple Pleasures in Redwork by Kathy Schmitz.

One thing I forgot to mention, is that I reduced the designs from the book, by 20%. I wanted them a little smaller for the areas I am using them in.

Since I wanted something else to hang on the peg, I made a quick wool pillow today. This is a pattern by Primitive Gatherings' Lisa Bongean. It was fun to make, even though I made a mess of this one too, lol. The photo is horrid, but we it is raining all week, so I had to use a flash. I used an over dyed pearl cotton on the stitchery and edge.

Monday, February 25, 2013

In My Garden Stitchery Pillow!

This weekend I took a trip to Jo anns with my coupons and they had Kathy Schmitz's book, Simple Pleasures in Redwork. I have been wanting some of her patterns and this book had the ones I wanted and a lot more. I decided to start with a small project and I also wanted some things to hang on my peg rack, for spring. This piece was perfect and I really enjoyed making it. The orginal design is done in one color, but I wanted a little color to cheer up my rooms.

The colors appear lighter than they actually are. I did not stain this piece, since I wanted the stitchery to show, but you can see the staining in the tea stain muslin that I used, just the right touch.

I also received a wonderful surprise from my friend Sharon today. A wonderful wool pillow to add to my bowl arrangement for spring, a Dogwood flower, love it! I love the textured wools in the piece.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Primitive Table Bench!

I finally finished the table bench I was making for my friend's birthday. It is a bit late, but done.
I had finished it and grabbed a can of spray for the finish, except I had grabbed a can of red paint, ugh.

With the storms and cold, I didn't want to work in the basement, but I finally got down there and sanded off the red paint and repainted it black, then stained and put a real finish on it this time.

The pattern was from Mercantile Gatherings, 2010 Holiday Issue. The pattern itself is from the Wooden  
Nail. They sell patterns for different types of primitive wood items, so a good place to find patterns if you would like to make things for yourself. My husband made the bench and I do the finishing.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spring Stitchery from a Freebie!

I was thinking about painting and decided to look at free patterns and tutorials on the web, to see if anything sparked my interest. I found this fun design and realized it would make a great stitchery. I found the pattern at Artist's Club under free patterns. They have everything from simple to more advanced painting as well as books and supplies if you are looking to add to your collection.

I had some empty space, so I added a few little quilted areas and a vine at the top. I wanted to fill in the boot holes with antique medium to darken them, but it spread out too much. I was also thinking of adding some little embroidered flowers to the branch?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Oldies but Goodies!

I am working on a new project that I got from a freebie, so nothing to show yet.
I took some photos of a couple of items that I made years ago and hope  you enjoy seeing them.
I had to do these without flash to reduce the glare, so they colors are a bit yellowed.

This is a cross stitch that I made about 30 years ago, when I could still see well, lol. I still love this piece as much now, as when I made it and hangs on my bedroom wall.

These are two of the first frakturs, that I ever made. One is for my wedding date and the other is when we bought our home.

And this is an item I bought about 20 years ago. I love to collect unique cat items and couldn't resist this one. I am thinking of using the design as an idea for an art quilt.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Repurposed Table Mat!

My friend Kelley sends me boxes with scraps and stash and I decided to make a table topper with one of the scrap pieces she has used on another project. The nice thing was, the blocks were already put together, I just added a border. Then I hand stitched the squares with a simple outline stitch in the blocks, then went across with an X in each one. for the outer edge, I used a reverse blanket stitch to edge the line and give it a little added touch. I had some old material that was given to me, that had apple prints, in a large and small version and thought that would make a nice theme for an appliqué. I used some scrap wool I have in a drawer and added the apples in each corner.

For the border, I always make it a big larger so I can fold that to the back instead of using binding. This time I used a mahogany stain, gives it a slight reddish brown tint, so an aged look without being too dark. Now I think I need to make one with Easter colors and a matching appliqué. It is fun to make small mats with your scraps and something you can use on a side table to change with the seasons.

I just added a few things for display, but this will go into the fall box once I make a new one for spring. I was thinking it would be cute to add an A+ in each apple and use as a teachers gift, you are welcome to use the idea.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Big Storm!

As many of you know, we got hit with a blizzard this weekend. It started Friday and by that night, the power went out. It was still out the next morning so we started up the generator and settled down to relax and watch tv. The next thing we know, the cable went out, so no tv, no internet and a raging storm to keep us stuck at home. It seems our box was ready to go and with the power out, the battery died and finally killed it. Today they came and replaced the box, so I am up and running again.

I didn't get much done with my projects, just a little sewing that I am still working on. I thought I could help Bill by shoveling the porches and I found out that I can't, lol. Spent the rest of the time, hurting and dizzy from the pinched nerves, so no more shoveling for me.

We finally got our power back, late yesterday so today I got the house clean and caught up with things I missed. Now I can relax again and get going on my projects. I hope those who were stuck in this storm, made it through ok. I love snow, but two feet was a bit much;)

This was friday, the beginning of the storm.

This was Friday night, the snow was falling, the wind blowing and you could hear the trees cracking as the weight of the snow, weighed them down.

This was saturday, you can see how much snow had falling over night.

We had a lot of trees down and the bird feeder is under snow, after the branch it was on, broke. Bill got to spend the day plowing us out.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mini Quilt From Free Design!

This week I decided to try a small piece with a design from HomeBerries. I thought it would make a nice piece to hang for Valentines and until I can make some larger piece to hang for the  spring. I quilted little hearts in the corners to give it an added touch.

The design was traced with a light pad and I think it was a bit off, next time I need to do the lines with a ruler;)

Tomorrow we get a new washer, our old one shook it self apart, literally, lol. And I need to make sure I can get everything done and food supplies before the snowstorm.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Moki Heaven!

I think when Moki dreams of heaven, it is filled with climbing towers and candy canes. I was wondering where I put the rest of the chenille for candy canes, Moki found them.

Looking for a new Valentine Cross Stitch to make? Visit Create and Decorate's blog and check out their newest freebie.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kitty Cat Punch Needle!

This Christmas, I was gifted a new punch needle called Bonnie's Cat from Belle Prairie Primitives. It is a simple prim cat on a penny wool backing, but I wanted to make some pillows for my friend, with the design.

I am working on some small things right now and doing a lot of cleaning and reorganizing, it is time to get rid of things I no longer use or plan to use, so slow going on the creating front.

I made one pillow and then did cat cut out shapes for the other two, so she could use them as a grouping.

Do you love owls? Check out FatCat Patterns newest BOM, I love it and want to make one myself. You need to get each block, each month, or you will be charged for any you miss.