Friday, August 26, 2022

Getaway Fun!

 It's the end of the week at camp and we still have three more days to go. I wouldn't call it a vacation, I still cook and clean and have made a few trips home to get things done, but we find ways to have fun when we can.

This is our campsite, nice space with partial views of the salt water cove and the ocean.

One of the many visitors to the campground, a hungry Woodchuck.

We cannot take Bean to the main beach during the day, so we enjoyed some time at the dog beach. Today it was too crowded to go in. We also enjoy spending off hours at the main beach and watching the sunsets. A view of the Point Judith Lighthouse from the beach.

Yesterday we enjoyed the day with the boys. We took them to the pond for a swim, and Alex loved going out in the kayak with me. Then we headed back to camp, where they had fun playing and then a trip to the main beach after dinner. They loved exploring and finding treasures along the beach. 

Lots of birds along the beach, it is hard to get quality photos at dusk. I spotted two types of Sandpipers and Black Bellied Plovers.

Today was another day back at the house to do some laundry, pick up food and water the plants. After dinner we got to the beach, right before a storm rolled in. We went to leave, as everyone was scurrying away and found a nice skimmer board that someone left behind. The boys will love that find. This is the calm before the storm.

I hope everyone had a nice week. I plan on resting more this weekend and hopefully get some swimming in, but I know the beaches will be swamped during the day. The kids will be done on Sunday, so we may have to take Bean home for the day so we can all go to the beach together. Enjoy your weekend and I hope this finds everyone doing well.

Friday, August 19, 2022

Friday Finish and Fun!


Another busy week, but a good busy. I was able to finish my new piece and love how it came out. It is so hard to get the true look in a primitive piece, one light makes it too blue, another too yellow, so I tweaked the colors to get as close as possible.

This is a design by Cheri Saffiote Payne, called Church Cat. I was lucky enough to be a Wednesday winner of a free pattern and have always wanted to do this one. I kept it true to the original and hand quilted it.

Over the weekend, we got to spend the afternoon at our beach, with the kids. The weather wasn't as nice though, a bit cooler and gusty, so not as much swimming, as beach combing.

We had a tent set up and my DIL made up sandwiches for everyone.  Nick had fun building rock towers and I found a few pieces of glass.

I was able to check out the new Ospreys. They weren't too happy when I got closer and flew away.

Another day we went and the tide was down, lower then usual. Always fun to walk along the beach and find more treasures.

Yesterday we went for a few hours and the tide was up, the wind was blowing and the waves were rough. This is what happens when the ocean is rough, a bouy that marks the rocky area, let loose and ended up on the beach.

With the high tide, not as many treasures but I was happy to find a purple piece of glass.

And today, my husband took a lot longer to get home and this is why. He surprised me with a Peddle Board. With my broken tailbone, I can walk on water and not have to sit so long. It was fun trying it out in our harbor, easy to peddle and very stable.

Monday we are heading to our state park for a week. This one is near the ocean, so I plan on getting out as much as possible and building up my muscles. I also have some projects to work on, so I plan on relaxing too. I hope. you all have a wonderful weekend and I may post, midweek, so you can follow along with my week.

Friday, August 12, 2022

Working on Friday!


I wasn't able to get my new piece finished, but I am almost there. I won a pattern in a Facebook group, called Church Cat and I still have to do the binding and finishing touches. I also made up a quick wheel chair top and plan on doing another, these two will be for guys and I plan on hand quilting them. Normally I would use the machine, but I was able to get a camping spot at the state park, so I wanted something to work on while camping. 

I have been spending more time at home with heat and enjoying the birds, a Chipping Sparrow, Black Capped Chickadee and a Goldfinch in my neighbor's yard.

And to my surprise, one finally came over to enjoy the seeds on my Cone flowers.

And I have seen more House Finches lately.

And my resident Cardinal is letting me know that he is not happy, that the feeder is empty. 

We also got to spend a day at my favorite beach, the harbor is always busy with boaters.

And I never leave without a nice little treasure of beach goodies. I hope everyone has had a nice week and cooler temperatures. We have gotten better with a few rain storms, so it is nice to be able to open the windows again. May you be able to get out and find your own peace of heaven, in your area.

Friday, August 5, 2022

Friday Finish!


A new month and a new stitchery by Kathy Schmitz. This one was a bit generic so I decided to reduce it a bit and make a lavender pillow and have fun with colors. I enjoy stitching at night while I watch tv, so these are fun to do. Tonight I started on another new project, Church cat by Cheri Saffiote. I won it in the weekly contest and had it ready to start, so now I can just enjoy stitching it together.

With the heat that never ends, the only place to go, is the beach. We have been going to the same beach on the island and usually there are only a few people. I was finally able to get out in my little kayak, I love to just put around in the cove and ride on the waves.

Another day I enjoyed swimming, sometimes It is just too hot, and the water is the best place to be. 

A view from the rocky cliff, something I never get sick of seeing.

On this day I found a few more treasures and a large piece of colored pottery. The whale shaped rock was a fun find.

And at home, enjoying my feathered friends. The heat seems to have bough out more visitors and more. young. I love seeing the Goldfinches in my neighbor's yard, but I still want to get up close without them flying off. Flowers are from my side garden.

Today I stayed home, too hot to be at the beach and I needed a rest. I enjoyed some time in the side yard, watching the birds at my other feeder and the bird bath area. These two crows are quite the characters.

I also had a lot of Blue Jays, the young are eating on their own now and less shy than the adults.

A White Breasted Nuthatch, Mourning Doves, a crow and my resident Chipmunk, all came to visit today. I also saw a few others who were either too far or too fast to catch. I hope everyone had a good week and fun plans for the weekend.