Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Finish!

This has been one of those days. This morning I decided to trim Bean's nails and misjudged, so I had to   try and keep him still while I held a compress on it and Bill ran out for a septic stick. Next time I won't attempt it without someone else holding him, while I cut;)

Then I start cooking and while the cookies are baking, I get all the apples out for apple crisp. I need water to rinse them before I cut and my water is coming out brown. I check the other taps and they are all brown. It seems the town was putting in new sewer lines and broke into the pipe that runs into our house, ugh. So, I had to wait most of the day for the water to run clear and then run all my taps to clean out the pipes. I finally was able to make my crisp and clean the house.

I wanted to make a punched piece to go with a piece I made, as a gift and finally finished it tonight. I still have to fill in a few spots that I missed and I also need to redo the greenery in the snow basket, it needs to be a brighter green to show up. I enlarged the design and think I got carried away, it is 7" x 6".
Now I have to decide how I want to finish it. The design is by All Through The Night. I did the piece in 6 strands of dmc floss.

Bean has been keeping me busy, most of the time. He has toys to play with but after a while, when I am not looking, he grabs something off a shelve and starts chewing, so I cannot take my eyes off of him. This is what happens, after a few seconds of quiet, I found this on the floor with him. I just bought it yesterday on sale, but still, I would have liked it to last the season, lol. I hope everyone had a fun halloween, no one stopped at our house, all the kids in the area, are grown and gone.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Fun and Finishes!

We had another beautiful weekend and it was perfect for walks with the family and Bean. On saturday we took the whole gang to the bike path at the rail station in Kingston. Kingston is where URI is, for those of you who know that college.

I found out that Bean does not like big trains, since we got out just as one rolled in. There were a lot of people enjoying the path, bikers, roller bladders and strollers, so Bean was a bit over whelmed with it all. We ended up carrying him most of the time and let him walk when we got to quiet spots.

I always love stopping at the bridge and enjoying the views. We have paddled down this river, it was easier going down than getting back up.

A close up of my two favorite babies;) It was nice to spend time with nicholas and he loved the puppy and of course, Bean loved him.

The walk is nice since it is paved for bikers and there was enough foliage left, to enjoy some autumn color, as we walked.

Sunday was nice but windy. I needed to get some shopping done, so we did that first and then went to the light house for a walk. Bean was fine with the wind, but another thing he does not like is cars, so more carrying as we walked around the light house road. It was also too windy to walk, my hair kept blowing in my face and blowing Bean and I off our feet;)

During our shopping trip, I picked  up some goodies for Bean. Lots of Biscuits and chewies to keep his mouth busy, but he still keeps trying to eat my decorations. One smart buy was a large ball, he loves chasing it and then runs around the yard, pushing it with his head. It is a great way to wear him out. Though I think I am more tired than he is.

And last but not least, I actually finished a new piece today. I do think it needs an added border to frame it all, maybe a darker shade. I will also antique it a bit, what do you think? I might put this on a board with some nails for hanging pot holders, so will think on it. I made this one for a friend. It is a design from the book, Punchneedle Embroidery by Kemp and Shaw. I got my copy from out library, it has 40 folk art designs for punching.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Finish with Bean!

Another week and I haven't gotten as much as I planned, done. Bean does take up a lot of my time, lots of walks and keeping an eye on him so he doesn't eat everything he can find. He has lots of toys but always seems to want something he can't have.

My sister was up for a visit, so I got her things finished and forgot to take a photo of the snowman mat. It is a design I have made before but with hers, I used buttons on his front for a fun piece. I couldn't find a basket for the snow angel, so I had my husband cut out a hornbook for it. The design is by Brenda Gervais and she gives the template for the hornbook with the pattern. I did not stain this piece since my sister isn't into prim.

Bean loves to chase and carry things. I got him a stuffed sheep, it is now a sheep, minus the stuffing. The head was made of a loose linen, not a good material for a dog toy. He can now walk up stairs, but still afraid to go down. He can get off the couch, by taking a flying leap and today he was using his tongue to try and open his cage, the boy is getting too smart for his own good.

I hope everyone has a good weekend. We have nice weather coming back, so it looks like the perfect time to go for some walks with Bean.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend with Bean!

We had a nice weekend again, so it was a great time to get out and let Bean explore the world outside of our house. We got him a crate so we can use it for him inside while he is training and it is nice for the car since he has his own place to relax.

Our apple orchard is closed for the season, so we went to an orchard in Connecticut. We take the back roads so it is a nice drive with the foliage and the orchard is along the Thames River.

We wanted to make a stop before we went apple picking, so Bean could get out and get some exercise and do his business. There was a park in the same area with a boat launch, so we enjoyed a walk along the tracks and beautiful views of the river. Bill forgot my good camera so I took the photos with my waterproof camera, on this trip.

The orchards were bigger than the one near our house, rows and rows of apple trees. They have a tractor and wagon that will take you into the orchard and pick  you up when you are done. It was a bit slow, so Bill and I walked around, picked lots of apples and walked away with a few bags.

After apple picking, I wanted to go for a short drive to Norwich, which is where we went last week. This time we went to the left and stopped at a waterfall on the Yantic river. The area has rivers running, every which way and was home to a lot of textile mills. The park at the falls was a nice place to stop and listen to the roaring waters as they rushed down the rocks.

Then we walked across the bridge, Bean seemed a bit nervous with the roaring falls, so he got carried most of the way across.

An old trestle bridge makes a stunning photo opportunity with the rich colors of fall.

I wanted to come a round to the other side of the park to see the views from that side and I am glad I did. I found another waterfall coming off a dam near an old mill building. We also saw some beautiful old buildings in the surrounding towns and there are more rivers and towns to explore, so future trips are planned.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Finishes with Bean!

I finished one thing this week, Bean is more than a handful and I seem to spend most of my time taking him for walks or chasing him around the yard. He has so much energy, I think I could run him for miles before he tires out.

I was trying to get some snowmen pieces done before my sister gets here, so I made a tea towel for something different. I found the design online and now I cannot find my copy or where I got it from.

I did this one in simple colors and added the saying for fun. I also want to put a button star on the top of the tree, but mine are all prim colors, so I need to go shopping for some yellow ones.

Today we got a lot of outdoor play time. Yesterday rained all day so I think Bean had double the energy. More than once I had to chase him after he took off, into the surrounding yards. I use the leash for bathroom times to keep him focused on the task and then let him loose for play time. Of course every stick in the yard has to be picked up and put in a pile by the tree, he is building a stash of them.

We also went shopping for some supplies and of course that included some new toys, he loves dragging his squeaking, crinkling lamb around the house. Bean and I hope you have a wonderful weekend, filled with adventures and joys.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday Wanderings!

Well, it really was the weekend, but I had so much going on this week, that I saved some photos to share with you today. I needed a rest day Saturday, just me and Bill, no plans, just go where we want and explore.

Bean is doing well and fitting in with the family, even Moki loves him and the nuzzle and give each Bean loves to play and runs at top speed when I take him in the back yard. Of course, as with most Border Collies, sticks are too tempting to pass up, so we spend most of the time picking up sticks and chasing after them.

Saturday we went to Groton Connecticut. My husband is a test engineer at the Electric Boat, so he knows all about subs and I decided I wanted to go the the submarine museum. It is free to visit and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed all of the displays. They have a lot of history, as well as submarines through the years.

We were visiting inside the museum on the upper level and a real submarine was passing by. I was disappointed that we weren't outside but we got to enjoy watching it and the escorts as they sailed out of the harbor.

The treat was going inside an older submarine. My husband actually worked on it before it was decommissioned.

Inside was definitely close and the rooms are small, I cannot imagine having to be in one for long periods. Throughout the submarine there were rooms with mannequins, depicting the crew and how life would be for them on the boat. It was a bit unnerving since some were very realistic and I kept thinking someone was standing there, lol.

These guys were just creepy, not sure why they were playing cards with masks on and Bill explained it, but I forgot;) The funny story with this is, I kept thinking I was bumping into people on some of the displays and as I was looking at one side I turned and saw another on the other end, so I walked over to it. I was trying to figure out what the room was, when the mannequin moved, lol. It was a real sailor who was touring the boat in uniform and you could say it definitely startled me;)

After the tour, we went for a drive on the back roads and followed the Thames River up to the city of Norwich. The drive was relaxing and there were beautiful views of the river and foliage. We stopped at the park where the river diverges and enjoyed a stroll on the boardwalk.

We kept going on another back road and found another beautiful park in the town of Occum. We also found a nice boat launch, so a future paddling place. The foliage is still not full but it was still beautiful.

They had a walkway that we followed and were treated to a beautiful view of the dam. The areas and towns following the rivers in Connecticut have beautiful old buildings and river parks, so we will be doing more drives and exploring the back roads.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Meet Bean!

Bill and I had a fun day saturday but I haven't done them up yet and today we had a busy day and I am definitely tired. We drove to Massachusetts to pick up my new puppy, a Border Collie. He is an early birthday present and he is the sweetest little guy. He is also a smart little guy, he sticks close to me and stops when I do, he chases and brings back tennis balls, even the regular sized ones. No accidents yet, he seems to get that look that tells me to take him out and so far he has done his business outside.

Tonight he is being spoiled and sleeping next to Bill on the couch, but he will have to go in the playpen, overnight. He is in a chewing stage, so for now he will have to sleep there.

I would like to introduce Bean. His name came from a character in the Ender series by Orson Scott Card. There is also a movie called Ender's Game, based on the first book. Ender was a small kid who was super smart so I thought it was the perfect name for my smart little guy:)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Finishes and Winner!

I have been busy making snowman pieces for my sister and still have a few things to finish but I did get a couple of things done this week.

The first thing I finally did was, finish my pumpkins. I sewed and stuffed them, then added a twig for a stem. I decided not to stain them for now, I like the brighter colors to go with my fake leaves;) They are darker in person, but with my shaky hands, I have to enhance the photos so that lightens them up.

Another finish is my snowman mittens. I like making mittens with punch needle and there are a lot of possibilities with designs. I used a design by Renee Mullins and added a star. I used a blue plaid for the background. I am wondering if I should fix them since the floss seems a bit too thin and the fur top is smaller than I wanted and I don't like how the stitching shows. I am thinking I could twist strands together to thicken it and add a jute or ribbon tie.

I kept this brighter since it is for my sister and I didn't think she would like my grungy look;)

I finished the punching on the snow fairy, but I need to finish the edges and make a hornbook to mount it on. This is a pattern by Brenda Gervais and I made one for myself and put it on a basket. For this one, I will use the hornbook cutout that came with the pattern. I used different colors to keep it more in keeping with shades my sister would like.

This one done in 3 strand floss, it took me a week to make it. The mittens I did in 6 strands and it took me 2 days, I think I like 6 strands better;)

And now for the winner of the epattern giveaway. The winner is Shelley of Red Quilts. Shelley, please email me with your choice of epattern or booklet, your choice. I hope everyone has a good weekend.

If you would like to have something fun to do and something free, visit Rusty Tin Roof and download the newest newsletter. You will find interesting articles and free patterns, including two wool sewing projects.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Wanderings Giveaway!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, we had one day with rain and one beautiful day, so we were able to get out and enjoy some fun this weekend.

Saturday started out nice, but I knew that we were going to get rain, so I thought it would be a good day for the aquarium. We were able to walk around outside for a bit, then when the rains came, we enjoyed the indoor exhibits. I even sat through a 4D preview movie, very fun but I am not sure I would want to watch a whole movie that way. They also had bubbles, no idea why they did that, lol.

The seals were being silly and giving us quite the show with their antics.

Even the fish in the tanks were being silly. Not sure what this silly guy was thinking as he stared out at me.

I finally figured out if I turned off my flash, I could get better photos of the fish in the tanks. I will have to work on learning more about settings and practice each time I go. I love the seahorses, maybe a future design idea.

And even the penguins were being silly and fun to watch.

Sunday was Gillette Castle Day. I wanted to go back and walk around the grounds and old railway paths. I almost missed this, until someone pointed up to it, can you see what I saw?

And to the right of this kitty, there is another. William Gillette loved cats and the castle was filled with real kitties. He has an interesting life story and history in theater and the beginnings of motion pictures.

There are over one hundred acres and he had over 3 miles of trails for his miniature train,  that you can walk on.

And we stumbled onto the path with a tunnel, it as a bit creepy since it was so dark inside, so I made Bill go first, then Dani, then I followed, lol.

I made Dani crouch down so I could get a photo of the inside. I used a flash and this is the only photo with orbs. I also lightened it, so you could see the interior, it was almost pitch black, walking through. Nothing in the tunnel to reflect from and nothing on my camera, so who knows?

And speaking of ghosts, look who we met up with, on the way back, Sherlock and his wife Mary.

The next stop was to be a ferry ride, across the river, but the road was closed, which meant driving around a longer route. Since I wanted to go to the swing bridge, I looked on the map and saw that we were closer, just driving up to it. We had to take a detour, so much for saving time. Then when we got there, we saw a line and the sound of sirens. So, we gave up on waiting to go over the bridge and drove around the cars and parked on the banks further down and walked up for a nice view of the bridge and the river.

Then we decided to go see the waterfall at Devil's Hopyard before heading home. The falls were beautiful and a nice way to relax at a long day.

Unfortunately we were too early for foliage, but we got to enjoy a nice walk around the falls and then across the covered bridge.

And now for this week's giveaway. You can use the smiling fish or the penguins and give me a caption for either photo. Or you can do one for each and put them in separate comments for two chances to win. The winner will get their choice of any of my epatterns or booklets.I will pick a name and announce a winner on my friday posting.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Finish and Winner!

I have been working on a  couple of projects this week, but only one that is finished. My sister saw a snowman piece online and decided she wants me to make her snowmen pieces and she will be visiting this month, so I am making a few of them before she gets here. One is a punch needle and I am doing it in 3 strands, so slow going;)

Since I need something that I can finish in a  few days and I also needed an indoor wreath, I decided to make one. I used various fabrics with dark oranges, browns and golds with a touch of yellow and really like how the colors look together. The colors go perfectly with the prim look. I did get some fake picks to add to it and then stuck the apple in the middle. The apple was a set that a friend sent me.

And now for the winner of the giveaway. The blob in the water is a cormorant. It was sitting on the water and the minute I hit the shutter, it dove under. The winner of the free pattern is Kathy Mackie! Kathy, email me with your choice of an epattern or ebooklet from my ecrater site.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We have more rain coming in but we will try and get out on sunday for a drive up the Connecticut river to revisit the castle and drive up the river to enjoy the foliage.