Friday, April 3, 2020

Friday Finishes!

I hope this post, finds everyone in good health and in good spirits. I do miss getting out more and shopping, I am fortunate enough to have lots of supplies to keep me busy for months. Our state has closed all state parks and camps, so I am not sure if we will be able to camp off season, which is my favorite. Our trailer is also stuck at the factory, they shut down the day it was due off the line, so even when they can open, it will still take time to ship it here. I wasn't going to use our old one, but I may if we can camp locally.

I do not understand the closure of state beaches and parks, they are the biggest areas to keep your distance and now people will be congregating at the town beaches and smaller parks, which is more dangerous. Luckily I know how to avoid people and hidden areas, so hopefully we can get out this weekend.

I was able to finish a few stitcheries this week. The first is one that is offered for free, by Theodore Cleave. It was perfect for Easter and since it is larger, I made it into a mini wall hanging. It is about 9" x 11".

I also received the monthly stitchery from Kathy Schmitz, another fun Easter piece. This time I reduced the design and made two, lavender pillows. They were fun to do and I like how they came out.

We did find a place with no people last weekend. We went to the Boy Scout camp, which is closed for the season. The camp is on a beautiful lake, with lots of roads and trails. We found a new area with camps and a pathway and enjoyed being outside without worry.

This part of the camp is older and had some leftovers from the 30's and equipment for clearing out the newer areas.

We ended our walk at the main camp. There were a few more people that had come in, so we avoided them and waited for a couple to leave the little beach, so Bean could have some play time. It was nice to get out and nice to get some fresh air exercise. I hope all of you are finding ways to get out and stay safe.

I wanted a nice photo of the guys and Bean was acting up, and of course, the minute he poses, Bill acts up, lol.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Friday Finishes!

I was able to finish two things this week, and working on others. There are so many free designs being offered, it is keeping me distracted but busy. The first one I did was a design by Cheri Saffiote offered on her Facebook page.

It is called Rejoice and was fun to make. I had a piece of quilted material from my friend Kelley. It was a set of blocks that she had sewed and not put into a project, so I had the perfect size to make the wall hanging. I think I may have an angel theme going and they will be nice to decorate my spare room with. It has always had cats all over, but it is time for a change.

Then Kathy Schmitz offered a paper doll and we could cut her out and then take a photo and say where she is living now. A way to socialize with others while we are stuck at home. The good thing is, she is offering it on her website, as well. It is colored but my printer isn't working right and it printed out in a light bluish shade. I colored mine in with colored pencils.

Last weekend we got out for walks, and enjoyed going to the same place, but on different trails. It is nice to find back trails and we usually have them to ourselves, so we can keep our distance with others.

On the first day we walked around the pond, down the bike trail and another back trail and got over 5 miles in. We also found an old abandoned home in the area.

On the next day, we found this beautiful waterfall with a nice sitting area for a picnic. A good place to bring the boys someday.

While walking through the fields, I spotted a small cemetery and after that, we took a ride into Connecticut and checked out an area where I had spotted a waterfall. It was an old mill town and not much else in the area, most moved to the larger town nearby.

And while taking photos, I spotted these Common Mergansers. They were at the end of the falls and kept trying to get up. It was fun watching them swim up and get swept back, but they were determined and finally made it to the next level.

I hope everyone is staying safe and finding peace and calm amidst the chaos of this horrible situation. I did get to see the boys when they stopped by with some supplies for me, so I talked to them for a bit without  getting close and gave them some presents I hadn't gotten a chance to give them.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Friday Finishes!

One thing about being stuck at home, is I get a lot more done. I am enjoying some me time, I haven't done any real quilting in ages and doing some small projects to start is a good way to get back into it.

On Cheri's quilt group, someone found a photo of a quilt they liked. We were given permission to use it, so I made up a line drawing from the photo. I moved the lettering a little to make it fit better. When I was finished, I had more space than I needed, and got creative with a little extra quilting and some inspirational words.

I also made up a little sachet pillow with a design from Kathy Schmitz. I have several large designs that have nice small designs in them, perfect for smaller sachets.

On Saturday we went to the pond to look for the eagle and try the paths, to see where they led. No eagle and I couldn't find a nest in the woods, but we did stumble onto a new bike path. They are still working on it, but definitely another path that we can ride, when it is finished.

We got out this weekend, it was beautiful weather for long walks at the bird sanctuary. Signs of spring were everywhere, the turtles were out sunning and  the sounds of frogs filled the air.

There were hawks in the area, as well as woodpeckers and other varieties, but too quick to get shots of most of them.

We ended the walk at the owl cages. They take in injured birds and some are not able to go back to the wild, so they live their life at the sanctuary. This is a screech owl, they also have hawks and even a vulture who was recuperating.

Remember, being stuck at home, does not mean you have to stay inside. Get out and explore your own back yard and surrounding areas, you never know what. you will find. 

Friday, March 13, 2020

Friday Finishes!

This has been a slow week but I picked up speed at the end and have several new projects in the works. I finally made it to another Doctor and explained to him that I am not sick with a cold, but my allergies were so bad, I could hardly breath and I was always coughing.

So, he gave me a liquid med and I put it in my mouth before I realized it was cherry flavored and sweetened, so it worked but then it triggered off my other allergy symptoms. So, he gave me my regular medicine and I am finally balancing out, so hopefully I can get back my energy and not get sick again.

I did make up some more lavender sachets, I am making them for drawers and cupboards that store items. It keeps the musty smells away and so far, the bugs. The designs are from different sources, from patterns I had in my stash. The middle house design is a freebie from Lori Brechlin.

I also used a free pattern from Rebekah Smith. She has several on her website and is offering a small each month, at a lower cost. This one was made into a jar lid, but I decided to do the basket on it's own. Perfect to hang on my seasonal tree. The stitching is more tan, but the camera made it pop.

Last weekend we went out for our usual ride and I did see the eagle, as he flew by, high in the sky, so no photos. We did try a few bike path areas, to see what they were like. They run along the river and some ponds. I am hoping I can get out on my bike this year and try all the paths we have found.

On Monday I went to the doc and Bill took the day off, so we were able to get to the beach. We missed the full low tide, but I was able to find some treasures before it came in.

And with good weather, we are able to get out more, which makes Bean very happy, since he gets to come along. He loves the beach and there was so much seaweed on the beach that he was getting buried in it.

I hope everyone is doing well and being safe. I avoid stores for now and haven't been able to see the boys. Last weekend was my son's birthday but they were sick again, so we got to video chat and he sent me a video of the boys singing Happy Birthday.

Friday, March 6, 2020

Friday Finishes!

This week I got a few pieces done, something to keep me busy, while I fight off the last of the bronchitis. The meds don't help with my allergies, but they were needed. Unfortunately my neighbors seem to be having a fireplace week and all the smoke is blowing into my house, so that isn't helping. As the meds wear off, the coughing is subsiding, so with a nice weekend coming up, I will be spending it outside and cleaning out my lungs.

This first design is a free design, offered by C&T Publishing. They also have quilting designs and other items, worth checking them out.

Then I decided to use one of my punch needle designs to create a wool bunny. It is a fun design to make simple bunnies and you can make them in any size. This one is a little larger, so he can sit with my pillows. He measures 10" tall. I just noticed I forgot his whiskers, lol. I think the lack of oxygen is making me daft.

And with a new month, is a new design by Kathy Schmitz. I was really hoping for a bunny, but it is still a beautiful design and I need lots of lavender pillows. I bought two pounds and it smells a lot nicer than what I get at the local shop.

And of course I got out last weekend. Being sick does not keep me down and exploring new areas, as well as the fresh air, always makes me feel better. Since I wasn't up to par, we went to the beach and let Bean run on the beach. The tide had just started to go down, but I was able to find a few nice pieces of glass.

One nice thing about a good zoom lens is, I can take shots of lighthouses that are further away. This one is on Dutch Island, a place we went when I was young. We would have a picnic on the beach and explore the old underground forts.

On Sunday I was still sick, but still wanted to explore, so I picked a route that took us in a circle, in Rhode Island, to Connecticut and back again. The first places we stopped at, were the ponds. I was able to see the eagle at both places, even though they are further away. We also spotted a Hawk, along the route.

In Connecticut we found some new waterfalls. With the rivers, there are a lot of dams and waterfalls.

And it wouldn't be a trip without finding a new cemetery. This one was hidden on a hill, behind a newer cemetery and offered a few new designs, that I haven't seen. I guess I need to start working on my new booklet, it will have designs, history and fun tidbits on area cemeteries.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We have some warm days coming up, so I plan on enjoying it, as much as I can.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Friday Finish!

It was a slow week with the flu, mostly watching tv, resting, cleaning and working on my projects. I had to redo the background for my snowmen, better than before but not what I wanted. At this point, I am not redoing it again, so I will fix a few things on the main design and leave it as is.

I do enjoy stitching when I am sick, easy to do and few supplies to gather. I made up some more lavender sachets with a design by Theodore Cleave. She used to offer a lot of nice free designs, but she still sells some nice ones. They are great as gifts and I still have a batch of finished stitcheries, for a quilt or I may make pillows as gifts, since the saying are so nice.

I loved making this one, and fun to color in. I tried some buttons on one and glitter floss in the middle of the other flowers. I also used glitter thread for their wings. I usually get lavender from a local shop, but since I am stuck at home, I decided to order some online. I was surprised at how fragrant it was, much better than what I have gotten. I think 2 pounds will make plenty of sachets to place around the house and some in the new trailer.

Last weekend we were able to see eagles at both ponds. The problem was, my camera was acting up and wouldn't focus, so I think I am pressing the button on the side by accident, so I have to watch my settings when I shoot. Most of the photos came out blurry from the first spot, so hopefully I can get better ones, the next time. He flew close a few times and then he flew off with a hawk, following behind.

I also enjoy watching the birds in my backyard. It is the time of year when large flocks gather in the area. There is a flock of robins and a lot of different blackbirds, they fill the trees around me.

And one day I noticed that one of the squirrel's nests had gotten twice the size. I looked with my binoculars to see what it looked like and this is what I saw. A squatter took it for a safe place to sleep, but he did leave the next day. I rarely see raccoons, but I think he was startled by something or at night and wanted somewhere safe, to catch up on some sleep.

We haven't been glass hunting lately, it is way to cold and breezy at the beach. We decided to go for a quick look and grabbed what we saw as we walked down the beach and this is what I found.

And I decided that I needed to make early reservations if I wanted to get a spot at Wolfe's Neck in Maine. It is a working farm on the ocean, so we can relax, bike ride and paddle, and lots of places to visit in the area. We stayed there fifteen years ago and even though I can't paddle the long distances, it will be fun to paddle in the coves.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Friday Finishes!

This week I got the flu, first real flu in years. I get a lot of them, but usually I can keep going, this one has me worn out, so I am resting more than usual. Though for me, that means, laundry, cooking dinner, dishes, and I still have to vacuum, lol. With a nice weekend coming up, I really want to get out and get some eagle shots and spend a day with the boys, so hopefully the meds will kick in by tomorrow.

I cannot stand sitting and doing nothing, so I made up a few easy projects for the week. I did work on my punch needle, but I still have more to go and not sure if I am happy with the background color, so thinking on that.

Michelle Palmer offered a free design on her Facebook page. The punched piece I am working on, is also one of her designs. This one can be done in any medium, but I decided to do a stitchery. I had fun coloring it in and doing a little shading, to make it a bit more artsy, which her originals are like.

The next piece I had gotten on one of our trips to Connecticut. They have a wonderful quilt store, but not a lot of patterns, but they do carry a few from my favorite designers. This one is by Bonnie Sullivan of All Through the Night. It is part of a set, for a full sized dog quilt. This one was perfect by itself, to make into a pillow.

The pillow measures 13" x 9". A nice size to sit on my chest, with my bunny pillows.

Last weekend we lucked out and found an eagle, at a pond in RI. This guy was across the lake, but still fun to see him. I also found out where the photographers are getting shots of a pair, that are closer to shore, so I am hoping to get up there, tomorrow.

We also stopped at a few places and found a new bike path. Hopefully I can find a doctor who actually treats patients and get back my strength, I really want to do more biking this year. A lot of the bike paths in Connecticut are old railroad lines, so they cross over trestle bridges.


And we ordered a new trailer. I was disappointed with the small class C. It had everything we needed, a real bedroom with storage, a decent kitchen, but the only seats were the table and it was hard and stiff, so not great for comfort. It would be great for day trips and weekends, but way too tight for longer stays, I need my space, lol.

So, we went with a larger trailer. It was cheaper and we got a lot more for the price. It doesn't have much more sleeping space, but enough to take the boys with us and the back chairs move, so we can always set up a blow up bed for my son and DIL. The boys are small enough to sleep on the table bed. It will be more for us, something I can relax in, something I can cook in and I don't have to put my clothes in the bathtub, lol.

Here is a little peak of the one we looked at. This is the one we wanted, but of course, someone came in and bought it, the day before. so we have to wait a few months, since ours is from the factory, but will be an even newer model.

Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully your weather will be as nice as ours.