Friday, January 14, 2022

Friday Finish and Freezing Weather!

I hope everyone is staying warm with this chilly weather. We have high winds and freezing temperatures tonight and it won't be getting much warmer this week, winter is definitely here. The good thing is I spend more time inside and get more done. This week it was cleaning and working on a new project.

The new design this month was a set of tea cups, I was only able to finish one, a cup with snowflakes. The second has greenery inside. I kept it simple since it is a Hot Pad for hot dishes, a nice piece to decorate the table with and have a use. I use Insulbrite batting for the inside.  The piece is about 12", a bit uneven so I need to watch how I cut to get better squares.

Going for rides on cold days is nice, just to get out and have a change of scenery.  We had a nice snowfall so I enjoyed taking photos around Galilee and at the lighthouse.

On the way home, we stopped at the local dock to see if there were any birds in the harbor. No birds but I always love seeing the fishing boats.

When I enlarged the photo, I noticed something strange in the bucket, on the boat. I am still debating on what it was, I thought a stuffed toy, others have said an old towel. 

 On Sunday we tried a new place, a farm area with a bird sanctuary next door. Most of the birds were hiding and it was so windy and cold, we did a quick walk and got back in the car. This pony was so cute, a good place to take the boys when it warms up.

 We decided to take a ride along the ocean roads and stopped at a nearby beach. It was too cold to walk the beach but I got a few shots of the beach and the lighthouse across the way.

There were a few birds, running around the parking lot, so I got a few shots of them and the one I was able to get a shot of a Chipping Sparrow at the sanctuary.

The next stop was Fishermens Memorial. The waves were rough and the air was cold. I can only imagine what it was like on the ferry.

I decided to go to the top of the hill even though it was windy. I wanted to take a photo of something I had seen on a photo site, our states motto done in rocks. I have to admit, I almost fell over the cliff trying to get a decent shot, the wind was that strong. 

We had one nice day, so I enjoyed time on the porch with my feathered friends. The Cardinal has been getting more used to me and I caught him in the tree and then when I sat down, he came to the feeder.

This is a White Throated Sparrow. I was practicing my other camera and I think it got better shots than I usually can, it has more focus points. 

I hope this finds everyone well. Sadly the kids are still sick so I am staying away from them and today Ivy got her test back and it was positive. t now contact until I am sure they are safe to be around, but it is hard not to see the boys. I am using the time to get more done around the house and working on my projects. We are also getting ready to paint the main rooms, I am looking for a light grey with a hint of blue, but havn't seen anything that fits what I have in mind. I am thinking of using my paints to come up with a color they can match. Sending blessings to all of my readers.

Friday, January 7, 2022

Friday Finish!


I hope everyone is enjoying some crafting time, now that the holidays have wound down. I have been reorganizing a bit and working on some new projects and getting some old ones together, to finish. I am going to try to do something new, along with something that needs finishing.

This piece spoke to me, It is from the book, Folk Art Favorites and I loved the saying, perfect for the times and valentines. The background fabric is a linen.

For an old project, I took the binding off my Noah's ark quilt. My husband decided to do wall work and got the plaster on the bottom edge. Luckily I had some of the fabric left, so I was able to piece it together for a new binding.

I think I will wait to redo the wall, before I put it up again. Once I get the Christmas things down, we can repaint the walls.

Here are some close up photos, to show some of the details.

We also had a chance to do some beach combing.  We were lucky enough to get to the beach at low tide before anyone else, so I found a few nice treasures.

I hope this post finds everyone well, it seems the new variants are spreading in every state. My son made the mistake of going out with a friend and he got sick and gave it to his wife. I have been sick myself this week, but fighting it off with meds. Today was a snow day and I enjoyed watching all of the birds coming to the feeders. Tomorrow I am hoping to get out for a bit and enjoy some snow scenes around our area.

Friday, December 31, 2021

 I hope everyone had a nice week and enjoying your New Years eve. We don't make a big deal of the day, a nice quiet night at home. We did enjoy some time with the boys. Yesterday was a rainy day so we stayed home and the boys enjoyed swimming in the jacuzzi. Today we got a late start but enjoyed some time at the beach. Rain is coming in, so it was good to get out while we could.

During the week, Bill and I got out to the beach for a few hours. The nice thing about going later in the day is, we got to watch the sunset. A few more blues this time.

Another day we spent at the southern beach. Even on cloudy days, it is nice to be at the beach.

And another day at Fort Getty. I can never get sick of going there and Bean loves being able to go, as well. Now that it is getting colder and rainy, I guess I will be doing more crafts and finding ways to use my glass.

And I lucked out while I was sitting with my camera, on the porch. A female Red Bellied Woodpecker stopped for a moment, before she realized she had company. She and the male are very shy and fly off if I go out.

I have been working on a new project, and it seems a lot of new free BOM's are coming up this year, so I will be staying in more and working on projects. Lots of quilts to finish and maybe a few hooked pieces this year.

May the new year bring you good health and many blessings.

Friday, December 24, 2021

Friday Finish and Merry Christmas!

 First I want to bless all of my followers this Christmas and may you all be healthy and filled with joy this season and in the next year. We spent the evening with the kids, a nice dinner and presents which is always fun with the boys. Bean was just as excited, he has been sniffing around in my sewing room all week, he knows a present when he sees one. Tomorrow we go to their house and I save a few presents for then. Tonight I am all done cleaning up and relaxing, while watching the colorized version of White Christmas.

The family at dinner. As usually I could not get any good photos in the dim light. One thing I plan on doing this year, is to learn how to use my camera settings better.

This week I wanted to make one more thing and took out a pattern I have been sitting on for years. It is a design by Bonnie Sullivan from All Through the Night. I messed up a few things and didn't do a scalloped edge, then I messed up the edge on the bottom. Later I will take that off and recut it to straighten the edge. It was fun to make and a last minute decoration for the wall.

Last weekend we went for a ride to get apples from the orchard store. They keep their apples in a climate controlled building, so always better than the store. After we took a ride to stop at a few places to look for birds. At the inlet to the Thames River, I found a family of swans.

We drove down to a few other places and as usual, Bill took a wrong turn, but I am glad he did. We stumbled onto another hidden area with a waterfall and a few birds. There was a Blue Heron but it took off when it saw me. I will definitely go back when we are in the area. I spotted a Belted Kingfisher, that was my find of the day.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend, no matter how we celebrate,  the meaning remains the same, may love and joy come to all of you.

Friday, December 17, 2021

Friday Finishes!

This week I have been enjoying some free time and worked on a few projects. The first is a stocking that I made with Michelle Palmer's free pattern, she offers each year. She has done several and still offers them on her Facebook page with a link to her site.

I didn't add all the stitching that she did and added a few of my own. I wanted to keep it simple but fun, so I added yellow and red glitter threads.

Then I decided I wanted to make something with wool roving, so I made up a little stocking. I will use this to put a gift card in, for the kids. Then they have something to hang on their tree. I added glitter thread to accent the design.

At home I have been enjoying a warm up in the weather. The birds have been visiting more often and I was able to catch the moon as it came up, during the day.

Today I had a me day and Bill took the day off. We went to a town beach in South Kingstown. It is much quieter and has a long stretch of beach. We found a nice spot to park the RV, with views of the ocean. Bean was happy, he got to play at the beach all day and give hugs, to passerbys.

I had wanted to get some bird photos from a beach further down, but by the time I got to the houses, I realized I still had a ways to go and it was getting colder, so no bird photos. But we decided to stay later and watch the sunset. I missed the moon as it rose, but it was still beautiful with the sun setting.

A look down the beach as the sun fell below the ocean. 

The beach doesn't seem to have a lot of glass, but what I find is nice and a few large pieces of pottery. It was nice to get out and enjoy the last slightly warm day. I hope you are all enjoying your week and find time to relax and enjoy the holidays, without the stress.

Friday, December 10, 2021

Friday Finish!


Another week has gone by and a few more weeks for Christmas. I have gotten out my packages and most cards, so I can relax now.  I finally got a change to do the stitchery of the month, by Kathy Schmitz. I decided to use up the last of my balsam and making a pillow for my neighbor. 

I used glitter yellow thread on the stars and ties, to give it a fun pop.

At home I am still able to get out, even though the days are cooler, but the fresh brisk air, does wonders for my energy levels. We went to the docks to see what was going on and stumbled onto an event. They were doing a 24 hour polar plunge for Special Olympics. Every hour for 24 hours, they jumped in. Way too cold for me.

While waiting, I caught this guy.  He was trying to break it by dropping it in the sand, but he finally figured out, he had to drop it on the nearby rocks to crack it open.

Then we sat and watched the boats come in. The parking is at the entrance, so we can sit in the warm car and enjoy watching them.

The next day we went to Moonstone Beach. I haven't been in ages and wanted to see what it was like and do some birding. Unfortunately, no dogs are allowed, I thought that was just during breeding season, so we couldn't stay. I got out to take a few picts of the beach and actually found a green piece of glass, laying on the ground. 

We drove down the back road and followed the coastline till we found a private beach that is open to all, off season. If you look at the photo above, you can see the house in the distance, that is where the other beach starts. 

And this is the beach we ended up going to. The tide was the lowest, I have ever seen, so we enjoyed looking through the rock piles for treasures. Not as much glass, but what we found was nice and a few large pieces. The house you could see in the last photo, is at the end of this beach.

And this is the house, it has been through a few hurricanes and been moved a few times. The original area was grassy with a lot of summer homes, but the ocean has claimed all but 3. The one next to it, was a carriage house and all that remained of the main house. 

Today I was out walking Bean and spied a hawk, scouting the area. Once he was gone, my feathered friends came back for the food I had put out. I hope you all had a wonderful week and can find your own ways to get out and explore your area.

The big guy is a Red Shouldered Hawk. Then a Dark Eyed Junco, White Breasted Nuthatch, Tufted Titmouse and another nuthatch.

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Friday finishes!

 I have been busy getting ready for Christmas, taking down fall and putting up Christmas decorations. I used less than I usually do and rearranged a few things for a little change. I have definitely have too much and today my sister went home with a box of goodies.

Last year I made up two stitcheries by Kathy Schmitz in two color schemes and I finally finished those off. My son said he loves the blue one, which is my favorite too. The little stars are done in glitter thread. Then I used the glitter thread on the border stitches.

I also used most of the balsam by making simple little pillows to give out or add to a package. I found the moose buttons last year and this was a fun way to use them.

I have been enjoying watching the birds from my porch, a new one I haven't seen is the female, Brown Headed Cowbird in the larger photo. I guess she got left behind when the rest headed south.

And one of the pesky squirrels who steal all the bird food.

A few of the decorations I have put up, a bit of this and that, primitive and fun pieces.  I  hope you all have a wonderful weekend.