Friday, June 24, 2022

Vacation Week!

Vacations do not last long and it seems, all my plans fall through and we end up doing something else. Today it was nice out but when we got to the beach, it was cool, so we walked a little and headed home. This weekend will be hotter, so hopefully some swimming with the boys.

Yesterday we headed back to Newport to visit some a few places for hiking and birding. The first stop was at Miantonomi Park. I found the back area with pathways and lots of birds in the area, but they were either hiding or flew off.

There is a tower at the top of the hill, and it is a nice walk. It would be nice if the tower were open, I can imagine how great the views would be. The tower is a World War1 Memorial.

The third photo is a beach we stopped at. I had heard it was a good glass beach. It is called pebble beach and I could see why, nothing but rocks and pebbles, no glass and the tide was high. Beautiful views though.

Our main stop was at Sachuest Point Wildlife Refuge. It has paths that run along the point and some that go into the bush, for bird watching. This is the path leading to the point.

A few views along the way, as well as a few beach heads, that we stopped to explore. With high tide, no glass was found.

And we saw a lot of birds and a few I had not seen before. Did I get any photos of them, of course not, they hid or flew away, not my day for bird photos. But I did get a couple who stayed still long enough for me to focus and a few baby bunnies were along the paths.

I haven't had any time to stitch at night, so I will catch up on projects next week. I did get to see the new baby Red-Bellied Woodpecker. It was flapping it's wings like crazy and squawking for food, but Dad didn't seem to pay attention and just filled himself. 

I hope you all have a good weekend. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Vacation happenings!


A vacation at home can be tiring, today I crashed, lol. We have been keeping busy and then I come home and keep up around home. I thought I would do an extra post tonight since I have so many photos and hopefully more to come later. I haven't had any time to do any projects, but sometimes it is good to take a break and then I can get back into the projects I haven't finished.

We took a hike at a local bike path, we went off onto a path that leads to a beach and walked the beach. We spotted this Snowy Egret, along the way.

Another day we went to a farm sanctuary. There is a paved area to walk around, but we found a new path in the back, that goes through grapevine covered areas and an estuary. Lots of birds in the area and I was able to catch a few. A Song Sparrow, Red-Winged Blackbird and a Goldfinch. 

The farm has a few donkeys and horses, I just love this little donkey.

On Monday we headed to Newport to visit Colt State Park, which is further up in Bristol. It is a beautiful park, lots of places to walk and expansive views of the bay. A great place to spend the day with family.

I was trying to get a photo of the weathervane and this Osprey decided to get into the picture.

Yesterday we went for a paddle at a salt water pond, that opens to the ocean. We enjoyed paddling around the little islands and landed on a strip that had a path, to the ocean side. Coming back, I spotted this pair of Horseshoe crabs, I guess it is breeding season.

Along the way, I spotted all different types of shore birds. There are also fenced off areas for the piping plovers, but I wasn't able to spot any babies, they are too well hidden. I did spot a few foraging along the shoreline, a Willet, Piping Plover and a White-Rumped Sandpiper, a first for me.

While on the beach, we watched this Tern dig a nest in the sand. Then every time we got up or moved, she got all upset and flew off. Not the best spot to have a nest, with rough seas and people walking down the beach.

While paddling, I spotted this Great Egret on a point. I had to get into a little cove and take a photo while I rocked in the boat and it actually made a nice effect.

And at home, I was thrilled to see Baltimore Orioles coming to the grape jelly, feeder. The Catbirds are more skittish, but this one came to visit and show off his tail. 

We have one more day of cooler weather and then the heat kicks in, so I am hoping my energy comes back tomorrow and we can have some more adventures. 

Friday, June 17, 2022

Friday Finish!


Another week went by too fast. This is our anniversary and vacation week and I had no time or energy to get ready. For me, I have to plan, find a place, get the trailer and packing ready, get the house in order and figure out food, not really a vacation, so I gave up on that idea. Not being able to eat a lot of foods, makes it hard so if I do get motivated this weekend, we may take off on Monday for a midweek getaway. Otherwise we will do things closer to home.

I finish my stitchery for Kathy Schmitz's club, another hot pad. It is one way to start using up my stash and I have a bolt of Insulbrite to use up, as well as, way too much fabric. I do want to do charity quilts and will use a lot of it for that. 

We also got to the beach during the week. My SIL moved back to the island, so we met up at the beach. On the way out, this catbird decided to sing to me.

I found a few treasures, as we walked and chatted.

Another day we took Bean to my favorite beach, usually empty, later in the afternoon. Bean loves walking in the water.

It was full low tide and I think someone hit the beach, before we got there, not much to find, but I was able to catch a few pieces in the surf. I was happy to find a few pieces of pottery with designs.

And at home, I enjoy watching the birds. My Downy Woodpecker bought his new son for a visit and a snack. I hope. you all had a nice week and enjoy your weekend. We shall see where this week takes me.

Friday, June 10, 2022

Friday Finish!

 Lately it seems I never have time to go online and when I do, it is to quickly scan and hopefully not miss anything. I usually try to catch up on blogs on the weekend so hopefully I can catch up on everyones news.

I decided to start an Americana piece this week, a design by Bird in the Hand Primitives. It was fun to do and small pieces are nice since I can add more to my walls. I traced it in reverse, I guess I placed the design backwards on the light pad, but it looks like either way.

And of course we spent afternoons at the beach when we could. Glass collecting, walks on the beach and nature.

One day I got more distracted by the antics of a pair of Great Egrets, so not as much glass that day. 

The gulls like to hang with them, always a chance of stealing food if they can get it.

And at one point they were doing their dance, but it was hard to catch them in the act.

In the distance on a large rock island, I spotted a lot of Cormorants. This is just a portion of the rock and you can see how many nests are there. 

And we finally got a chance to get to the Veterans Cemetery. My parents are there, Bills dad and second wife, as well as his brother Tom. It is a beautiful place to just walk around.

His brother is in the memorial wall, but it is a new section and they still haven't engraved names on any. The old graveyard is in the back and this sad section is the graves that died at Ladd School, formally called The School for the Feeble Minded. They finally closed it down, a time of horrors to the poor and mentally disabled.

Today we stopped at the main state beach to get passes for our cars. While we were down there, we stopped at another beach for a nice walk, perfect day but the tide was up, so not a good time for glass collecting.

And on a sad note, we said our goodbyes to Moki. He as a stray that wondered into my yard one day. Scared and hungry, and scarred up from battles. It took a few weeks before he fully trusted me and then he came in and stayed. We were not sure how old he was, but the vet said around 3 years. He was silly and loving and will be missed, but I know he is better off from his suffering. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I got a dragon kite for the boys, so hoping we can get out to try it.

Friday, June 3, 2022

Friday Finish!


With the holiday, I was too busy on the weekend to do any crafting and then cleaning up and catching up, after the holiday. I cannot stand just sitting and watching tv at night, I have to have something to keep my. hands busy, so I worked up a simple project.

The design is from Kelley Belfast's sunflower and cat design, that I did before, but I separated and made two small pieces for lavender pillows. I have to store a lot of things, so I can always use them in my stash to keep it fresh smelling.

The holiday also means, 4 birthdays. The kids took Bill out for his night and then we took them all to Newport, to enjoy a day at the park. The boys flew kites and explored the ruins from an old mansion, as well as some time on the small beach area.

Afterwards we headed to Fort Adams and walked along the path by the water, to the forts.

For Memorial Day, they had Boots on the Ground and free admission to the fort. 

This is the main area, with each surrounding state, represented. 

Another area was just for Rhode Island and we visited Bill's Second Cousin who died during a flood. It was a wonderful day with the family and a wonderful way to honor those who gave up their lives to protect us.

I hope you all had a nice week and fun plans for the weekend. 

Friday, May 27, 2022

Friday Finish!


This has been quite a week. We had the solar put in, so they were here on 4 different days to install equipment and today the panels went up, so it is finally done. When I had a few quiet days, I worked on a project and watched tv, it was nice to make something new and not hear banging all day.

This design is by Julie Porter and offered on Facebook as part of a free chicken series.  You can find the group page at Primitive Quilts .....

It is a stitchery and I decided to do the large chicken in applique. I also made the mistake of trying to add red marker to enhance the red and forgot it was still wet, so I messed up the comb on the large chicken. Luckily I was able to take out the original stitching and enlarge the comb to cover my mistake.

Last weekend we had the boys for the day and since I didn't have the pool set up, we got a better slip and slide with sprinklers, for them. They had a ball and I enjoyed watching them play. I also had them tonight, while my son took Ivy and Bill out for dinner, for their birthday. This weekend I will have a party for the boys to give them their gifts, lots of birthdays in one weekend.

Lots of activity this week, more babies are coming out and one hummingbird is coming to the feeder. She is the only one for now, and I hope I get to see more later on.

And ones I rather not see, they tend to demolish the food, a Common Grackle.

And today the yard was full of birds, the majority of them were crows and a lot of Starlings. The young were hungry and wanted to be fed. It got to the point where I had to chase more away, they were eating all the suet and attacking the regulars who come to visit. 

I hope everyone had a good week and enjoy the long weekend. 

Friday, May 20, 2022

Friday Finish!


This week I have been slowly working on my sea piece, and need to cut the rest of the pieces and hopefully finish it by next week. I am in a patriotic mood, so I have put out my summer decorations and seeing areas that could use some new things. The first thing I made was a rag wreath.

I had a wire frame in stock and plenty of fabric, so a no cost project. I saw one that had the red, white and blue to represent the flag, so I made something similar. I also added a star to the side. I rip my strips so they are more raggy, but easier than cutting so many.

One afternoon we headed to the bike path to see the baby owls. Of course they were not in their usual spot when we got there and I couldn't find them anywhere. I did see quite a lot of different birds, these are the ones I was able to catch.

And a Great Blue Heron flew overhead and we spotted him in a tree further down.

After we went over to another area to see the Osprey. She was sitting on her nest and he was looking for their next meal.

We also spent time at the beach. We had a rainy day so once the rain stopped, we headed to the beach. The skies looked ominous, but the waters were calm.

 And I was able to find some nice pieces floating in the water and further up the beach. I think more people are finding this beach and I am finding less on the beach.

I hope everyone had a good week and enjoy the weekend ahead. We are getting higher temperatures, so I will be avoiding the crowded beaches.