Friday, January 27, 2023

Friday Finish!


Another week that went by too fast and I didn't get as much done, as I had planned. I was able to finish the stitching on my Christmas piece, so now I have to cut it to size and add a border, then I can quilt it. I decided to try a little chick, with needle felting. 

I had a photo of one I wanted to make, but mine came out differently, since I started with a cookie cutter. I made the mistake of peeking to see how it looked and it puffed out of the frame. So, I had to do the rest without the frame. I will try more and try to get it a little more rounder, like the original one, but fun to practice and I did better on the eye, this time.

Last weekend we went to Connecticut and checked out a few of the ocean areas. We went to the point and enjoyed some of the views and watched the ferries. It is a nice spot since you can sit in the car and not be outside too much, way too cold.

The lighthouse at the top left, is all that is left of the Little Gull lighthouse. My grandfather was a keeper there, at one time. It had a large home with several families living there, but storms have washed away, most of the island.

Then we drove to the UConn campus down the road, lucky kids, who get to go to this campus.

On the way home, we spotted this funny scene, in a marina.

The next day we stayed local and went to the island. I never get sick of walking on the beaches, and I even found a marble.

We also went to the point and walked around for a bit. Another place that has spectacular views of the ocean and Newport.

A close up of the lighthouse, behind Bill and Bean.

A hidden fort on the hill.

And this Red-tailed hawk, landed nearby, just as we were getting back in the car.

I hope everyone had a nice week and fun plans for the weekend.

Friday, January 20, 2023

Friday finish!


This week I worked on some new projects and some old. I got a kit to try, so had to do that. Of course, I never follow directions, but mine came pretty close to the original, except for the eyes and I added a tail. It is nice to work from a kit and learn a few new tricks and get ideas for making more, with more details.

I have also been testing kid's kits for bracelets. I finally figured out how to make a Paracord bracelet. Nick likes to make friendship bracelets, so I got a kit for that and to make Paracords, so now I can show him how to make them, when he comes over.

And, I have been working on a block, to balance out the ones I had made, years ago. I was thinking of making it into a long banner style, but not sure if it is too long, so will think that out, the sashing will add to the size, but I can keep that smaller.

Last weekend we rode down to the ocean. A lady informed me, that the waves were over 30 feet, that morning, of course we missed them. But it was still beautiful and a bit rough.

At the wharf, I spotted a bird sitting on a rock, by itself. A first for me, a Razorbill. He didn't seem to mind getting his photo taken.

At home, I have my daily visitors. This Dark-eyed Junco, was enjoying some seed, that he found on the ground.

Today I looked out and spotted this Red-shouldered Hawk. He was sitting above my neighbor's chicken coop. I suspect he was looking for mice and squirrels, that come in for the feed. 

I hope you enjoyed your week. It is a great time of year to put out seed, the birds are more hungry in the winter, since food sources are scarce. It brings me joy to see them every day. 

Friday, January 13, 2023

Friday Finish!


This week went by too fast and as usual, I didn't get as much done, as I planned. Christmas is still up, but I have been taken a few things down at a time. This year I need to repack, with things to keep and things to get rid of, way too many years of collecting.

I got some fabric markers to try, so I made up a little Valentine piece to try them. They are ok, but more for kids and the boys will have fun, using them to make their own items with. I also used cheap thread, which was ok, but tends to get a little fluffy, as I stitched, so I will stick with DMC.

We spent some time at the beach last weekend. I just wanted to get out and was surprised at all the hawks we saw. I was able to catch one in a field.

In the same field, a windmill. Someday I will have to stop when they are open, to see inside.

At the beach, I enjoyed watching the seagulls and a house on a small rock island.

Of course I collected a few things on the beach and found a few strange items.

On the road to the beach, I spotted this guy, up on a pole.

We also went to another beach and I got a shot of the lighthouse on Dutch Island. Trying different photos that I have taken before, to see the new camera's capabilities.

And at home, I finally got a shot of the female Cardinal, she has such beautiful coloring 

I hope you all had a nice week and enjoy your weekend. We have one nice day, then more rain. No real snow in our forecast. 

Friday, January 6, 2023

Friday Finish!


I actually made time for stitching this week. I always love getting the new stitchery each month from Kathy Schmitz and this one wasn't my usual like, but I decided, if I reduced the size, it made the perfect tea cup mat. Sadly, this is the last year of the club, she is going to end it, this summer. 

Last weekend we got out for a ride and enjoyed a nice walk on the beach. We watched the sail surfers in the bay, looks like fun, but a bit cold for me, to be on the water.

We also went to the point to look for birds. I saw quite a few and a new looking hawk, flew over head, but I couldn't get a shot in time. We enjoyed walking on the inner beach and seeing the fishing fleet, across the  way.

At home, I am enjoying the birds who are coming to my feeder. The Red-bellied Woodpecker even came to the porch, while I was out. I have gotten a lot more visitors this year, so hopefully I can get photos of the others.

And while I was watching the birds, I noticed, I wasn't the only one watching. The Red Shouldered Hawk, was sitting in a tree, checking them out. I was surprised he stayed so long, usually if I look at him, he takes off. 

A lot of rain this week, but a nicer weekend, even if it is cold again. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and can enjoy some crafting time, in the winter months.

Friday, December 30, 2022

After the Holidays!

It has been quite a hectic week, which I am sure it is for most of you. Christmas has come and gone and we have been going out for rides and hanging out with the boys. I have had no time for sewing this week, the day ends too soon and I am catching up at night.

We had a nice Christmas Eve with the kids, always more fun with little ones around.

Christmas Day was spent at the kids, and Ivy's friend and her kids came for dinner. We had fun playing computer Pictionary, lots of laughs. Alex had fun decorating a Gingerbread man with Bella.

Another day we took the boys out for a few hours. We got the boys new shoes and spent some time at the beach.

I also got a new camera, this one is a fixed lens that goes up to 600mm, so more zoom, but not true zoom. It isn't as sharp as my other cameras, but a lot lighter and easy for me to carry. It will be nice for when we go on hikes and biking.

I took a photo to test it out, usually I cannot get birds in the trees too well.

We also went to the lighthouse and I got a few shots to test her out. This boat was out in the ocean, you can tell they have a fresh haul with all the birds.

And the lighthouse, up close.

On the way home, we stopped at the bay campus to see what is new.

Today we had the boys again. We took them to the beach for a few hours and they had fun collecting glass and shells. I hope you had a nice week and may the new year bring you blessings and good health.

Friday, December 23, 2022

Friday Finish!

 This week has been a whirlwind, which I am sure is that way for most of you. The presents are wrapped and dishes are prepared ahead of time, so all I have to do is last minute prep and cooking the main hot dishes. The kids come over after early service tomorrow, so we have a nice dinner and gift giving. On Christmas we go to their house and I save some presents for the boys to open then.

I am still working on my nativity quilt, doing some words and then prep it for quilting. I forgot I had the bowl cozy templates and had meant to make some as gifts, so too late now. But, I had enough time to whip up a couple, one for me, the trees and the birds are for Ivy to use on her table. I like the smaller version better, much stiffer than the larger one.

If you like to make your own, I got the templates on amazon, they have cheaper sets, then the name brands. I also used this video to see, the best way to make them. Shabby Fabric's  bowl cozies.

Last weekend we went out for a little shopping and a ride around the ocean, back roads. No birds at the beaches, but as we were going back, along a neighborhood road, we spotted this Red-Tailed Hawk.

And at a local inlet, we spotted a group of American Black Ducks.

I have also been trying out polarizing filters, still have to learn how to use them better, but Bean stopped and posed for me, so I could try it in bright light. I can't wait to go to some waterfalls next week, to try it out. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, Hannukah or whatever holiday you celebrate. What is important is the meaning behind the season, peace and goodwill to all.

Friday, December 16, 2022

Friday Finishes!


The bad thing about being sick is, you can't get out to shop or the beach, so I am stuck at home. The good thing is, I have plenty of time to work on projects. It seems I have a good day and then downhill again, but at least my body is fighting. Having injuries adding to the mix,  doesn't help and hopefully I can get well enough to get checked out and fix my problems this winter, so I can get out and have fun when the weather gets nice again.

This week I started by finishing a needle felted piece. I saw a design on the web and wanted to try it. I didn't get the exact effect I wanted, but it came out pretty nice. I need to make a wooden board to mount it on or maybe find an old piece I can mount it on. The star came out too thick, wanted it thinner and less bold.

Then I made up some mini pillows to use up the balsam I bought. I gave some as gifts and Nick took a couple home, so the rest will go to neighbors and the milkman. 

The last piece is from The Stitch of the Month Club. I always need hot pads to put dishes on and this will be fun to use at Christmas. I seem to have gone a little wonky on one edge.

I hope everyone had a good week and not getting covered in too much snow. I am hoping to get out tomorrow to do a little stocking stuffer shopping for the boys. I have been shopping online but I want to get a little candy and small items to fill a stocking. I have one more quilt to finish, hopefully by Christmas and will have to put the printed nativity aside and finish that next year. It will be easier to put away without stuffing it, and I need to get ready for Christmas Eve dinner.