Friday, February 26, 2021

Friday Finish, fun and not so fun!


This has been one of those weeks, but I was able to finish one project I had started. It is a design by Robin Leuschen of Bird in the Hand Primitives. I used the main design and made a lavender sachet. It was a fun piece to do for Spring.

We didn't do a lot on the weekend, the weather hasn't been the greatest, but we had a nice day for a ride and headed into Connecticut. We took a loop ride to check out a few pond areas, but no birds or areas that we could get into without walking in the cold. 

So what did we see? Something you wouldn't expect along the roadway, a dinosaur.

And a Teradactyl on a roof. It is a place called Dinosaur Village, the kids have been inside so we may go again with the boys, when they reopen.

Another thing in the village is a large antique mall, a great place to explore on a cold day. We spent hours and I saw a lot of great items, but a bit pricey for me. But I did come home with a few goodies.

And on the way back home, we made a few stops at local lakes and parks.

And then things went downhill. I wanted to rest on Monday, wasn't feeling great and my injuries were acting up, but that was not to be. I woke up to voices, my husband and son. My son was nice enough to go pick Bill up from the hospital so I wouldn't have to. Bill was on his way to work and stopped for coffee and slipped on the ice at the shop, so now he is laid up. 

We had to wait for permission to get an MRI, so that happens on Tuesday and we will find out what the damage is. So, I am back to taking care of everything that I can and luckily my son is good about helping and I discovered online shopping for food. Not as good as what we pick out, but easier on me since I cannot lift too much.

I hope everyone has had a better week and it won't be long before Spring is here.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Friday Finish and weekly friends!


This week I finished a piece I was working on, a design by Cheri Saffiote. It is fun to do Christmas throughout the year and I will have lots of gifts for next year. I do plan on selling some things this year, so I need to organize what I have and what will sell.

This piece was done with colored pencils and DMC floss, then I used a bit of glitter floss in each design element to add a pop. I am not sure what the black line by the glove is, but it doesn't belong.

And what is not showing is the edging along the outer border. I did a feather stitch in red and love how it looks on the piece.

Last weekend we took a drive to the ocean and sat at the breakaway. Of course the seagulls were abundant, there are several restaurants in the area, so lots of scraps. They are the same seagull, the darker one is the younger one.

And I always have fun watching the common Eiders, they are great fishermen. The female has a catch and the males are white and black, the other is the younger male.

And we got to watch the seal as it swam in, as the tide was going out. Someday I will get a close up of some seals.

And another thing to enjoy on the docks is, boats, and ferries. Someday I would love to do some art pieces of the fishing boats. I cheated and added a blue sky, not much sun lately.

On the way home, I spotted a few hawks. Bill drives and I saw Hawk and sometimes he actually hears me and stops, lol. This guy was closer, but when I opened the window to shoot, he took off, so I was able to catch him further in the field, high up in a tree. This is a Red Shouldered Hawk.

No sun but lots of snow lately and more today. I enjoy seeing all the birds who come in the snow, they seem to be more active when it is snowing.

And a few sit in the trees, too shy to come to the feeder when I am around. The chickadees are the friendliest, they sit and chatter at me.

And a visitor who is not allowed on the porch, but I let him sit for a photo. I have food in the other feeders that they are allowed to have, but they know there are peanuts upstairs.

And last but not least, time with the boys. Mom and dad were car shopping so the boys spent the day with us. Too cold to go out, so we had fun playing at home. Of course Bean wanted everyone to play with him, he is such an attention hog.

I hope you all had a good week and staying warm. It won't be long before Spring is here, I can't wait.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Friday Finish and Feathered Friends!


This week got away from me, I thought it was Thursday, lol. I have been working on a couple of projects and finished one. I say finished, but it needs some fixes and a finish. A friend sent me the pattern as a gift and I think it will be a nice gift to give back to her. I am not sure if I want to mount it on wood as a hanging or make a storage bag for knitting needles, will think on it.

It is a bit of a mess now, I need to trim a bit and redo the areas that got snagged into each other. The design is by Yvonne Buus. It is a bit skewed in the photo, but the design is a bit over 6" x 8".

We got a bit of snow this week, looks like winter is here to stay for the month, more snow coming this weekend and during the week. This is my back yard at nightfall, last weekend.

The birds didn't seem to mind and were extra hungry, so lots of visitors. This female, Black Eyed Junco was nice enough to sit for a photo.

The Starlings are always trying to eat all the food, so I let one have some while I took photos, but I usually chase them away. And the Bluejays are always eating up all the food, but I allow them to have a bit. I do have feeders in the yard that I fill, so they are welcome to that, but they know the good food is on the porch.

This weekend is Bird count weekend. If you have birds in your area, you can join in by signing up at Cornells Bird Lab. They have a lot of information on birding and a site where you can list the birds you see in your area. It helps them to keep track of bird populations.

I really wasn't going to do it, but today I saw a new bird and decided to list what I saw, in a half hour. I had quite the list, it was very busy today. And this guy, he is a Yellow Bellied Sapsucker. I saw him yesterday and thought he was a bit large and different than the Downy Woodpeckers. I was able to catch a few photos and was happy to see I had a new feathered friend.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and maybe you can enjoy birding in your own backyard. A suet feeder is the cheapest and easiest way to start. One thing that most of the birds love is peanuts, a great way to attract a variety of birds.

Friday, February 5, 2021

Friday Finish , family and Feathered Friends!


This week I finished a couple of things. I have projects I am still working on so hopefully a few more for next week. Winter is always a good time to create and a nice way to spend the cold winter days.

A new month and a new stitchery from Kathy Schmitz. This one seems a bit like the others she has done, so I decided to make some little sachets with it. I wasn't as neat with these, but something small to finish in a few days and I can always use more sachets in my stash areas.

I also made up more masks. A friend liked the ones I had sent as a gift and ordered some for work. She works in a yarn shop so I did a few with yarn and a few regular ones, so she can match them to the day. She will be sending me some roving from the wool she has, to spin yarn with. I also had some dog fabric that I wanted to use and did 3 ply, way too thick so a bit sloppily made. The planets are for Nick of course, he loves glitter. The hearts I made to sell and they went, the minute I showed them on Facebook. One I made for me, with a satin lining.

We also spent a few hours with the boys. With the cold, it is hard to take them out for the day. We like to ride and explore and they get bored. So, we went to their house to visit and then took them out for milkshakes and a ride to the eagle lake. Unfortunately the eagles were not out, so they didn't get to see them, but Alex had to get out and play on the bouncy ride, they had at the beach.

Nick has a pet, if you could call it that, lol. He took it out to show me, how it comes out of its shell when he holds it. 

And I made a new friend. He was sitting in a tree and I expected him to take off when I came out, but he stayed, even when I walked up to him. I think he was just taking a break and when I came out again, with Bean, he sat and watched Bean as he ran around the yard.

He also gave me a show while he preened and puffed up his feathers. Puffing up like this, keeps them warmer in the winter. I feel blessed that I was able to enjoy seeing him and getting such wonderful photos of him. I hope you all had a wonderful week, and have a wonderful weekend. May you all be blessed with a little joy each day and good health in your household.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Friday Finish and Feathered Friends!


This week I finished my newest stitchery. The design was a freebie offered by Deborah Cade on Facebook. I love coloring in the design but I do wish I had more control over blending, was hoping to make it look more like a water colored piece. I also notice that red is a color that bleeds, no matter the medium, so I have to be careful when using reds since I have to damp it down to get rid of the blue lines.

I added a border and happy how it came out, something cheerful to chase away the winter blues. The design can be found on the Facebook group, Prim Folk Art Quilts and Projects.

And on the birding front, I finally got a chance to see the eagles in action. Unfortunately they were in the middle of the lake on a sandbar, so I was out of zoom range, but was able to catch them mating.

And when the male took off, I was able to get a closer shot as he flew by.

I enjoy birding and watching them in my backyard, but it is getting too cold to stay out for long. Today I watched from the window and spotted this young, female, Downy Woodpecker as she rested from the winds and then went a meal at the suet.

And sitting on the opposite side of the porch was this White Bellied Nuthatch. The wind was gusting and a few times they almost lost their grip, its a good thing they have those sharp talons.

And finally I finished a few more masks. A friend liked the ones I had sent her and wanted more, so I made a few before I found out that she wears bright and busy patterns, so I need to find something that is more toned down to match her outfits. 

I hope you all had a wonderful week and fun plans for the weekend. I am always on the go lately, so it is nice to be stuck inside, working on projects.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Friday Finish and feathered friends!


This week I worked on finishing a new piece. I finished the stitching, but I still need to make it into a pillow, or maybe a wall hanging. I am not sure if I want to add a saying, it depends on what it looks like when I cut it down and add a border. The photo makes it look grainy but the colors are much brighter and smooth looking. I was trying to go for a pen and ink, with watercolor look.

We didn't do anything exciting last weekend. We rode around and realized we couldn't stop on the side of the road or down a back road with the trailer, so time to use the truck for exploring. We stopped at a bike path, but no parking so not sure how we can walk on it without parking, but we can park at the other end if we ride our bikes. I really wanted to explore a bit on the end, since that is the part that follows along the river.

I have had a lot of visitors this week, something to enjoy during the week. I think the young Downy Woodpeckers are the most fun. They are less afraid of me and they will hide behind the rails and peak out at me, but sometimes they are still enough to catch a shot of.

I also had a new visitor, a female Red Bellied Woodpecker. I had to shoot through the window, or she would take off. 

Today I was able to catch the male. He is a lot more skittish and it took three tries, just to shoot through the window. The minute he sees me move, he takes off, so I have to be sneaky.

You can see his belly in one photo, that is why they are called, Red Bellied Woodpeckers.

And a few others that I was able to capture. I used a different camera body with the zoom and in some ways, the photos are better, but it seems the camera has problems, so I may have to take it back for a fix. The focus wasn't always working and the menu wouldn't work sometimes, unless I shut off and on again. Luckily it is under warranty. It could be the lens, since I didn't have the problem with the other new lens. I guess I need to read my manuals, lol.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Friday Finish, feathers and fun!


The fun thing about a new month is, a new project for the Stitch of the Month Club, by Kathy Schmitz. I really love this months design and wish there were more like it, so I could make a quilt from them. For now I decided to make a fun wall hanging and I added a saying that I thought was perfect for the design.

I used colored pencils and kept it bright and fun.

Last week we got out for some exploring. I have been studying areas with lakes or rivers and possible places where we might find Eagles. We found a beautiful section of river and I could hear birds in the trees, so I went in quietly and waited for them to move around. Not one would come out for a photo and just as I look up, I see something big with a white head fly by. By the time I got out to see it better, it had flown to the far end of the river. 

Not a great shot, but I spotted an immature Bald Eagle.

Our next stop was the state camping grounds, but they had it gated and I was not in the mood for a long walk to the camps. So, we headed to the other camp nearby for a short walk. We ended up finding a new trail and ended up walking for 3 miles. There was a lot of downfall but a nice quiet path, which is rare to find nowadays.

On the way back, we took the old fire road. Along the way we noticed a path that took us to this shed. I have no idea what it is for, but it is too small for anyone to sleep in, but it did have a lock originally. 

Another shack was nearby and taller, maybe an old outhouse? I did read that the CCC did work in the area, so maybe from that era.

Today Bill came home early so we could get out, before the rains come tomorrow. The tide was out, so the perfect time to go beach combing and get some fresh air. I got a nice haul today and I think I could have gotten a lot more if it wasn't so late. Winter weather tends to bring in more glass, so it's the perfect time to go.

I hope everyone had a wonderful week and this finds you all healthy.