Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Giveaway!

I have been cleaning all day and now I am tired, so forgive the photos, they are photos of old photos, lol. I didn't feel like importing into the scanner and for me it is easier to load them into my computer  from the camera.

This is a photo from when I worked in a craft store. In those days I did more tole painting and some cross stitch. I taught a few classes, mostly to kids, they are fun to teach and have no inhibitions. Of course we dressed up for halloween and one of these ladies is me. Guess which one is me, you don't have to be right, I will put all the entries into a drawing. I will pick and announce a winner on wednesday night, November 2. The winner can have their choice of any epattern from my ecrater site.

And here are my kids, doing their best to look sad for me, lol. This was a great costume, easy to wear, easy to walk around in and pajamas after the holiday. Now they are all grown up, and it is photos like this that make me miss those days;)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Christmas snowmen!

I wanted to try some new things and I love the designs in my painting book by Renee' Mullins. The patterns are painted on wood, but I wanted to do one in stitchery and wool. I took the snowflake design and using freezer paper, cut out the snowflake from a 5 1/2" block of wool. Then I did the stitchery on muslin with batting. After I did the stitchery, I attached it to the wool snowflake with a blanket stitch and then added a wool back and did a blanket stitch and now it is a mug rug. It is fun to make designs you like into new things and to experiment. I like the idea of doing this with just a snowflake shape and then appliqueing it onto a quilt or a runner.

Another project I tried is one that I found online at Create and Decorate. This was a fun and easy project, but I think I would rather use wool, to make a stiffer backing. Since I had to turn them and cut a slit in the back, I went with a simple penny and stitched snowflake to cover the sewed hole. I think using wool and making the back into a penny with a simple stitched design is a nice way to have a  double sided ornament. And they are small enough to make as a gift to add in a christmas card.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Christmas Punch Needle!

This week I received my issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects. One of the patterns was a rug design by Tonya of Mad Hen Primitives. I thought it would be fun to do as a punch needle and this is how mine came out. I kept some colors similar to hers and some of my own, since the original was done in rug wool.

I used some hand dyed floss for the green leaves and for the outer edge, I used scraps from my floss box to get a hit or miss look. I started out with 3 strands of floss for the design, then used 6 strands for the rest.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Christmas Pillows!

I have been working on gifts for Christmas and this time I made a couple of pillows.
The peace pillow is a design by Lisa Bongean. The kit was gifted to me by my friend Sharon, it was fun to work with a kit and not have to think about what to use.

The second pillow is a pattern by Nancy Conn and was a featured pattern in the new Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine. Tonight I am working on another pattern from the book, in a punch needle piece.

Then I refinished one last halloween pillow. I had it made and sewed it backwards and resewed it backwards the second time, this time I got it right, lol. The pattern is by Tiffany of Primitive Blessings.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Christmas or Halloween Block?

Sometimes I get carried away with staining and when I use the Java, I have to be more careful. The first time, it came out too dark, all over. So, I rinsed it out and redried it and this is what happened, a bit spooky for a nativity piece, lol. Guess I need to rinse it out more and add walnut this time, the black tends to pull in as it dries and leaves splotches, which is nice on some pieces, but not what I planned for this one;) As you can see, with java, which is a black stain, it leaves green marks too, which gives it a more aged look. Would like to leave the dark on the rest, but try and get rid of the skeleton marks, which happened totally by accident.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Bible Block

I wanted to make something creative and different, so I tried a block from one of Harriet Powers bible quilts. I kept some of the colors similar and added my own ideas to make it brighter, since this is the nativity scene and I will use it as a christmas piece. I want to add a saying to go with it, so I have to decide how I want to do it, then I plan on antiquing it heavily so it will look old and not so bright. Not the best photo, the flash makes it look like it is all standing out and really emphasizes my bad stitching, lol.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bad kitty and pumpkin tree!

Today while I was sewing, I heard a strange noise and went to look. This is what I found, someone was a very bad kitty. There was a mocking bird sitting on the porch rail and I think he was on the porch and Moki made a lunge for him, ugh. The funny thing is, Moki was just sitting there staring at the hole, he had no intentions of going outside.

I found this black tree at Jo anns, for a couple of dollars so couldn't resist. Today I decided I needed to make something to put on it, so this is what I came up with. I made funny faces to look like vintage pumpkins and used a green yarn for the stem hanger. Then I got tired of making those, so thought a few leaves would be easier to fill up more area. I took a photo here, since it has more light. I put it on my furkin with an old lace doily. The eyes are mini buttons that you can get in the craft stores.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Reindeers Finished!

I finally finished my reindeer piece. I added the word joy, but couldn't picture adding more words, so I went with snowflakes. Not really what I planned, but it will have to be good enough. I tend to make things and if I don't like them, that's life, I hate redoing things;) I think this would be fun to do in a smaller piece with wools or as a punch needle too. Maybe I will give this one to my daughter. I took a night photo, so kept it cropped so you could see the details better. The right side is the same and there is a darker red border on the sides. I didn't realize the other red was more pink but I actually like the shade with the yellowed homespun and blacks. If  you like the design, you can get it from Jan Patek Quilts.

Tomorrow I will try and do an outdoor shot and see if I can get true colors.

I wanted to try a video of the kitties and Izzy was in a playful mood. I thought I might be able to take video and use one of the frames as a photo, but they were all fuzzy, so need to figure that one out. Izzy is a jumper and will go to any length to catch things. It is hard to throw and shoot, so I will have to try cat nip next time;)

As you can see at the end, she stays away from Moki, who sits and gives her the look, he likes to intimidate her. Now that Dora is not harassing him, he has taken that position in the house.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Reindeer Progress!

I did some more work on my reindeers. I added the birds and used buttons for eyes.
I decided to make collars on the reindeer and used rusty bells for a fun touch. I added buttons on the tree and still not happy with my tree, so will have to think about that. The next step is to add the border, I am just going with the border on mine, not the stars on the top. Then the batting and some black outline stitch and maybe a christmas greeting around the tree area. The pattern is by Jan Patek.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Projects and Winner!

I decided to hang my fabric on the line, I didn't bother washing it, it smells fine, lol.
Plus when I use it in a prim project, it will probably end up getting stained again.
By letting the sun pull the dye into the fabric, I got some nice dark spots, a few areas of green from the black dye and an overall aged look. If you are looking for a true antique look, this is it. Most antiques are aged by weather and water and this is what happens;)

I plan on using some in a jean quilt, so the lighter is good for that and some will go as backings or wool applique backing.

I am also working on a Christmas project. This is a design by Jan Patek. Next I need to add the birds and then decide what extra touches I might add. I was thinking some words and maybe some rusty bells on a few antlers. I really wish I could figure out my lighting better to get the true prim look of my fabrics. Even if I take it outside, I can't get the true look, outside my photos tend to go blue, inside they go red or yellow. Eventually I will read my camera book and figure it out;)

And now onto the giveaway winner. In case you are ever wondering, I do use the random generator to pick a name, I never pick one myself. I have entered contests where I would swear that the person gives to people they know;) So, when I picked tonight's number, I was surprised when I went to look to see who number 10 was. It is Corrine of Quilt Taffy, the wonderful lady who I just won from. But I plan on having more giveaways in the future and some more freebies, finally getting back into the swing of things and getting more organized. So, Congratulations to Corrine! Pick out any pattern from my ecrater site and send me an email with your choice.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Walking and Dying in the Sun!

Yes, I had to enjoy one more day out in this beautiful weather. It was warm again, but at least the breezes kept me cooler this time.

I hope you enjoy my walk at Rome Point. It is a wonderful area to walk, trails in the woods and walks on the beaches and coves, so a lot of scenic variety.

Low tide is a great time to go clamming.

The coves are beautiful this time of year and the seagulls were all enjoying a swim in the inlets.

This guy was enjoying a walk on the rocky shores, looking for clams to open. I think he was hoping we would toss him a snack.

Enjoy a short sail on the bay with me.
If you click on the utube icon, you can get a larger version.

I had some extra java solution, so I left it in a pan on the porch. The sun is evaporating the liquids which draws the colors into the cloth. Hopefully it will also set, well enough to stay on when I wash it.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Day at the Lighthouse!

Today I was tired, from  yesterday, so a good day to rest. So, I went shopping and got some needed supplies with my coupons. Then I came home and it was way to nice to sit in the house, so I decided it would be a nice day for a drive to Jamestown, and visit the Beavertail Lighthouse.

It was really hot today and even on the ocean the sun was beating down on us, but it was too beautiful out, not to enjoy a walk around the cliffs.
This is the Narragansett bay side, the land across the bay is the area where I grew up. 

The opposite side of the point, faces Newport. As  you can see, a lot of boats were out today and a lot needing help. The barge is being pushed by a tug and the boater had engine trouble, so they were getting ready to be towed by the boaters version of triple A.

An empty canvas

A painted painter

On the road back there is another area called Fort Getty. From this point you can see Dutch Island and the Light House. Another beautiful day and lots of walking and too much heat and beating myself to death again, but it was worth it;)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fabric and Fall Fun and Giveaway!

Last week I won some wonderful fabric from Corrie at Quilt Taffy. Corrie has a wonderful ebay store and a place I have gotten my special issues of Quiltmania from. She has wonderful sales, so worth keeping in your favorites and she is always having a giveaway, so make sure you visit and sign up for her blog.

I stole this photo from her site, since it has a better view of all the fabrics. I can't wait to use them, they have a wonderful vintage look to the shades and I am trying to decide what I can make with them. I would like to make something for my kids, they both work at jobs working with computers, so thinking if I can come up with something that would be good for a guy and a girl that they might be able to use at work or something fun at home. Give me some suggestions or links to free patterns that I could use them on and I will pick a name from all of the comments on tuesday night, for a free epattern.

The shades look lighter here, but they have a muted vintage look in person.

Today was a beautiful day and I got the bright idea to go for a trail walk, to the falls. We started from the middle area this time, for a shorter walk, which took us a long the old road and then onto the trail area.

My body was not being agreeable and my bones got really stiff, but I kept going, I am a glutton for punishment, lol. But it was worth it, to get to the falls and we took a break and had a snack and rested.

Great place to sit and this is the view of the area, from the opposite side.

We walked along this side to the bridge, which crosses back to the main trail. There are a lot of bridges crossing along the path, since there are a few small creeks that run down the hills, especially when it rains heavily. Coming back was a little easier, I guess I got my second wind finally. Tomorrow will be another hot and beautiful day, maybe a good day for an ocean walk.

And if you would like to go for short walk with us, here is a video I tried with my new pocket camera.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Last but not Least!

I received my final prize for the PAFA giveaway and as with all of my prizes, it is wonderful and more than I expected. I thought it was a door hanger, this is huge so I had to give it a special place with my fall display. This wonderful burlap display was made by Tammy of A Primitive Place. I like the fact that it is large enough to go on my large bureau, but can be hung on a door too. You can visit Tammy at her website too, she has a lot of wonderful prims and antiques for sale, if you are looking for something new for you or as a gift for a friend.

Now all I need is for the leaves to turn on my neighbors tree and I have a perfect view for fall;)

Monday, October 3, 2011

New Fall items!

I received another of my wonderful gifts from the PAFA giveaway. This one was a scarecrow by Laura of Cave Creek Primitives. He is so wonderful, I just love it, she did such a beautiful job on all of the wonderful details. You should also check out her Etsy Store, she has a lot of unique prims at great prices.

I had a burlap piece on the wall, where I placed him and he needed something to fit the season. So, I made a new piece for fall. It is a design by Terri Dogenkolb, of Whimsicals, from her Pumpkin and Spices book. The original was an oval pillow shape, so I added some extra leaves and acorns to fit into a rectangle.

I love how it looks together and the picture does not do, either, any justice, so much better in person. I had to lighten it up a bit, and it took away from the tea stained wools, and left the rest a bit dark.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A day with the Kids!

Today we went shopping for health food, I have a special diet so I go there for some things and got some cats claw to try, heard it is good for lyme and heals a million other things, so we shall see;)

My son and DIL came by, so we took them on our walk with us. It was a bit muddy but still a perfect day for walking. It was nice to relax and enjoy having the kids over for dinner and just talking. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I worked on a fall piece and hoping I can finish it tomorrow.