Friday, January 31, 2020

Friday Finish!

This week I worked on a table runner. I am trying to use things that have been lying around and finishing other projects and this was a perfect project to use blocks and have something for my side table.

The blocks were gifted to me by a friend but a bit large for the table size, so I cut them in half and then arranged them into a windmill pattern. I usually go with smaller blocks but I also wanted to get it done so I could use it, so they are still a bit larger than I like, but it looks nice on the table.

I machine stitched the blocks and hand stitched it afterwards. I got the penny idea, because the blocks had been sew and recut, so they centers were a bit stiff and bumpy. The pennies cover that area and I was able to stitch around the bumps, instead of going through them. I did the quilting with just the batting and added a wool felt backing, afterwards.

I tried photos of it, in different areas, but it seems the light in my house is horrid and with larger pieces, it is hard to place it so I can get better lighting. I put it in this area so I could shoot at a better angle, so it is a bit smooshed at the ends, to fit the area.

Last weekend the weather wasn't the greatest, but we got out and enjoyed some exploring. On Saturday we drove up state and visited a few ponds, but no eagles. We enjoyed seeing some new areas and getting out for a bit, after the rain.

On Sunday, we visited Connecticut and started in a new area and came down river. No eagles and the roads on the map were not back roads, but dead ends, so we lost a lot of time, turning around and starting over. We did find a few new graveyards and I got glimpses of the sunset, as we headed home.

It is funny how we look all over for eagles and as we are driving down the road, there is a red tail hawk, sitting on a telephone wire. He was not happy that we stopped in front of him and flew off into the bush, but I was able to find him in the bush and get a shot before he took off again.

Tomorrow we get a new tv, the beauty of having a protection plan, they are well worth it. Sunday will be our day to get out, and I found some new graveyards along the river, so we can look for eagles and see some unique stones. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Friday Finish!

This week I made a few smalls and worked on finishing my pillows, which I am still working on, and I started a table runner, something simple from scrap blocks and hand stitching.

A friend sent me a belated gift box with lots of goodies and some patterns. I decided to make the scissor case, since I need one. The design is by Rebekah Smith and I added a few of my own touches.

The second is a pillow I made from an old block, I had laying around. It was a freebie from the Facebook group, Little Red Hen's Wooly Mysteries. She offers a monthly freebie throughout the. year, so a fun group to join. Last year it was cat blocks to make a quilt, this year they are smalls.

We have had a few adventures, and enjoying the outdoors. Last weekend we went to the ocean and visited the lighthouse. It is under repair so I couldn't get good shots of it, but we enjoyed the views and watched the kite surfers.

Today we got out with Alex, he had the day off from school. We took him to the submarine museum where they have rooms for kids to play with the mock circuit boards and he loved going in the submarine with the interactive radio they gave him. Like all boys, he had to try out everything in the museum.

Another surprise I got this week was when I opened one of my husband's packages. When I saw what was in it, I knew it was for me, an early Valentines gift, a 400 zoom lens. It is definitely on the heavy side but I can brace it, to keep from moving when I take photos.

These were my first, backyard birds, love how it blurs the background.

Today I captured some birds on the pond, but the Herons were further away and the sun made it hard to get a clearer shot.

And we spent time at the point, watching the ferries and letting Alex explore the grounds. It was a fun day, but always tiring, trying to keep up with him. A view of the haunted lighthouse, college students using the sailboats today and a view of New London, across the Thames River.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We are expecting rain tomorrow, so hopefully I can get out Sunday and practice with my new lens.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Friday Finish!

This week I finished one small project and about to finish a few more projects. I always like to have one small to do during the week and found a small simple one. A friend sent me a box of goodies last year and I had forgotten that it had kits in it, so I decided to make the little heart pin cushion.

After I made it, I decided to turn it into a lavender sachet, I really do need a lot of those. I am putting one in every box of supplies and also drawers, as well as books, the lavender keeps the musty smell away and it seems to keep the moths away, as well.

Nothing fancy, but fun and relaxing to make.

I also finished the second snowman pillow top. I was all ready to finish them, I added a border, then I noticed how crooked they were. So now I am trying to figure out if I need to redo the outer stitching, or cut more of the main piece, to follow the lines better. I am not sure if the lines are straight on any part, so I may just redo the bottom stitching and leave it as is, what do you think? I am waiting for my brain to work better, before I redo it.

We also got out last weekend, visited some new places, but no eagles. But, I did hit the jackpot with cemeteries, two old ones with a lot of unique stones, so I may just do a booklet and add some sayings and local folklore. I really got a good workout, between hiking and walking up and down hills, along with deep knee bends for better photos. It took a few days for my legs to recover, lol.

We also stopped at local waterfalls,  I love trying the Bulb feature to slow down the water's motion. I don't use a tripod, so I can only do a quick burst, but I was pleased with how this one came out. And if you notice the rocky outcropping, it reminds me of a dog with a stick in it's mouth.

And today I got a nice surprise, a belated Christmas box from my friend. She sent me some fun nautical decorations and made me this wonderful cross stitch piece. I always treasure the things my friends make me.

It looks like a storm is heading our way, so we may not get out as much, but I have been reorganizing and cleaning and today I made a lot of progress, so I can finally move my furniture around in my sewing room, to make it more functional. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and stay safe if you are in the storm's path.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Friday Finishes!

This week I worked on Three pieces, two I finished. I made another snowman pillow, but I will add the borders and finish them, and show them next week. Today I was too lazy to sit at the machine or think too much.

On the Facebook group, Quilts by Cheri, they are having a challenge contest with two designs, that we could do. I decided to go with the bee piece, I like the look and I was able to reduce it, to make a little lavender, sachet pillow.

I added some touches of color, but I got impatient and added the black marker before the yellow dried, so it ran a bit on the bee.

Another design is by Kathy Schmitz for her One Stitch Club. I enjoy getting one each month, something to look forward to. This one was reduced, as well and I colored this one with colored pencil. It is not as permanent as the markers, but I don't plan on washing it.

Tomorrow we have a warm weekend, so I plan on getting out and trying some new places in the hunt for eagles. Someday I will find them, lol. The fun is in exploring and trying new places. This area  is at a fish hatchery with walks along the river. I was hoping to take the boys, but they are still fighting off the flu. For me, getting out and getting fresh air is the best medicine.

Last weekend we never found any eagles, but enjoyed exploring and I finally stopped at a cemetery, that we pass all the time. From the road I didn't see much, but so glad I went in and found some wonderful old stones. Most of the stones were worn and broken, which is a shame, they did have some nice angel carvings, so I was able to find a few new ideas for future designs.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Friday (Almost) Finish!

It seems the holidays took up a lot of time with cooking and cleaning and spending time with the boys, but it was all worth it. I worked on several projects that are larger, so they are still in the works.

One project I was eager to try and finish was a pattern by Kathy Schmitz. She had a sale, so I treated myself to a pattern I had my eyes on. This one was so fun to do, that I am making another in a different color scheme.

I used Dmc blue for this one and for a pop of color, I used the new DMC sparkle thread. It comes in different colors and shades, so I know I will be trying it with my punched pieces too. I went when they had a big coupon sale and got a supply to try out, it does look better in person, so hopefully when I make it into a pillow, it will show up better.

We did a lot of drives and explored some old places and some new places. I took this photo from the middle of the bridge. The river runs through a good portion of Rhode Island and ends at the ocean. It is a dividing line for Rhode Island and Connecticut, so I am in two states at the same time.

We enjoyed some. walks through some old cemeteries. This one had some beautiful old stones and lots of history with the founding families of Wakefield.

I also wanted to see a waterfall at a dam in the upper half of RI. Sadly, it is also a reservoir, so the signs said no trespassing, but. you could park and view from the top or take a walk on the old road, that goes along the pond. Too cold that day, but we will go back for a walk with Bean.

I noticed a road on the other side, so we tried that and I was able to get a partial view of the falls. As you can see, the guy in the white truck is there to patrol the area.

The fun thing about old back roads is, you never know what you will find. There were three old cemeteries, overlooking the pond.

This day we were on the hunt for eagles, but not one sighting. Later I saw that there is an area below where we went, that is also a hatchery, so a place to take the boys. But, I found a wonderful old cemetery with some unique stones, for future patterns. This is a portion of the cemetery, which was on a river, so a nice walk to end the day.

At home I have been relaxing and catching up with the house. I love watching the birds in the winter and it is easier to spot them with the bare trees. I noticed this guy sitting in my neighbor's yard and was lucky enough to get closer for a better shot. It is a red shouldered Hawk.

I hope the New Year brings many blessings to you all.