Friday, April 28, 2023

Working on Friday!

 I am still working on my summer quilt and making good progress. I did outline stitching around the sailors and will decide if I want to go around more, after I finish the other sections. I am also thinking it would be fun to, put little ties at their necks and a couple of buttons on the shirt, since it will be a wall hanging.

It has been a rough week, I lost my friend after a long battle. She was a dear friend and I will miss her. I was able to get out for a hike on Sunday, a good way for me to reflect and find my inner peace. 

We walked on a new path which was nice, but I did have to remove a few ticks that tried to crawl up my pants. I guess I need to stay off paths that have too much brush. It is land that had a few homesteads, so we found a lot of remnants of homes and the people who lived here.

It also had a few streams and a hike up a rock for a view of the surrounding area.

We also went back to the refuge that we took the boys too. This time we hiked the entire trail and a side trail. A beautiful place to walk that is close by.

Today we went to another bird sanctuary. This time it was teaming with birds and wildlife, so I was able to get a few shots of the birds.

We also met up with some critters, as well as more birds.

One of the older nests was being occupied by the female, while the male watched over things in a nearby tree. 

Here is a close up of the male. 

I also wanted to have something to remember my friend by, and her favorite color is purple. I saw this lilac bush and it was perfect. It was a nice way for me to process my pain, the day I heard and something I can watch bloom every spring.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We have rain coming in so maybe some shopping and relaxing with my project. 

Friday, April 21, 2023

Working on Friday!


This week has been busy with walks and bird watching, but I managed to start a new project. I got an appliqué top from a friend, with a nautical theme and I wanted to work on that now, so I can have it for the summer.

The piece is square, so I decided to leave it as is and do some fun quilting. It will make a nice wall hanging. I got the design from a book I have, then I had to freehand it onto the quilt, since I didn't have any transfer pencils. Not bad, a little wonky, but I don't mind. I started with a blue marker to fit it in, then used the white chalk pencil to redo a few parts to even it out. I am working with white pearl cotton so the designs stand out. 

Last weekend we tried a new hike. It was a beautiful area with lots of hills, but it was warm and buggy, so we only did 4 miles. I will go back to hike more of the trails in this area. It is old farm area, so a lot of cellar holes and I spotted some old cars near an old foundation.

We followed a few streams which was nice, since those areas were cooler. Lots of birds in the area, but they were all hiding in the tall trees.

Another day we went for a ride, to find Osprey nests. I found a lot of nests but here are a few unique ones. This guy was nesting on a light pole and moved over to this one when I got too close. 

I found this pair in someones chimney. I guess they won't be using it, this year.

We made a stop at the beach and I got a wonderful surprise, when I spotted this guy, laying on the beach. It is a Northern Gannet, which live in areas like Newfoundland. Not sure if he was lost of making a stop on his way home, but I thought he was hurt since he could barely walk. I found out later that, they do not do well on land. They stay in the water and only go on rocky cliffs to nest, so once he went to the water, he seemed fine.

We also spotted some Sanderlings. They are fun to watch, running in and out of the water.

And this gull was funny. He got a crab, a live one. He found out the hard way, the crab did not like being eaten.

In the marsh, I spotted this Snowy Egret.

During the week, we went for a hike to see the seals before they leave. It seems the point is always windy, so hard to hold steal for shots.

This seagull was making faces for me.

On the way out, we spotted a family of deer. There were five in all, and this one posed for me. I hope you all had a good week and enjoy your weekend. We have one decent day and then rain, so hiking day and rest day for me.

Friday, April 14, 2023

Friday Finish!


This week I finally made the time to finish my daughter's quilt. I was working on it for her 30th birthday but we lost her five days before. Over the years I have wanted to finish it, but didn't have the heart, but this year, was the year.

It felt good to finish it and I am thinking we will use it as a family quilt for now. It was a pain to put together, since I used a cutter to make the blocks. I would rather cut the fringe, after piecing. Having them cut before, just got in my way. I had planned on adding another row of denim for the outer edges, since she had a queen bed, but it doesn't have to be that big now, so I left it as is.

We have been getting out more with the nicer weather. We had a nice Easter with the kids, the boys checking out their finds from the hunt.

The next day we picked them up to go fishing. They loved their new poles and I realized I miss fishing, so I got a license, now I need to get a new pole. 

We enjoyed time at the beach, and I spotted this shy gull.

And they are all nesting on the big rock in the bay, all the Cormorants stay on the same rock.

We spotted the Ospreys in the cove, along with two Oystercatchers, a first time I have seen them inland.

In the nearby farm, a lot of birds were gathered in the fields. The Glossy Ibis and Killdeers were wonderful to see.

Today we went back to the beaches. It was really hot the last two days and now there are fires going up in the woods, so it was nice to get away from the smoke.

I got to enjoy watching this new pair, doing their mating dance and showing off.

And the final act, I hope they have a successful year and I get to see their young.

I want to thank you all for your prayers. Cyndi is still in ICU, but she has improved and we are all hoping she keeps fighting. I hope you all enjoy your weekend.

Friday, April 7, 2023

It's Friday


Yes, it's Friday and I never got the things I started, finished. It's been a busy week and a tough week. A good friend has been in the hospital and it has been touch and go and today it looks like another turn for the worse, so she may not make it.

I know quite a few of you know Cyndi Lott from our groups, so if anyone needs prayers and a miracle, it is Cyndi. My heart is breaking for her and her husband, who is beside himself and has no support from family.

Our weather is getting nicer, which is nice, since I can get out and clear my head and get some exercise. We were able to take a hike to the Heron heronry. It is very swampy and overgrown, so hard to get a good clear shot without standing in precarious areas, between trees. But I got a few good shots.

This pair was building their nest.

And doing a little love dance.

And this is where they were at, quite a distance and a lot of nests. There are still quite a few empty ones, so more will be coming in, to nest there.

Another day we took a walk at a local park. The river was running full and fast, so it was nice to hear it as we walked along the path.

Today we took the boys out. Fishing season starts tomorrow, so we got them new pools. After lunch we took them to the playground and on the way home we stopped for a hike at a bird sanctuary. 

It was nice getting out with the boys, always brings me joy and lifts my heavy heart. Sometimes we need some joy to help us get through the tougher times in life. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter.