Friday, October 27, 2023

Working on Friday!


This week I am working on three projects. I am working on a wool project but wanted to start my new stitchery, so I can work on that too. Then I had another that I realized is on a disk. It was actually a machine stitchery, but nothing on the package said that. So, I got my son's player and was able to print it out. Since it is a halloween piece, I am working as fast as I can, to get it done by halloween.

This is the new Christmas stitchery that I am working on. It is by Bird Brain Designs. It is a long one, so it will take me awhile.

We were able to get out and enjoy some foliage last week. We took a ride to the quilt shop, where I got some new Christmas fat quarters to go with other fabric I have and some bargain patterns. Then we made a few stops to enjoy the foliage, and a stop to pick a big bag of apples.

Today we got to enjoy some time at the beach. We are having some warm weather but the clouds were taking over at the island. A view of the lighthouse with some foliage along the back shoreline.

A view of the inner cove. The tide was really low today. Lots of foliage in our area, and hopefully we can get out and enjoy a ride tomorrow to see more, before it is gone. I hope you all have a nice weekend and can enjoy getting out.

Friday, October 20, 2023

Friday Finish!


It's been a busy week with projects and running around, exploring areas with foliage. This week I saw something I had to try, a ghost quilt. It is based on a book for kids and I saw the idea in a quilt group. I cut up 5 1/2" squares and did 8 rows. The one I saw had 10 blocks and a 4" border in hers. I just sat the eyes on, I still need to sew them on and reshape them. I don't have a good base to set it on, so I will go out tomorrow to see if I can find something. 

I also saw something in a store we went to and I tried my own version. It didn't quite work out the way I wanted, mine is just a wrapped mini cat I had. I used cheesecloth on mine.

Last weekend we went to Woodstock Connecticut. We enjoyed the ride and stopped at some of our favorite shops. We even stumbled onto a craft and art fair, but I didn't see anything that interested me.

On Sunday we picked up the kids and took them to Stepping stone falls, my favorite place. The boys had fun on the hike and exploring the falls.

Bill took a few days off, but with impending rain, we decided not to go traveling. We went to the north end of the state and stopped at a reservoir to check out the views. The colors are still coming in. The church was in the town, we stopped in.

Next we stopped in a town called Chepatchet. It is a wonderful old town with lots of shops, prims and antiques. They had a scarecrow contest so we had fun walking down the sidewalks to see them.

Really creative ones and lots of creepy ones.

The upper middle photo was called, death by chocolate, it won first place.

Today we had impending rain, so we stayed close to home and visited a park in the next town. It it is a large park with grassy areas, and shaded picnic areas.

They also have a nice beach and lots of trails to walk on. 

I had to take my new camera in for repair, so I grabbed my other zoom to use. But, after seeing how bad the pictures were, I realized I took the wrong one, it was the old one that I had dropped, so the shots were not as good as I would have liked, so no good zooms. I was able to catch these ducks, hiding under the trees in the pond with my regular lens. 

Tomorrow more rain, so a good day to get things done. We have the church bazaar next week, so a good time to clean out a few things. I hope everyone had a good week and enjoyed following along with me.

Friday, October 13, 2023

Friday Finish!


I finally finished my Santa hanging. It is a design by Cheri Saffiote. The fabric I used is very dark, so I used lighter floss so it would stand out. I decided to add a few touches of color with the pencils to make those areas show up better. Then I used glitter floss for the x's, to give it a vintage pop.

Last weekend we went to the Seaport with the kids. They had a folk art music festival going on, so as we walked around, we got to listen to various types, at the different stages. They also had ethnic food booths, so the older kids enjoyed that, the boys had their usual chicken fingers. 

Of course Alex had to pose on all the anchors.

The next day we went back to Mystic with Nick. Poor Alex was worn out from all the walking, the previous day. It was nice to have Nick by himself so he could have more attention. We took him to the village to enjoy the displays and let him pick out some fun candy and T'shirts for him and Alex.

This was one of the strange ones.

The reason for the return was to go back to the seaport, for Indigenous people's day. They had the Eastern Medicine Singers do traditional songs and drumming. It was really wonderful music and a nice way to relax and enjoy the rest of the day.

We also spent some time at the beach, which is always Bean's favorite. Even Bean found something on the beach, he loves that ball and had to bring it home.

Today we went to the local orchard and got a bag of apples. There trees are smaller, but full of apples and I think they are much better tasting then the other orchard. After we went to the beach and found a few fun items I can use in doing art pieces and always nice to get a good walk in, in the fresh air.

Tomorrow we are planning on going hiking with the kids, to the waterfall, so hopefully all goes well. It is cooler, so there shouldn't be any bugs out. Then rain again, so hopefully not a wash out on Sunday. I hope every is doing well and enjoys the coming week.

Friday, October 6, 2023

In the works!


I am still working on my stitchery. It has a lot of stitching and some things I am thinking on, as I go. The background fabric is coffee stained color from Moda, so a bit darker than I usually do. I am using brighter threads so they show up and adding detail inside so it stands out. A bit more to do and then a christmas fabric for the border. It is another design by Cheri Saffiote. I don't like how the stitches in the mustache look, so I will redo that and I may add some glitter, red knots in the center of his robe squares.

Last weekend we took a ride around a section of Connecticut. Our first stop was the waterfall in Putnam. I never get tired of walking along the river and listening to the roar of the falls.

Our next stop was Goodwin forest, we stopped for a little walk and a view of the pond. A bit of color coming in.

Then we headed over to Diana's pool. It was a bit wet, so the falls weren't as stepped, as they usually are. After that we headed down to Mansfield to see the dam, always beautiful views.

Bill had a day off this week, so we headed to Newport. We enjoyed a walk along the cliff walk. This photo cracked me up when I realized there was a little man, sticking out of the pack.

After that, we went to the bird sanctuary and took another walk. Always a beautiful walk with views of the ocean and I was able to get a decent shot of the lighthouse across the bay.

At the cliff walk, a friendly Catbird was chatting at me and at the sanctuary, I spotted my first Black and White Warbler.

At home, my winter visitors are coming back. I hope everyone enjoyed their week and have a nice holiday weekend. As usual we have a rainy Saturday, but we will have two nice days, so I can't complain.