Saturday, November 30, 2013

Giveaway Winner and Suggestions Please!

First I will get right to the winner of the birthday giveaway. Thank you all for your wonderful comments and Birthday wishes. My birthday was on November 21'st and I had the baby all day, so I celebrated on Thanksgiving instead. I made stuffing, then let my husband cook and my daughter vacuumed and I sat in my sewing room and caught up on some projects.

I wish everyone could be winners and I wanted to do a freebie, but it seems time slips by lately and I have one week to get all the gifts ready and cards out, ugh.

I used the random generator and the lucky winner is #11, Jennifer768. Congratulations Jennifer, please send me your address so I can get your package ready to ship out this week. I will add some patterns and goodies to surprise you;)

I do have a lot of stash and plan on doing some cleaning so look for more giveaways in the coming year and I will do them by types of crafts so there will be something for everyone.

I have been working on a project for a swap and finally got it all together. It takes me a long time to think about what I want to do and then pick out the perfect fabrics and then change my mind and add new things, lol. I saw a photo and she had a raggedy doll, so hoping she likes this. My question is, should I just leave it alone or add more to the tree and pocket. This is a mug rug, a bit larger than I planned, so I guess it is a mat now. It looks more prim in person, I had to do a quick flash photo and the    wings are a speckled white. That I think needs some walnut to prim it up and maybe her stockings. I thought of adding bells on the tree, but it is to be used for tea and not sure if bumpy things are a good idea, lol. The pocket is for the silverware.

What do you think, is it ok as is? I still have to sew the binding to the back though. Not sure if you can see, but I did the applique in a black prim stitch. I forgot to outline stitch the tree, knew something was off;) Any suggestions are appreciated, my brain is getting off antibiotics, so I tend to be a bit daft.

The angle is a design by Cheri Saffiote, from one of her old books and the rest I just made up as I went along.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Tea Towel!

Last month I won a wonderful book from SewGalGirl. I was so happy to win since it has wonderful Christmas designs and I was able to use one is a quick way by making a tea towel.

The book I won is called Simple Christmas by Gail Pan Designs. There are designs for wall hangings, table toppers, a gift bag along with others. Enough to keep you busy with projects for yourself and gifts for next year.

Since I am short on time, I wanted to make something quick and this cute elf was perfect for a tea towel. The actual design is on a table topper, something I will make this year, for next Christmas. I modified it a bit to add more greenery, going across, and if you can see, he has a tiny, rustic, jingle bell on his hat. I also use wool for the star and added the word joy. I love patterns that I can make as is, or add my own little touches.

This is an outdoor photo, so the colors are true, but seems a bit light to me, much better in person.
I think it would be fun to do the basket in wool too. I might try the gift bag next, that would be fun to make and great to use for a present package.

Don't forget, the giveaway ends on Friday at midnight, so you still have a chance to enter. Make sure you visit This Posting and leave a comment to be entered.

And for all of you baby lovers. We got Nicholas a high chair on wheels so I can bring him into any room and he can sit and play while I do things. It is also nice to have since I started him on his first food, applesauce. He loves applesauce.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Christmas Giveaway!

I went through my box of goodies and here is the prize package that I picked out. I hope that you like it.
I wanted to keep the theme similar with the pillow and candle mat and you will also receive two balsam filled, mini pillows.

As an added bonus, I am letting you decide what you want me to add. I have lots of patterns that I no longer use. So, let me know as your entry, what type of item or item you would love to win. Quilting? Piecing or appliqué? Wool appliqué? Punch needle, rug hooking, cross stitch or embroidery? Or something I haven't mentioned, just give me a second choice in case it is an item I don't have.

The giveaway ends at 12 am, Friday the 29th. I will announce the winner on Saturday, so I can get your package out monday morning. I am sorry, but this has to be for US followers only. "To be entered, you must state what crafts you like to do, or you cannot be entered, this is my indication that you are entering the contest." 

This is for followers only, please do not follow just to enter the contest, but if you have found my blog and like what you see, you are welcome to be a new follower. I am hoping to have more quilting done in the new year and time to work on new designs and freebies. Hopefully I will have a few free christmas doodles in the coming weeks.

Yes, it was my birthday, it is over now, lol. I was fighting off the flu with the new meds and today I felt better and was able to catch up around the house. Baby Nick was here all day but my daughter helped when he was awake and I think he was sick too, since he slept the rest of the time.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Finishes and Winner Announced!

First I want to send my prayers and blessings to all those who were in the storm's path.

I finished my pillows today, I was running around all weekend, shopping for fun things to keep the baby entertained. Tonight my son called me on face time and Nicholas was laughing and trying to grab the pad, warms my heart that he is finally seeing me as someone who makes him happy:)

I am better, not great, but not any worse. I did go for xrays, nothing broken, he said it was tendonitis but had no idea what to do. I go to my doc this week, so he can help me out, I hope. I was able to do a lot more today, house is all clean so I can spend the day playing with Nicholas. He comes later, so that will be easier on me.

These pillows were waiting to be sewed and stuffed. I used batting since they are gifts for friends that they can use anytime, so I didn't want to scent them. Sometimes I dab a pillow with cinnamon so the packaged items smell good when they open it.

The angels are designs by Primitive Blessings. The nativity is an old design and I modified it a bit, meant to put a star on it, guess I will do that tomorrow. The two little pillows in front are stuffed with balsam. I wanted to have something that I could make up quick to hand out or add to packages, and I finally found a nice pine design to use. This way they can add it a bowl, place it in a tree, or wherever they want a scent. I made them 4", so small in size, but more in scent.

Mary is on the left, I messed up and cut out the wrong colors for the outfits, she should be in blue, lol.

These ornies are a design by Whimsicals. I have had the book for years and I finally got around to making some. I used marvy markers on two and pitt artist ink markers on the others, but I forgot what, was what, duh. They both worked, they did not run after heat setting, but you do have to be careful when you color in the letters and start away from the line so it doesn't soak out too far. I did the outline stitching after I colored and dried them. The ink doesn't need to be set, but I do it as an added precaution. Of course I soaked them in walnut to grunge them up. The jute is something new at Jo anns, Martha Stewart colored jute, it is a nice dark olive.

And now for the winner. Thank you all for playing along with me, I truly enjoy everyones company since I am stuck home most of the time, I feel blessed to have friends around the world. The winner of a free Epattern or booklet, is Annie of Scrappalachia. Annie, pick any pattern you would like and email me with your choice. Don't forget, Friday is Giveaway day, I will be showing the goodies I will be sending and more about the giveaway.

Speaking of giveaways, the generous folks at Sauder's Fabrics, are giving away a beautiful Featherweight, be sure to visit their Blog.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Thank God its Friday Giveaway!

I haven't said that in decades, lol. Never thought I would say it again, but this has been a tough week. I am just getting over the flu, still hurting in some places and my sweet grandson seems to need constant attention or he screams.

I do have my natural instinct and experience, so I try to keep him on schedule for feeding and sleeping, but his mom still feeds on demand and he will be 6 months this month, is this normal? I am giving him what he needs since this is his first week being away so long, but I also need to find ways to keep him occupied so I can sit and relax once in a while. I bought a play chair, that lasts about 5 minutes, the rocking seat, doesn't work at all and I am reduced to walking around in circles with the stroller, lol.

So, that is all I did this week, watch the baby, rest and clean the next day..... until the week was over. To top it off, my son wanted me to take him with us so he could study tomorrow. Had to put my foot down on that one, it is our weekend, we shop and go for walks and it is the last nice weekend for now.

But, we do have our fun times and I found one way to keep him calm while I sit and relax, but that won't work, it is way too cold out now.

Another trick I used, was one I did with his dad. Big carrots are a great way to help with teething and keep them occupied. My son would sit for hours and suck on one, Nick was enjoying it at first, then the screaming started. This was during his happy moment.

And for the giveaway ........ Write a caption for this photo. I will draw a name from the entries and the winner will receive a free epattern. The contest is open until Sunday, November 17th. I will announce the winner on Monday and hopefully by then I will have my items finished off.

Next Friday will be my Bday giveaway, a package filled with goodies for one lucky winner. One item will be the extra snowman stitchery that I finished for the last contest. There will also be a couple of balsam filled items, so I will show them next week.

I would also like to know what you, my followers like, what types of items you would like to see in the box? I have lots of stash for all types of crafting, so give me an idea of what you would love to win? You can also do a search on my blog by using keywords, I do use a lot on each post, so if were looking for snowmen, type that in and they will pop up. I maybe have given it away or it may be in my goodie box, or I may have kept it and ready to pass it along.

Ok, here is the photo, have fun, make me laugh, I really do need one;)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veteran's Day!

I was raised with a military Dad. He retired before I was born, yes I was a late stage surprise;)
My Brothers both enlisted in the 60's, it was the thing to do then.

I am proud of both of them and this is my brother Richard, he is the oldest and he would send me a postcard from all of the different countries that he was in. I still have them, precious memories of a big brother who loved his little sister and went to serve his country and protect her.

Here he is standing in front of the Amangansett train station in 1964, heading for Greece.

My nephews also took on the proud tradition, as well. My Nephew Michael is still in active service and not only has he spent his time in active war zones, he has raised a wonderful family of his own.

I helped raise my nephew Phillip when he was little and my sister was on her own again. He was a sweet boy, very timid and not someone who I ever thought would enlist. He joined the military police and earned a degree in English, so he will be a teacher someday and be there for other kids. Here is is receiving the bronze star, last year. I am proud of my family for serving our country and thankful that they have come home safely.

My prayers for all the men and woman who serve and blessings that they will be protected by angels as they risk their lives to keep our country save.

And, on another note, this has not been a good month for me. I have been in a lot of pain and then sick, so trying to get rid of the rest of the flu and see what pains are left, lol. Since my fall, my elbow and arm are hurting and I find it hard to sew for long and I drop things a lot. So, I know I need to call my doc and see about getting X-rays. It means I will not be pushing myself and making as many gifts as I had wanted. I will be having a contest this month and I might be announcing it on friday, so stay tuned.

Today was my day off, nothing to do but rest and go for a nice ride to get out. Except, my DIL got a part time holiday job, so grandma is babysitting. Bill and Dani were home so they helped when I needed a break and we took him for a ride. As with all babies, he loves to ride in a car and he loves to go shopping, have never seen him smile so much, lol. The beach was too cool and windy to stay long, but it was a nice drive anyways.

Grandpa and Grandson time.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Finishes!

It was a slow week, but I did get a few things done. I did a search for designs using coloring pages as the add on and found some nice designs to try. I wanted to make round ornies with them, but then stuffed them too much, the balsam does weigh more than stuffing so I decided to keep them, as is and call them bowl fillers. I think they would be nice in a display with fake greenery to give the scent of fresh pine.

The candle was too light to see, so I colored in some yellow with fabric markers, and the flash made it look brighter, than it is. The birds were done on a white cloth and then I tea stained them. I think for the next ornies, I need to make a packet, filled with balsam to put into them.

I sewed these by machine, but I think I like the ones that I hand sewed and left a raw edge. Those I can just make a packet of scent, so will try that type next.

I also worked on my hexagon tree skirt and finally got it all together. Now I have to decide how to trim the edges. I wanted to quilt it, but I need to figure out how to do the edge. Add one on after I quilt it or add a ruffle and then quilt it, but not sure if that will work. Would love suggestions and comments on how you made your tree skirts.

It was raining and windy today, so no out door photos. The flash really messes with colors, but his one is brighter, not prim. I like brighter folk art for Christmas, as well as prim styles, mixed together.

And here is a close up of my piecing. I cut out the hexagons with a go cutter, then I mark the seams with a quarter inch ruler. Then I sew them by hand, matching the seam lines and the points, so I usually get nice joins but on occasion I get sloppy and there are a few creases, here and there;)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.