Friday, November 29, 2019

Friday Finish and Freebie!

This week I made another stocking from the stocking design I found at Cheri's facebook group. I used designs from her old books and added my own touches. Now I have one on each side of the skinny walls, that are on the big, useless opening in our kitchen. The wall will be coming down and we plan on putting in an island.

For now it is a great place to hang things. I hung it on a knob with better lighting, but I can never get a good shot of wool items.

Tuesday was a beautiful day and I wanted to get out. No crowds and Bean got to enjoy getting out too. This is how Bill looks for glass, I was digging too, lots of rocks with glass, hiding underneath.

And we found some nice pieces this time. I really need to organize what I have found lately and start making things. Winter is a great time to create, so hopefully I can get more done this year.

And for this week's freebie, a fun little star that I saw online and no idea who made it, but it did have a pattern. I redid it a bit and made the hat simpler, as well as changing the face. I like things I can make up quickly, since these are things I give away. I think it will definitely bring a smile, to the recipients face. Something fun to make and you can change it to suit your needs and change the expressions. I may do some with button eyes.

And here is the pattern, simple to make with felt or wool. You could even sew some with lighter fabrics. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Kate said...

Love those stars, Debbie, can't help but smile at them. :)

Karen said...

You have been cranking out those stockings. Are they for your decorating or gifts?

Susan said...

That stocking is great! I have several of her books, and I should use some of my wool instead of letting it sit around useless. I like the stars, because you HAVE to smile or even laugh when you see it. Thank you for the pattern.

Julie Fukuda said...

Yes, a great time to get creative... By now you must have enough glass for a big project too. Such cute stars and stocking.

Rugs and Pugs said...

That is quite a haul of beach glass!
It felt springlike in Ohio today when the sun was shining. Snow is in the forecast beginning at midnight. Welcome to Ohio :)

Play bazaar said...
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Larkrise garden girl said...

I love your sea glass!