Saturday, July 31, 2010

Freebie Cross Stitch!

I am still practicing with my pattern maker and making cross stitch pieces, so I thought I would try a small one for fun.
This is a piece that I adapted from an antique fraktur and made it into a needle case size.
I still need to make it into one, but I added a photo, so you can see what the pattern looks like stitched.
Enjoy the pattern and please make it for yourselves or as gifts, not for profit.

I made the pattern into a graphic and it prints out nicely. I left it with blocks, since it is a simple pattern and you can use any colors that you like. I made mine on 18 count and it is the perfect size for a needle book. This week I started a new punch needle piece and I got to the end of the main design and punched a hole right through the cloth:( So, no new punches this week, but I am restarting it and as soon as my joints stop aching, I will get to work again.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ghost Rider Hand Hooked Rug

I have not finished anything in the past few days, I have been fighting a bug or something, what else is new, lol.
I have been keeping busy, most need finishing and a couple are secret projects that I am working on for the magazine.
I decided to try selling my Ghost Rider again. This is a beautiful rug and I would love to see it go to a good home. My home is not good for rugs, my animals are terrors and I am always reworking them and this piece deserves better;)

This is my own original design, made from dyed and specialty wools, that I made just for this piece. The purple was the hardest color to get, it is much nicer in person. I had to dye it three times to get the right shade. I have it on ebay tonight if you are interested in owning one of my rugs. The rug measures 32" x24".

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Liberty Punch Needle

I guess the saying, better late than never, applies to this piece, lol.
I planned on finishing it before July, but I got distracted with other things.
Today I finally finished it off. It is a design from Primitive Blessings.
I did the hair in a higher height, to make it more funky.

I made this piece, because I needed something to match my other two pieces. The wall hanging and angel are both made from designs I got from Primitive Blessings. The wooden angel is something I carved and painted, years ago.

My husband is finally getting the wainscoting into the dining and living area. Once he is done, the wall things come down so we can patch up holes and repaint the upper halfs. Then I will redo my walls again;)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Antique Penny Rug

I saw an antique penny rug and loved it, so I had to make my own version.
My friend Kelley sent me some bagged pennies, so I used some of those along with mine.
I also cut into some to get a more primitive look.

I love how it came out and am thinking of making some more versions.
I will have it on ebay tomorrow night. I wasn't too pleased with the pictures, so hoping I can get some outdoor shots tomorrow.

I used black cotton ticking for the backing. The type I get is from a local store and it is the nice weight, so gives a bit of substance to the piece. I used walnut spray to antique it and this time, I stitched a name tag to the back.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Fabrics and Prizes

Last week I won a contest from Tak of Saltbox House Quilter.
Imi makes beautiful lace doilies and not only did I win that, but she sent me some beautiful fabric and a charm pack from Jan Patek's line, plus a pattern, I could use them in. Now that is a package that I loved opening and winning.

I also got down to my local quilt store that has the best prim fabric. I needed some black for my pineapple quilt, so I got two types to try out. When I laid them out, I liked the right side pattern, but looking at the photo, I am leaning towards the bottom.
This will be a border around the design, then additional squares and triangles go around that. What one do you like?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bye Bye Birdie

Today I went to look at the babies to see how they were doing and this is what I saw.
He was just sitting there, staring at me, the other baby was gone.

And like a dummy, I wanted to get closer and scared him into flying down.
So I thought maybe I should put him back up.

I went to grab him and noticed he had tiny bugs crawling all over him, lice? No way was I going to touch him and he didn't want to stick around, so he flew over to the fence and stayed there. I went out later and he was gone, so I think he found a good perch in the scrub trees. They have old nests in them and full of prickers, so good place for a guy who needs more time to learn to fly. While he was squawking at me, I had four robins buzz me, so guess they protect their own, lol.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Little Birdie

Look what I found under my porch today. We have a second story porch, so it is a perfect hideout for a nest.
I wonder what they must think though, when we are tromping around the porch.
The other baby is hiding.

As for braiding, here are some answers to your questions.
You can type in braid aid and find lots of places that sell them.
I got mine from whispering hills of Connecticut at a rug show.

If you want to learn, there are some nice books available, I got mine from the library.

I use a long doll needle to sew my rugs and for thread, I got crochet cotton in black. I try and go inbetween the braids, but sometimes I go into them, so I do not do it professionally, just my way;) The threads for braiding are expensive, so I get the nice crochet cotton at jo anns with a coupon.

For braiding, I use thrift wools. Men's jackets are a great place to look and if you hit them on discount days, you can get some good bargains.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rug and Stitcheries

I was asked for a closeup and I hope this helps. The wools I am using are a mix of coat weights and some lighter weights, so it doesn't have the solid bulk of a regular braided rug which would be done in coat weights. I would love to make on just in coat weight for my living room. The wools are denser and hold up a lot better to wear and tear. Using lighter weights tend to be too soft and you get crinkles, as you can see in the photo.

As to how I learned, I didn't. LOL
I looked at books and then I just wing it. I do use the new braid aids. I had an old pair and they were clunky and a pain, so I bought a new set and love how light they are and easy to use. My original ones I did by hand, I just folded the wool as I went, something you practice until you get the hang of it, but the braid aids are easier and easier on the hands. The outer edge is a golden brown, but the camera picked up more red, so it looks a lot brighter in the picture.

I also finished a piece that I made from an old grave stone design. I will put a border on it and maybe a date, will decide after I add a border. This piece will look a lot nicer when I antique it.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Braided Rug

Since I went the easy way and bought braided runners, I decided to take the wool I put together and make a rug for my living room. It is nothing fancy, just scrap wools that I wanted to use up and it will cover the floor until I make a better one. As you can see, Izzy had to test it, the minute I laid it down. I will keep going around until it covers the middle area of the room.

Since It was so beautiful out today, I enjoyed some cooler air on the porch. Of course I start to see things as the dusk settles in.
Do you see what I saw in the trees? Every time I go to Maine, I say I will see a moose and never do, so now I have one in my backyard;)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fraktur Couple Cross Stitch

I finally finished my newest piece, messed up and all;)
I am not sure if the date is off, or if it is from the bad angle, so need to count that out.
In the original, the lady is a bit higher, I missed a few stitches. So, her hand should be above the flower, not on it.

The backing is way too white for me, so I aged it with walnut spray. I need to decide how to frame it or something I can make it into. I also need to remember to press out the seam, before I age it;) I did want more of a spotted look, so I will spritz it and iron it out with a towel, that should do the trick.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nature's Beauty

With all of this heat we have been having, it is so nice to sit on the porch and enjoy the cooler breezes. I am always gifted with beautiful skies and tonight was filled with puffy columns of clouds.

We have a line of trees bordering our yard and the neighbors and even with zoom, I could not get a good close up of the birds.
So, I played with my filters and came up with a fun effect for my photo.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fall Punchneedles!

As some of you may have noticed, I have been doing a few of Tiffany's patterns, from her Primitive Blessings site. I also worked on a secret project, that I could not show until now. I made two punched pieces from Tiffany's patterns and they are featured in the newest issue of Mercantile Gatherings.

These pieces are perfect for fall and fun to do. The magazine is well worth getting, wonderful patterns and drawings, guest artists, homes and so much more. For the price of a pattern, you can get several patterns and home decorating ideas along with articles on how to do your own primitive decorating.

This piece is perfect for the beginner and the fall.

I just loved doing this kitty and I know you will too. If you are not interested in a magazine, both patterns are available on her website, Primitive Blessings.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cross Stitch Progress

I am still sweltering in this heat, but we have had a little relief with some cooler ocean breezes, hitting us from time to time.
I am still working on my stitchery, but getting there. As you can see, making the lady shorter, put her on top of the larger flower.
I have a border to fill in and some elements inside still. I always save the smaller elements and writing for last, to see how I may or may not want to do things.

I was playing with my camera and since I had photoshop open, I played with that too. Photoshop has a lot of wonderful filters and you can make your own artwork or designs for quilting by mixing filters up.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

God's Fireworks and more Stitching Done!

Tonight I noticed the sky was unually red, so I went out to take a look.
This is what I was greeted with, a blanket of reds covering my house.

As I looked around, I was treated to this beautiful image. It made me think, who needs fireworks.

But, my neighbors did have a firework show, which seems to be going on, still;)
I am not an expert on fireworks, but here are a few that came out ok. The larger ones with bright colors had too many extra spots on them.

A few fun Spinners and interesting designs.

This one reminds me of a school of luminescent jelly fish.

And, I did get a little more done on my new piece. I messed up as usual, I cannot even follow my own patterns, lol.
I missed five stitches going up on the lady, so she is a bit shorter than she should be. I still have a bit more to go, guess it is bigger than I had planned;) SInce it is based on a fraktur, I am trying to use colors that I use with my watercolors. I do think it would be nice to use variegated floss on this piece.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wool and Whimsey

I cleaned off the second shelf and was able to save more than half the wool. Most of the wool I chuck is not that good, too thin or bad for projects, so not worth saving. The rest is in boxes, so that is next. Some is cut jackets, needing dying and some is from projects I have done and thrown into the boxes.

There are some nice shades in this batch, I think it would be nice for some folk art wool applique mats and quilts.

My daughter is staying with me, while she looks for a new apartment. She likes to harass poor Dora, but Dora seems to put up with it, like a trooper. I never knew Dora would let me dress her up in silly things, hmmmm;)