Friday, March 31, 2023

Friday Finish!

 I hope everyone had a good week and was able to create and enjoy some good weather. I know so many areas are getting hit with tornados and snow still. We have rain and nice days, on and off, so I try to get out when I can and create when I can.

This week I am still working on my needle felting piece. It seems the easier a project, the harder it is for me. I decided to take a break and try some fun eggs to use at Easter. I just made two to try it, so I will make more so everyone has one to place their cup on. It is a fun and fast project and a great way to decorate the table.

Great way to use up scraps. You can find the free pattern here: American Quilting and Patchwork.

Being able to get out, has started to make me feel better. I enjoy being outside and the walking is helping to build up my strength. Last weekend we stopped at a preserve and enjoyed a walk and bird watching. There is also a farm to the side and I love to see the ponies.

We also stopped at the ocean and enjoyed watching the waves and spotted another nesting Osprey.


During the weekday, we went to another preserve and walked to the coast, and spotted a couple of seals on the rocks. The tide was higher, so we missed seeing more, since it was later in the day.

Another day we walked along the bike path and into the wooded area, to the bay. We spotted more birds and another Osprey heading back to the nest.

Today we went to the island for some beach combing, not much to find since the tide was coming back in. We did spot more Ospreys, this one was at the park we visit. Also, a couple of gulls sitting on the big rock, in the bay.

Near the park is a farm and another nest was being readied by its occupants. Another Osprey was trying to get into the nest so this one decided to sit it out, while the other two battled it out. I think one was trying to steal the sticks, maybe the one from the first nest. The first nest is usually huge, but the winds blew most of it away, so they have to rebuild.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend and get a chance to get out and explore. With everything that is going on in the world, finding peace in nature, is the best way to unwind and find a balance.

Friday, March 24, 2023

Friday Un-Finished

 This week went by too fast and I never got a chance to sit down and work on my newest project. It is a kit that I got to review and only got it started. Kits are fun since they are pre stamped and easy to do, so hopefully I can get some crafting time this weekend. The only bad thing is, I tend to go off on my own, so I did add a little of my own nicer roving, but mainly, I will stick to the original. It is a fun way to get started on painting with wool.

Last weekend we took a trip to Connecticut. We enjoyed visiting places along the river and even found a new trail that went along the river.

We took a few back roads and enjoyed a few waterfalls.

At the Connecticut river, we did see an eagle, though it was far away. Always a few types of birds who live along the waterways.

We also spotted some hawks along the way, one was just trying to rest when the crows decided to harass it.

The last thing we did was visit this fun gift and candy shop. Lots of old fashioned candies but ones Nick can't eat, he has braces now.

Another day we spent at the island, and enjoyed a new hiking trail near a farm, more hawks there. And a ride to the ocean to see the waves.

Of course we always have to walk along the beaches and find new treasures. I am also trying to find more smaller rocks to paint, love hiding them when we go hiking.

On the way back, we saw the Osprey pair is back in the cove. The others have yet to arrive.

Today we got to the beach before the rains come in tomorrow. We watched two boats, putting out the mooring buoys. Lots of boaters use moorings to save on costs of using the marina. We also found some nice colors today.

And of course, the shorebirds were out, enjoying the low tides, and we spotted another hawk. I hope you all have a nice weekend and hopefully the weather will keep improving for all of us.

Friday, March 17, 2023

Friday Finish!


Another hectic week, seems it goes by faster than I can keep up with things I want to do. The weekend was slow,  a few drives but no good shots. Rain and wind seem to be the norm lately. This weekend might be a little better and spring is coming, I can't wait for nicer weather and getting out more.

I was able to finish my stitchery, another design by Kathy Schmitz. This was fun to do and I have a feeling my sister will want it, when she comes to visit. She is into long range biking and always goes home with pieces I have made.

I did get a shot of a visitor to our neighborhood, he seems to be a regular lately. He was in my neighbors yard, next to the chicken coop. He was watching something and would jump down on something and then look around, with a where did it go, look. He never did catch anything.

I hope you all have a nice weekend and better weather, lots of snow up north, but all we got was rain, so I can't complain. Also, I do appreciate comments and sorry if I don't always answer, it seems I am running until bedtime lately and need to organize my time better, so I have time to reply and visit everyone's blogs.

Friday, March 10, 2023

Friday Finish!


This week I got a new resin mold and I wanted to try it out. It is a heart box, that has indents, so more of an ashtray. I like the idea of having something that I can give as a gift and add my sea glass. It came out pretty good, but I think I need to add less glass to let the light in and show off the glass. 

I had too much resin, so started filling the other molds to use it up. I tried some dye but I guess too much on the dog and lady piece, it came out too dark. The good thing is, I mixed the resin in the right amounts, so all the pieces hardened. I like the idea of doing smaller pieces, maybe get some ornament molds. The anchor was too thick to be an ornament, so maybe if I fill it with less resin, it will be the right thickness.

I also painted some new rocks. I love using the markers and paint pens, so much easier to do. This time I painted them white first, which makes the colors pop more. There are lots of designs on the internet that are fun to do.

Last weekend we went to the beaches on the island and enjoyed watching the birds. The Red-breasted Mergansers, are funny to watch. I also spotted a Red-tailed Hawk flying by and a Common Eider. With the mottled coloring, I would say this is a younger one.

We also stopped at another beach and it was where all the gulls were hanging out. I enjoyed watching them fly about and diving for fish.

I also spotted an all white one. I found out from a local group that is is a Glaucous Gull and I was the first one to spot one, so that was a thrill,

Today we went to the beach again and I had the camera out, just in time to grab a shot of this guy, as he came out of the water with his prize. It looks like a sea worm, not sure what type.

I hope you all enjoyed your week and have a nice weekend. We have rain again, then one good day, before more rain and snow. I guess we are in for a cold March, since we missed all the snow this winter.

Friday, March 3, 2023

Friday Finish!

 I finally finished my blocks by Suzy's Sitcom. I started the blocks, years ago and never finished the rest. When she offered them up again, I did one more and made it into a wall hanging. I like having something that is longer and narrow, to add to a side wall. I hung it on the hooks to get a photo, so I can hang it later, when I decide where to put it.

Another thing I was working on, a puzzle. I have gotten some new puzzles and winter is a nice time to work on them. This one was 1000 pieces, so it took me 4 days of working a bit at a time, on and off during the day. I find it relaxing and once I do one, I can donate them to the local nursing home.

We finally seem to have gotten winter, but at the wrong time. The birds are extra hungry with the snow and cold, so the feeder has been busy. Here are a few of my snowy visitors. The metal bird is a solar feeder, so it lights up at night. I got it for decoration, I really don't want bird poo, all over it.

This Bluejay is a pig, I let him take a few and then chase him off, otherwise he will eat all the peanuts.

The Carolina Wren is coming back again, I think they were hiding out this winter.

We have had more Black-capped Chickadees this year. They tend to get pushed out, by the larger birds. I have the feeder on the porch, so I put out a bit at a time, that way they all get a turn, at different times of the day.

Today we got to spend some time on the island and did a little beach collecting. At one beach, I spotted this Red-tailed hawk. He was on the Osprey nest, scanning the fields for mice.

And this is what I found on the beaches. We came when the tide was coming back in, so the regular collectors got what was on the main beach, I found mine by scanning the incoming tide. The large green piece, was in the water, which is why I wear rubber boots.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend and enjoys some time outside. Or if you are snowed in, time to work on some new projects.