Friday, February 24, 2023

Friday Finish!


This week I finished the sashing and started working on my wall hanging. Hopefully I will have it done next week. I also got a new mold to try. I have seen this pairing in wood and loved the design, so it was fun to try in resin.

You have to mix the resin properly and I think I didn't get the ratio right for the hardener, my piece is still too soft. The arm and body start to sag down if I leave it up, so hoping if I let it sit, it will harden up. I also tried a little dye which was fun. I got the cheapest type since I am experimenting and maybe not enough, learning as I go. I wanted to make the lady, look like a mermaid, maybe a bra top for the next one, lol. I have tons of small browns, so perfect way to use it on the dog. Later I will add a sea glass eye. 

Over the weekend, we spent some time at the beach. It was a bit chilly, but fun to walk and find a few treasures.

On Sundays we like to go to Connecticut, since hunting is not allowed on that day. We went hiking at a park near the Hatchery, but no eagles. It was a beautiful walk and lots of woods, so we did see a lot of Woodpeckers. There is a stretch on the water, but no warm enough to stand still for long.

During the week, the kids came to visit, while the parents had a day out. The boys are always a joy to have and they both enjoyed working on a puzzle. 

Nick gave the thumbs up, after Alex put in the last pieces. I hope everyone had a good week and not the bad storms coming in this weekend.

Friday, February 17, 2023

Friday finish!

 It seems I did a lot this week and got nothing done. I did take down my Valentines decorations and started with Easter. I am trying to cut down on the amount I put up, so things don't look so cluttered, but I know I will end up making a few new things.

I am working on getting some quilts ready to quilt, lots that need to be finished. I also had some new paint markers to test and found out, they are just markers, no acrylic markers, so I had to redo them, with the better markers. Not as good, as when I use paint, and I rushed them, but a lot easier and less messier.

They do look better in person, the fresh gloss, makes them look worse.

Last weekend we took a ride, no luck with birding, but we enjoyed the views and a stop at the Westerly lighthouse.

On Sunday we took a ride to the fish hatchery in Connecticut. I heard there have been eagle sightings there. We got a nice walk in and as I was getting ready to leave, I saw a black bird in the sky. Thinking it was just another vulture, I wasn't quick enough to get great shots.

I caught him as he flew over head. Then he landed on a telephone pole, way up on a hill and then he was joined by his mate. They were too far to get a close up and a river between us, so I couldn't get closer. It was still wonderful to finally find one.

We also saw a lot of other birds in the bushes, most were too busy to sit still and too shy, to let me get close. I think the first are Hairy Woodpeckers, the middle is a  Chipping Sparrow and the last is a Northern Mockingbird.

The Hatchery has a nice walk along the river and into fields, so we will have to go back to that area again. I hope you all had a nice week and get to enjoy getting outside and exploring your area.

Friday, February 10, 2023

Friday Finishes!

 I hope everyone had a nice week and found time to craft. I was able to finally finish my newest piece, from the stitch of the month club. Just in time for Valentines. I added a few of my own touches and think I might do a little quilting around the border.

I also wanted to make a new coat rack. My old one has been knocked down, too many times and isn't strong enough for coats. This way when guests come in, they can hang their coats at the top of the stairs. I found rustic railroad spike, hooks, on Amazon, so Bill made a basic prim board to put them on. And, I got to put my church cat up, finally.

Last week we did our usual ride around and explored a few waterfalls. We met up with the kids and spent some time at their house, always nice to spend times with the boys.

At home, the red squirrel who lives next door, has been coming over for his fill at the feeders. He is so fun to watch and starting to get used to me.

I also enjoy watching the White-breasted Nuthatch, but they never stay still, always busy.

Luckily, all the birds and squirrels seem to be able to outsmart the hawks. This Red-Breasted Hawk, came into the yard to hunt, but once he saw me watching, he took off and went to a high tree in the back field.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend. We had a beautiful day today, but were stuck waiting for an estimate on a new sewage ejector pump and they didn't get here till after dinner. It seems everything is starting to go lately, luckily we have some savings to pay for it. Last week it was radon, Bill got a detector and ours is above the level, so we go that system put in. Hopefully nothing more major comes along.

Friday, February 3, 2023

Friday finishes!


I have been busy this week, making some new things and trying new things. I tried some new paint markers and enjoyed using those. Much easier than painting and I am able to do a few rocks in a few hours. I am making more rocks so I will have a bunch for when the weather warms up.

I also made another chick, this one came out bigger and fatter and definitely went too big on the eye. I got some new roving in a lighter yellow and it is perfect for chicks.

And I also tried resin casting. I have been wanting a way to showcase my sea glass and also make gifts and I thought resin, would be a good way to show it off. I tried a couple with items I would get upset about, if I messed up. 

I over filled the molds,  but I learned what I should have done, so hopefully the next ones will be better. I need to get thicker molds so I can use larger pieces of glass. 

On Saturday we went for a waterfall ride. We stopped at several, one closer to home and then into Connecticut.

On the way back, I told Bill to take a side road to see what we could find. I was surprised when we got to the end and saw an old ski area and then Stepping stone falls. We always come from the other end and never knew that the road kept going into Ct. Of course we had to drive down, the bumpy, rutted road to the falls, but well worth it. I got to try my new filter on the falls.

The waters were high and the normal path was flooded, so we went around to the other side, to get the traditional bridge shot. Something we have done, since I was a little girl.

 On Sunday we went to Ninigret bird sanctuary. We spotted a family of deer, hidden in the woods and a few birds in the area.

On Monday we went exploring. I wanted to grab some craft supplies, so we headed up to the stores and then headed to the eagle pond. No eagles, but this swan, seemed to enjoy having its photo taken.

We then drove into the old part of town, to check out the old mills. We were able to talk a nice walk along the River walk.

This old mill is being converted into condominiums. It was wonderful to walk along the falls and listen to the rushing water.

I hope you all had a nice week and enjoy the weekend. We have frigid cold weather for a few days, so I doubt I will be outside for long. Good time to stay inside and work on new projects.