Thursday, August 30, 2012

New and Improved Charity Quilt!

I played with lots of different fabrics to add a border and still keep the fun look, but nothing was working. I found the perfect black with red flowers, but of course it was old stash and not enough. So, I went with the tried and true black and red homespun. This is a heavier weight, so perfect for this quilt. I like how the black frames it but it was too plain and I remembered the black spool of ric rac that I bought. It was perfect, it gave it a fun touch and bought it all together. The photo makes the middle pop and the border got too dark, but in person it looks nice together, at least I think so.

I noticed I didn't get many comments, don't be afraid to voice your opinions.  Do you think the new version is better or am I just off my rocker? LOL

If you would like to know more about the quilt drive, visit Rosemary's blog. It is a nice way for beginner quilters to get into charity quilts, especially for those of us who are quilting challenged.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

An Almost Charity Quilt!

Yesterday I decided I wanted to start a charity quilt, something simple that I could finish in a day. Well, you know how that goes, it became another lesson in, what not to do.

Rosemary Youngs has started a drive to make quilts for the orphanage in Uganda. These are basic quilts, a top and a flannel back, since they do not need heavy blankets. I thought it was a good way for me to get started with charity quilting and a wonderful cause. Rosemary also has free patterns with applique and blocks, so be sure to visit her webpage, as well. She also has instructions on quilt construction, on her website, something easy that you can do, use up your stash and help the children in Uganda.

I started out with a charm pack called Little Apples that was given to me by Linda of This and That fabrics for my charity quilts. I wanted to use the designs so you could see them, so I thought, half triangles would be nice, but it didn't look right. So, I cut them again into smaller triangles and the blocks became smaller. I have nothing that matches the colors and I want to use us my stash, so I found a red/orange shade with two of my fabrics. I liked the contrast it gave, what do you think? Of course the colors are not the same online, as in person.

Now the problem is, what do I add to enlarge it? I will have to go to jo anns to see if they have something that matches it, would be nice if I could find a print in those colors. It is for a child, so I want it to be fun and make them smile. Right now it is only 25" x 32".

The homespun is something I bought and the solid is Kona fabric that I won from Jane of Jane's Fabrics.

The next quilt will be larger blocks with fun prints, no more triangles;) No matter how carefully I piece and cut, I can never match them up.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Locker Hooking and Vintage Thread!

This weekend I decided I needed to make my own rug for the front entrance, since I haven't found anything I like. I have locker hooking supplies and I need to use up some stash, so this is the perfect project. I also got some extra supplies from Chris at We Love Quilting. She sent me a box of rug hooking supplies along with locker hooking tools and a book, which I didn't have. The hooks she sent me are from John James, so much nicer than the cheap one I had.

I am just doing a basic hit and miss rug and using up colors that I really don't use in quilting and I do have quite a few reds. This will be at the entrance so it will be walked on a lot and get dirty, but it is washable, which is nice. A great project to use your scraps on.

Another item I have had and trying to decide what to use them for, are vintage threads that my friend Lauri from Threads of Miz, sent me. I am wondering, should I use them? They are in good condition and beautiful threads and I could use them in embroidery projects or stitchery and they seem thin enough to punch with. Should I use them?

There are more colors underneath, it is a complete set.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Son's Wedding!

Well, it is their second, but the first was by a justice of the piece, until they had time and things in order to get Married in the church with her family. Sort of sad that it is so far away and I could not go with them, but I understand, her parents are getting older and hard for them to travel, and she lives here now, so this is her special day with her family in the church where she was raised.

I snagged some photos from Facebook, my son doesn't have access, so I will see the professional photos when they get back. I can see by their smiles, that they are having a wonderful time and it was a happy day for all. A bittersweet day, so happy for them but sad that I can't be there to share it with them.

Everything was arranged by her mom and family, so this was the first time I saw her dress. It is so beautiful and she looks so beautiful in it. Not too sure about that green tie, though, lol. I think the embroidery on her dress matches the pillow I made, talk about a nice coincidence.

A family photo, have no idea who anyone is;) I guess they dress more casually for weddings there?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A New Eyeglass Case!

Today I wanted to make an eyeglass case. I was thinking of punching one, but nothing was inspiring me. Then I thought about doing a fusible art piece, but couldn't come up with an idea that I liked or the gumption to think of something;) So, I decided to use fabric that I won from Barbara of Cat Patches. On fridays she has a giveaway and she sends a surprise fat quarter and I was the lucky recipient of this fun cat fabric. I used some to make an iPad case and today I decided it would be perfect for an eyeglass case.

The first attempt was a disaster. I was using free motion and got carried away and broke the needle, so started over. This time, I took it slower and outlined the blocks and the designs, not perfectly but it was good practice to try and follow them with free motion quilting. I realized after I did that, that I should have closed the top first and then realized I should have sewn the backing on first to get a nice finished edge and then used a blanket stitch to attach the wool back, like I did with the punch needle case. Not the best looking case, but it will suffice for now and it keeps my glasses safe from getting broken.

Here is an example of, what not to do;)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Noah's Ark Banner!

After I got all of the chaos out of the way, I have been resting. I am so sore from the paddle, didn't realize I had paddled that far and when you start out tired, it is not smart to over do it, lol.

I think I got everything covered and taken care of, still need a new window for my car and I have to get another license and of course a purse to put it in. I want to thank all of you for your comments and encouragement, friends are a blessing when we have a bad day.

Yesterday I finished my ark piece, and hung it on the wall. I made it to fit above the back double doors, so it is long and narrow. I tried getting a good shot, but with it on the wall, I had the fan light in the way, and reducing it, made it hard to see the details. I used a lot of fun fabrics, some homespuns and patterns that worked well with the animals, I used them on. The design was made from patterns by Jan patek and some from Janet Bolten and a bit of my own. I also added some 3D elements to some areas, just had fun and made it up, as I went along.

Of course, you know who had to jump up on his tree to get in on the action. The quilt measures 68" x 10".

Here is a closer look at the center designs. I used jute for hay and some tools in noah's box. I had to lighten and sharpen the photos, so they look bright and cutesy, I wish I could have taken a photo outside before I hung it up. I used double backed rug tape to put it on the wall.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bad Paddle Day!

Sometimes things just go wrong. Bill was finally able to go in the water again, so I really wanted to paddle, even though I am going through a weak muscle week. I was tired when I started and paddle didn't help, but I kept going, I love being out on the water, too much. It was a beautiful day, the clouds kept the heat down and there was a nice breeze and nice rolling waters. So, it was a tough paddle with my mood going from bad to worse;)

Then we got back to the car and our window was smashed and my purse was gone. I could care less about the money or things, but it was my purse, that is personal and it makes me sad to have something like that happen, I am not used to things like this in my area. They took my GPS too, but it was my personal things that mattered, one being the boat eye glass case that I made. I had my cameras and phone with me, so those were safe and for some reason they missed Bill's wallet and phone, maybe someone came and they took off.

They did get my cards and used it to buy gas, but I am covered so I didn't lose anything and everything else got cancelled too, before they used them. Then I remembered my house keys were in it, so now we need to change those tomorrow. Along with replacing my license and what else I had, I cannot remember, the problem with my short term memory.

So, it was a bad day and I am sad. I could never hurt another person and I don't understand people who do. Even though it was a hard paddle, it did help, over doing it, tires me out, so it lessons the nerve pain that the lyme causes, so I had a slight break from that, at least. Also, since he used the card at a station, we were able to get the time and hopefully they had cameras and can catch him. We found out, that it is happening a lot lately, wish we knew that before hand;)

I took a few photos today, so I will leave you with some photos of our paddle and blessings to all of my wonderful friends who visit my blog and restore my faith, that there are good people in this world.

People are not the only ones who enjoy a boat ride.

The ferry was taking a load of passengers on a ride to view the scenic points of the bay. Glad it was on the opposite side from us.

A blimp was flying around the bay area, not sure what makes them think it would make me buy their product.

What was supposed to be a paddle in the harbor, ended up with 3 miles down the coast, I will never learn;) A perfect place to stop for lunch, to relax and enjoy the views.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Bad Boat!

This week my lyme was acting up so I thought I would do something simple. I want to get started on presents for this year, so I thought I would try a name tag in punch needle. I have made them before, but this time, my hands weren't cooperating and I made a mess. I did it in 3 strands and punched too tight and my stitches are uneven and it is just a mess, lol. I finished it anyways and now I can rethink it and do a nicer one.

The name tag is 3 1/2" x 2". What I would like to know is, what size name tag is good to make, something someone can wear to shows or classes, if they want? I think it would be better if I made it a little larger, than I can add more detail and use 6 strands. I am also working on my ark piece. I have it all pinned and started sewing it tonight. I am using the backing for the edge by pulling it to the front. Then I will do an outline stitch on the inside, so hopefully that will be done this weekend.

I tried to take a nice photo, but it is just ugly, nothing helped;)

Monday, August 13, 2012

A Day at the Ocean!

Yesterday I wanted to get out and since I wasn't up to paddling, I decided to go for a drive. It was nice to get out and enjoy the island and this time we even went around the other side.

This was our destination, the Beavertail Lighthouse. It is a large area with lots of parking and walking paths.

Lots of rocky cliffs with places to walk down, to get closer to the water, but I was happy staying up top.

This time we went into the lighthouse, mostly photos and a shop, but they also had a mini aquarium building, with local fish and a friendly sand shark.

On the point there were a few guys fishing. The tide was coming back in and crashing on the rocks, not the safest place to be. This guy was beginning to figure that out.

This is the area they were fishing in, not a good place to be when the waves are coming in. This is one area where people have been swept in and drowned because of the rocks and the undertow.

It was a beautiful day out and the breezes were a nice way to fight off the humidity. The sailboats were taking advantage of the winds.

On the way home, we stopped by the mill stream and I took a photo of the lotus pond. The flowers are beautiful and the leaves are as big as elephant ears. It is almost like an alien landscape. I hope every one had a wonderful weekend.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Wedding Pillow Finished!

I finished the pillow today. I decided it needed a corded edge, so went to the store and bought two types and one was too dark and small and the other was just right.

I used regular stuffing and understaffed it slightly so it wouldn't be fat and puffy.
I machine stitched the pieces together and left an opening, everything else is hand stitched. The design was done with a back stitch and pearl cotton, the lettering with 3 strands of floss. after I stuff it, I sewed the opening up to the middle section and left a small hole to place the cording into. That way I didn't have a bump or a raw edge on the bottom, it leaves a nice trim look.

I tried to get the colors and the look of the piece, but it was pouring out today, so no outdoor shots. The colors are creams, but it appears a bit yellow.

And here is the back again. I took an angle shot with shadows so you could see the lettering better, but it is more muted in color, in person.

Here is the design I used, you are welcome to use it for  your own pillow. The original design came from a french site, Broderied'Antan. They have some wonderful free designs, in all types of styles.

When you use the design, place the middle lines in the center of your piece.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wedding Pillow: Back Done!

I finished the back of the pillow and it was a lot of stitching, but worth it. I wanted to add a saying, a blessing for their marriage since I would not be at this wedding. It is not as perfect as I would have liked, I was getting tired and my lyme is acting up, so it makes it hard to sew nicely. I took a quick photo, but it does look nicer in person.

I did the lettering in a darker shade so it would show, which is hard to tell by this photo. In bright light is is muted, but in darker light, you can read the saying.

It says: May your joys be as bright as the morning, your years of happiness as numerous, as the stars in the heavens, and your troubles but shadows, that fade in the sunlight of love. You are welcome to use the saying if you would like, for a pillow or something special for a wedding.

I also added the lace and the ring ribbon and flower, but I was not pleased with the stuffing, too bumpy looking. I will go to the store tomorrow to see if I can find something more suitable and was even thinking that I might be able to use quilt batting and fold it together to insert, inside the pillow for a more even look. I am also thinking of adding a satin cording, so will see what they have in the store, I think it will give it a nice finished look. I will take a photo of the finished pillow and scan in the design I used for the top, in case anyone wants to make their own.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Wedding pillow!

After a failed attempt, I finally got the top, of the wedding ring pillow, stitched. With the advice from a friend, I went with a cream linen. When I got the fabric I checked out the threads and went with a cream pearl cotton. I like how the thicker pearl cotton gives it just enough of a raised effect to show, but blend in with the linen. My DIL is letting her mom make the arrangements and pick out the dress, etc, so I want the pillow to be simple, but nice, and match any type of setting they have.

I will be adding a ribbon with pearls down the middles of the front and on the back, I plan on doing a simple design with names and date, so I need to draw that out tomorrow. I used my pocket camera, so not the best shot to show it off. The camera wanted to turn it yellow, but it is more of a light cream.

The pillow size is going to be 8". The design itself, can be found on this website. It is in french and I have no idea what most of it says, but enough to know that they have wonderful free designs. I modified it, to fit the corners of my pillow and will be happy to share the design with you, as soon as I scan it in.

Before I started stitching I needed to clean the house and Izzy does not like the vacuum, so she ran into the bedroom, but that was where I was going. When she realized that, she decided that this would be a good place to hide.

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Boatman Punch Needle!

I finally finished my new piece and I hope you like it, as much as I do.  I adapted this new design from an antique quilt. I love the designs on the quilt and am hoping to do more in the same line. I used a variety of flosses and techniques which are in the pattern. The new pattern is in a pdf file, so you will get the colors if you would like to do yours in the same way.

This piece is 6" x 5 1/2" and I finished it off with a larger piece of jute rope to keep with the nautical theme. This weekend I need to get busy making a ring pillow for my DIL, I finally decided what to do and that is hand stitch it, since I have no idea how to use my embroidery machine and size things, so I will be very busy stitching since it needs to be done by next weekend.

The pattern includes the design and a photo of my finished piece, the border is not included in the design. I think it would look wonderful with a quilted style border, maybe flying geese.