Monday, June 4, 2018

Monday UFO Finishes!

First I want to thank everyone for your comments and support. I have been trying to keep up by mailing each one, so if I forgot someone or you are a no reply, I do read all the posts and appreciate each one.

Today I decided to do some old pieces, that were sitting in a box. I wanted another pillow for my chest and knew I had a star piece and found the perfect one to offset the square pillows. It was a block for a nautical quilt that I was making and now that I have seen the other blocks, I will not finish, I will start over.

I realize how bad the stitching was on the appliqué, bad choice of backgrounds and the lighthouse is crooked, lol. I rather chuck the ugly blocks and make a new one. This piece was good enough to make a quick pillow and nice to have one more thing out of the box.

The pillow is 20" long and I stained the light fabric, when I finish stuffing it.

While I was going through the box, I found two more pieces I never finished and I had the perfect use for them. Two more lavender sachets. The pattern is from Sandra Cadwell of Babycake Designs. I won the design, years ago. Then I made these two pieces, years ago and they have been sitting, ever since.

I colored them in and then stitched around them, I like the outline look with color. Not sure how I colored them, looks like marker and maybe some watercolor. These I did not wet since I am not sure what is on it, and for sachets, they will be fine. I was thinking, this design is so fun, maybe I should paint it on some rocks.

Speaking of unfinished pieces, this is another one, I did years ago and it has been sitting in a closet. I have given up using hooked rugs in the house, the cats destroy them. I am not sure if I should continue with my rug hooking, I need to cut back on things, or I will never get anything done and I still want to quilt and sew, as well as punch and needle felt and now painting and rock art. I really have a problem, lol. So, I may start selling off my rug equipment, I have regular hooking materials, punch rug and locker hooking supplies. As much as I love them, there is not enough time in the day, so I may sell all or keep some to make small rugs and mats.

This rug is 52" x 24".


Lady Locust said...

Fun old pieces turned into great "new" projects.

Sandi said...

Love that you decided to make the star block into a pillow. It looks great. Hope this goes thru I'm having Email problems, can't reply to your note tonight.

acorn hollow said...

I did the same I had supplies for several crafts and since I wanted to focus on rug hooking I got rid of the rest. I do like your projects always wonderful

Kate said...

These are all so charming, Debbie, and you've been very busy. Not to worry about replying to comments - many of us are faced with the same situation just now.

Saundra said...

There's always mounting the rug on the wall. I've several of mine hanging and enjoy looking at them. Many are on the floor too but don't have cats, and now not even a dog. But Ben didn't hurt my rugs anyway.

Last thing I'd get rid of is my hooking. Have gotten rid of most of my cotton fabric and while I do have some UFO doll parts just don't have the inclination to finish them.

Fiona said...

It's lovely having an assortment of crafts. It would be lovely to finish that rug - it looks like it will be great.


Karen said...

The cat angels certainly have personality.

Allie-oops Designs said...

Great finishes - and I love that doll! I know what you mean about not enough hours, I finally decided on just quilting and embroidery, combining the two when possible. I just can't do everything, much as I want to!

Rosemary said...

i love the star pillow and your raggedy! Did you make her? If so do you remember the pattern?