Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday Finishes and Painting Progress!

This week was a mix of catching up around the house and lots of cleaning, mixed with some sewing and punching and a bit of painting. I love making small items, that work up quickly and I looked on Pinterest for a free patriotic stitchery. This one said free on the photo, but I could never find the original site, that it came from.

It was a fun little piece to add to my mini pillow collection.

I also was in the mood to punch something small and new. I actually made this in a day, as you can see, I was not paying attention and did the flag backwards, duh. I just made up a flag and added a whale, something fun and quick to do. You could add any shape or design to a flag, you are welcome to copy my idea, but you may want to do it the right way, lol.

I also got back to my painting. I realize I just have to make time if I want to do more crafting and then I take breaks to clean and get other things done. I also have to stop when my brain goes on hold or my vision goes blurry, but I was able to do some base coats. I will be adding more as I go, but I like to see how they look with the main designs, before I decide what I want to add. There will be a background coat, which will be sanded so some of the paper designs will show through. I like the idea of writing something inspirational for the lighthouse and something patriotic for the angel.

The lighthouse is my own design from a photo I took. The angel is an extra free design from Teresa Kogut's  Angel tutorial.

Talking about something inspirational, this photo was taken by a woman in our town, last week. This is the cemetery where Danielle was buried. A message of God's promise and I know she will be waiting for me, when my time comes. 

May you all have a wonderful weekend and find the blessings in each and every moment.


Saundra said...

Well, you did draw the flag out the right was punching it drawn like that which made it reversed. Happened to me before too.

Sure does look like a divine message in that photo.

Sandi said...

Love every thing you share today. The Whale is just swimming behind the flag not in front of it! That's why I like our Canadian flag same on both sides!

Your Raggedy Ann is sweet, your lighthouse and angel are lovely.

That photograph is an amazing capture, thanks for sharing it with us.

Have a good weekend.

Julie Fukuda said...

I love your little works and the paintings too ... jumping from technique to technique must be like going through hoops, I'm aftid I would mess up more than get the star on the wrong side. The photograph looks like a magic message. Wow!

Karen said...

Even if the flag is backwards, the whale on the flag is my favorite of the items you made this past week.

kelley said...

love the whale on the flag...I often did things backwards when doing punch needle...what an amazing photo, definitely a sign of joy to come...

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Love all your projects! That whale is adorable! That photo gave me goosebumps. Amazing. Have a happy 4th!

gracie said...

Wonderful projects...all of them perfect!

PaulaB quilts said...

You do such charming things. Love the dolly with the flag on her dress. How do you make those quilted plaques? A nice mix of crafts.. The whale has a little puzzled look as if he realized he got turned around. Thanks for sharing the rainbow photo. I lost my son three years ago and it never will be easy. Take care and have a fun Fourth.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Productive as always!
Happy and safe 4th to you and your family.

Dawn said...

So many pretty projects in this post! All wonderful.
The rainbow is amazing, as are you!
Enjoy the 4th.