Friday, June 8, 2018

Friday finish and fun!

This week is like a vacation, except for the relaxing and having someone else do all the work for me, lol. I have been working on small items and hand stitching, but larger projects, so they will take time to finish.

I did make a little lavender sachet with a design by Kathy Schmitz, for the stitchery of the month club. My mind and hands are are bit off this week, so my stitching is a bit wonky, but it is always fun to make something new and quick and I love coloring them in. I used my knobby yarn for an edge.

On the fun front, we got out each day for beach combing and walking. One day was for Bean, we took him to two dog beaches and he loved being able to play on the beach and he even made a new friend.

Yesterday and today was our day. Most of the regular beaches are open, so no dogs allowed. We also need a break from having our arms yanked off. We went to Jamestown and did some more glass collecting, then we drove over to the point and enjoyed the views. Newport is across the way, might be a destination for next week.

Then we went to the lighthouse and got a nice walk in. There is nothing more relaxing and invigoration than walking with views and fresh sea air.

The boat coming out, is a beauty. I would love to be able to be out on the water all day, and of course stop at the islands and shorelines for beach combing.

Today we went to the ocean beach and of course, scoured the beach for glass. Most of the main beach was crowded, so we went to our favorite spot to look. We did find some nice pieces to add to the collection this week. The pile on the right is from our local beach, the middle is from Jamestown and the left is from today. Not a bad haul. I even found some more pebble shapes to use.

On the way out, I spotted this nest in the sanctuary, across the street, so we stopped to look. She has two babies that I can see, not sure if there are more. I hope you had a wonderful week and have a wonderful weekend.


Saundra said...

Bean sure looks like he's having fun with his newly found friend.

Karen said...

The bird nest design is a good finish. I am drawn to designs involving a bird nest. Reminds me of the robin's nest on the porch railing when I was growing up.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Bean looks like he is having a ball.
So many great pics. Thanks for sharing.
Hope hubby and son are doing well.
Happy weekend :)

Kate said...

Swell photos, Debbie, and I like your sachet.

The Eveningstitcher said...

It's all beautiful, Deb . I love your little pincushion. Glad to read that your husband is doing better. I wish I lived near an ocean, a lake or even a always post such nice pictures of what surrounds you...have a great day!

Sandi said...

Lovely stitching Debbie! Love your sailboat pictures. The lines of that large boat are lovely, my favourite is the dark pink boat it looks like a fun ride!

Julie Fukuda said...

Your sachet is darling (and a lot prettier than the little lavender pillow I keep at the head of my bed. I remember the times when we lived near a river and Nikko could run with her friends every morning, The same people and their dogs came early every morning so she had lots of friends to romp with and chase sticks or balls or frisbees. Last year on my Boston visit, we spent a day out on the water and I love seeing the wind in so many sails ... thinking back to my own little sailboat of the past.

Fiona said...

sounds nice and relaxing..... love the little pillow and Bean looks happy as always


Allie-oops Designs said...

LOVE the Kathy Schmitz design, how adorable and I love it colored in like that. Looks like some great times out on the beach, Bean sure has fun! I really don't like sailboats anymore after almost falling off one - never did learn to swim.

acorn hollow said...

very pretty and lots of good finds. Newport is always fun walking that path around the ocean that goes by the beautiful homes always a pleasure.

vivici said...
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Raymond Homestead said...

Love the sachet and love that Bean has so much fun on the beach!