Friday, October 2, 2020

Friday Finishes and Fun!


This week I have been busy. I have finished a few things and one I want to work on more to make it better. I made a stitchery with one of Cheri Saffiote's designs and decided to make it into a pillow cover. This way, the person can put a pillow in or they can hang it, if they want, so more versatile and easier to ship.

Another thing I worked on was, more masks. I wanted to use up the halloween fabric and get those out, so the kids can enjoy them now. I know there are a lot of kids with bad masks, these are 3D so they are easier to breath and talk in. I will try and sell a few and the rest will be donated. I also made myself a couple and a few for our cat sitter. I do need to rethink the design, so I can sew it more neatly, have less bulk and that would be easier on my machine and my arm.

And of course, we had a weekend filled with adventure with the boys. On Saturday we took them to a new place. A beautiful park with a pond and waterfall and lots of hiking trails. And having large parking lots is always a plus, so we set up to have views and a spot to relax at. The bad thing was, the water levels were down and the falls weren''t flowing,  but it was still beautiful.

The boys had a full day, hiking, swimming and Nick found some painted rocks. I definitely want to go back and hike the trails, it is too much for the boys to do a full hike, even though they are moving non stop, most of the time.

And we had three friendly Mallard ducks, hang out with us.

I took several photos and this one shows how they have a nictitating eyelid, almost looks furry.

And on the way back, I got a shot of some early foliage. A lot of areas are turning fast now, due to the drought. 

On Sunday, I got up too late for a day trip, so we picked up the boys and took them to the boys camp. We lucked out and the gate was open, so we parked our camper in a lot next to a big grassy area.

The boys had fun at the beach areas.

And hiking along the pathways.

And while the guys were resting and playing at the camper, I snuck away and waited for some birds to sit still. I finally got one close enough and was surprised to see that it was a Yellow Shafted Northern Flicker.

This week, I had Bill take the week off. I am burnt out with everything that is going on and our last vacation was spent, with me sick. So I am hoping we can enjoy the week and get out to some places in Ct, that I have wanted to visit. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and find places that bring you joy and peace in these tumultuous times.


acorn hollow said...

You definitely stay busy all the time. The boys must be loving the outings.

Carol S. said...

It looks like a great and beautiful outing you went on. It's good to get out during these crazy times! I've made some Halloween face masks, too, and think they are a fun way to deal with a not so fun situation.

TheCrankyCrow said... do keep busy Girlfriend!!! You always have stunning photos, but the ones of the Mallard ducks are just incredible....prize winning for sure. You should make them into a calendar or something!! It's difficult to believe it is warm enough for the boys to swim...or even wear shorts.... We went from shorts to "where are my long johns?" in nothing flat. I was hoping to get some of my outdoor Halloween decorations out before the ground froze too hard, but not thinking I'll make it.... Hope you're enjoying the weekend! ~Robin~

Julie Fukuda said...

I just love all those pictures. You seem to make the best of every moment. Good thing all the mosquitoes are hanging out in the Tokyo suburbs so you can enjoy your outdoor time.