Friday, October 16, 2020

Friday finishes and Fun!

 I have been working on a couple of projects that I am still working on, so the only finish I did, was some more masks for the family. I made the glow in the dark ghosts for the boys, something fun they can play in  as well as practical. Then I made matching kitties for me and the boys and they flags for Bill. I like the box style, even though it is tough to do a nice job on the ends, but they fit much better and not only can I breath in them, I can talk in them. That is nice for the boys, as well, since they can talk in the classroom without removing them.

I added a photo, wearing it, to show. you how it stays away from the face. It looks more pronounced from the side, but looks fine from the front.

On Saturday I sent Bill to the store to get me a new camera body. I told him the two choices and a list of questions to ask. Well, the store had no one that knew cameras so he went with the expensive one. I really wish I had more time to think on it, It is a nice camera, but more for a professional than for what I need. I do like how it syncs up with photoshop, so my edits are getting better, but it does seem like the photos run on the darker side. I guess I will just have to learn how to use this one, lol. The good news is, today I was looking at their website before Bill went up to take in the old one and mine was on sale, so Bill was able to get the discount taken off of our price, so I saved money. 

We decided to go to Fort Getty to walk and take some photos. It was dismal out, but with a little editing, I was able to brighten them up.

A picture of the lighthouse on Dutch Island.

A close up of the lighthouse. The photos have a higher resolution, so I am able to crop in closer and still retain most of the details.

And on the beach, I thought this scene was quintessential New England.

The next day we had plans but the boys wanted to play again, so we took them back to the island. They loved playing on the beach and Nick found more treasures than I did.

And all the boys had fun, just being boys. The campground is closed, so we had the place to ourselves, just a few visitors who come to walk around.

It was a wonderful weekend and I always find my greatest joy when we take the boys with us. I had taken a photo of Alex while he was walking further away and cropped his face for a close up. I was not trying for a portrait, but love how it came out, so I will practice more with portraits. I think that is one of the benefits of this camera, it can do nice portraits, so something new to learn.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and find time to find your joys and happiness in these trying times.


Fiona said...

the masks look good.... I ahven't made that style but will try them if it ends up we need to wear them all the time... at the moment where we live they are not needed...


acorn hollow said...

I have not tried that style I like the ones that have metal by the nose or my glasses fog up and since I wear one 9 hrs a day 4 days a week it is important to be able to see lol.
the boys are growing fast but wonderful memories. I have never seen a square light house.

Karen said...

The ghost fabric mask is my favorite.

TheCrankyCrow said...

You have a better mastery of that new camera after a few days than I would have in years LOL. The photos look great as always....especially loving the portrait of Alex. So precious. I have never met a mask I can breathe in unfortunately....and with cases running rampant here in our state, it's gonna be a long while with them yet. ~Robin~ (PS....for some reason, the word "ghosts" popped out at me from the labels attached to this post....Does the lighthouse have a history of which I am unaware??) ~Robin~

Rugs and Pugs said...

Beautiful pics as always and that one of Alex is adorable. Such handsome boys.

Susan said...

I clicked on the photos you put in and got really lovely pictures of the lighthouse and the "boys". How fun that your husband enjoys his time with them so much. What kind of camera did you get? I still use my husband's Nikon D50 when I'm not using the phone. The phone is convenient for quick shots of blocks, but the Nikon is much better, of course.