Monday, August 16, 2010

Hanging small stitcheries

" First of all, I want to mention..... no comments on my last post? Are you all chicken, lol. I put those up to show you the works in progress and that is why I usually do no show them. They need work and fixing, but I thought you might like to see how a piece evolves. I am still working on the rug, a few changes sure make a difference. Now I am working on how to get the cat's whiskers, the way I want. So do not be afraid to comment, good or bad, I love feedback and opinions."

I finished this piece yesterday and wanted to show you a new way, I found to hang my smaller pieces.
My husband got me this tape for the new stair treads, but it wasn't the right type. But, I found it holds onto fabrics and walls, without damaging either.

I am not sure what it is called, or the brand, but there is writing on the tape, so you can look for that in the stores. I cut small pieces, leaving the paper on. If you don't, it sticks to you and balls up. Once you have them placed, you can take off the tape, by using your fingernail on a corner and pulling up.

Then all you have to do is, position it on the wall and press. It is a wonderful way to hang without anything showing and great for small areas. The stitchery was done with a design from Primitive Blessings. I am taking this saying to heart and slowing down on all of the crafts I do. I would like to spend more time working with quilting and making art quilts too.

The tape will work on other items too and it is a great way to place things that you may want to change. I have this candle holder and was thinking how fun it would be to put a punched piece and change them out for the seasons. With the tape you can. But..... if you mount this way, make sure the piece has a backing on it. You do not want to put the tape onto the punching or it will pull out the loops. ( I thought it was safe to do for a demonstration, since I was taking it off right away, but the tape is strong enough to pull them out;) This piece is a pattern from Brenda Gervais, that my friend Kelley sent me. I plan on mounting it on something for my sewing room. I just haven't decided yet.

I will be making more small quilts for myself and I love using this to hang them. It is a great product and easy to use, and no mess. It is also nice, since it doesn't damage the quilt or leave marks, in case you want to gift it in the future. I am working on a matching mini pillow using new wash away pens, so once I am done, I will let you know how they work out.


Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Great finishes....good idea with the tape!

moosecraft said...

Thanks for the tip about the tape! Should be especially helpful with seasonal items.

Kaaren said...

Great idea, Debbie. It sure beats having to hammer holes in the wall and this method would make it so much easier to reposition things as well.

Lori said...

Great tip Debbie! Thanks for sharing.

Texan said...

I will have to look for that tape! Sounds great.

soggibottom said...

Shame on me....
Cos I always love to visit your blog and see what your working on.
Have visitors in the cottage, so forgive me :-)
x x x It's the season for visitors

arlyce said...

Although I cannot get a computer to get on line daily, I check your blogs whenever I do. I have enjoyed all your posts and really like your tis, designs, and in progress posts, Debbie. Thanks for all you share.