Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wool and Stash cleaning = Why I need an Accuquilt Go Cutter

I finally got around to cleaning my sewing room out. I wanted to reorganize my fabrics and just keep the best ones, so that I could see them at a glance and use that as a basis for future quilts. I put the excess fabric in my basement room, so it is where I can get to it still. This is how it looks now, no more heaps of fabric falling over and covering up other pieces, so that I had to dig to find anything. The pile in the upper left is my amish fabrics. I plan on making some mini amish pieces and practicing my free motion. All of the beautiful fabric was gifted to me, by my friend Kelly. I would never have been able to get fabrics like that.

The pile to the right is my homespuns. I was waiting to get enough in tans to make a wildlife camping quilt for my trailer, so that will be a future quilt. Then I have fabrics in sets and types for regular quilting and a set with batiks and fun fabrics for art quilts.
I also have my basics for backings and borders on my other unit, along with a shelf of floral fabrics that will all go nice in a quilt.

While I was cleaning, I decided to take my buddy off the floor, he was hidden to the side and I thought he would make good company while I worked at my table. I saw this in a prim store and said I like it. So, my husband surprised me and got it for my birthday, a few years ago. He is 3 feet tall, and now I don't have to talk to myself while I work;)

And since I was cleaning, I thought it was time to go through the boxes of wools, in my basement. Some is leftover from projects, some cut and needing dying and some, as is. I used to hit the thrifts every monday and grab all the wool on dollar day. So, I had a lot and too much to cut and dye at once. The problem was, my sons cat had to try out every box, no matter how high I put it. It was covered in hair and she puked in a few boxes. That was thrown out and all the hairy pieces went too, so I threw away a good amount, but it wasn't the best wools anyways. The rest got washed and dried, then I had to brush the remaining hairs off.

Here is the first load, lots of reds and orange in this one.

Then the second load....

The third.....

The fourth.......

And finally, the fifth, that was enough for one day and it did take me all day.
I did enjoy finding wools I had forgotten about and got lots of ideas of what to make with them. I plan on doing a lot of wool pieces since half the wool is too thick or thin for hooking, but perfect for quilting.

I still have a few plastic buckets to go through and some boxes, but almost there. Then the fun of dying will begin, but not in this heat. I keep my dyed good wools in these bins, in a locked room, so no kitty hair. That is where my things will stay from now on.

I think with all this wool and all my fabric, I need a go cutter. I really think they should pick me to receive a free cutter and a giveaway, dont you? LOL

Now that my room is cleaned out, I started on finishing my first project. Then I went into the hallway to do something, jumped to avoid crashing into the vacuum and ran into the door frame instead, duh. Now I have a broken pinky toe and it hurts like heck and I can't stand on it. So much for standing and cutting at my table.


Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Ooops...sorry about that toe that can sure be painful. Great looking stash of fabrics and wool. Hope your on the mend very soon.

Rugs and Pugs said...

OUCH!!! That sounds so painful. I hope you mend quickly.
You've accomplished miracles. Feels good, doesn't it? Too bad it never lasts ~ at least in my case!
Pug hugs :)

antique quilter said...

wow what a collection of wool you have. you can always stuff a box and send me some! I have been fighting off the urge to collect wool, I know it will happen some day but for now its all about the fabric and using what I have.
oh how I would LOVE an Accuquilt Go Cutter too. I love making one block quilts and can see making a tumbler or drunkards path and really using up lots of fabrics fast and easy with that machine! Here is hoping we BOTH get chosen!

moosecraft said...

That's a whole lotta cleaning and organizing! That farmer kitty looks cute enough that he might answer you back one day! LOL! Sorry about your toe... you had such an awesomely productive day and then ouch! Maybe that was a sign that you did enough and should sit down and relax a bit? :-)

Kaaren said...

Ouch! I can feel your pain, Debbie.

Can I come shopping at your house? Your stash of wool is to 'dye' for...pardon the pun.

Doesn't it feel great when things are in order? I feel so inspired after I do a good house cleaning in my studio.

Soggibottom said...

Why is it when ever you break a pinky or digit :-) you keep hitting them and knocking them..... ouch!
Everything looks sooooooo tidy though. Have to strap your pinky to your other one.... aw... sorry Debbie x x x

Linda said...

I just found you through another blog. I too, go out and try and find wool at thrift store, but here in California there isn't as much as I'd like, but it is a fun search. I have really gotten hooked on it! Have a great day!!