Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Amish Fraktur Quilt

Today I decided to finish my bird stitchery and I had added the borders yesterday.
The plan was to do amish quilt designs in free motion.
That was the plan..... as you can see, it is a mess.

My machine started acting up and I am assuming it has something to do with the bobbin.
The stitches are not nice and you can see the bobbin thread in some places and in some, the snip feature pulled the black threads up to the front.

I was going to machine quilt the middle, but the machine went completely haywire, so it got hand stitched.
The idea was a sun with rays, think it looks like a spider web, lol.
I decided to spray it with walnut to hide the flaws, and I like it better aged.
The photo picks up a lot of the threads, but luckily it doesn't look as bad in person.
I will have to take the piece to the store and ask her what is going on, so I can fix it.

The ric rac was an after thought, lol. I messed up my seams, so they didn't match. The ric rac was my attempt at covering it;)


paulette said...

I love the hand stitching- very pretty!! And don't TELL anyone WHY you added the rick rack...just say you love the look of rick rack!! ;o)
Take care!

Jacque. said...

Smart girl...adding the ric rac! I cannot see what you're talking about with your quilting...looks good to me.

Kim D. said...

Another pretty quilt and the ric rac always add a lovely touch.