Friday, August 20, 2010

Amish girl and kitty rug and punch

I finished off my pieces and I think they look better than the first time I showed them to you;)
I will need to fix a few things, things you don't notice at first glance, but the camera shows things you might miss.
I changed the kitty to a lighter shade so he shows up. I wanted to do the whiskers on the outside of the hooking, but wasn't sure if they would stay in, so I went with hooking them. I fixed her face too, so she didn't look so lopsided and depressed, but I need to fix the mouth again.

This is the companion piece. I decided to sell them as a set. I think it looks better aged, do you?
I will be listing them on ebay tomorrow, but I am willing to take offers if anyone is interested in buying them before I list them.
The pictures did not come out well, so I will do more tomorrow for the listing, hopefully outside in the shade and the true look will come through.


moosecraft said...

She looks very happy to be holding kitty! Great finish to both of them! Most of the pics I take are in the same 2 locations in my backyard... as that's the only two places that pics come out good... LOL! The inside pics I take always too yellow, no matter what setting I use.

Jo James said...

LOVE the red one best! Pure perfection.