Saturday, August 28, 2010

Come Paddle With Me!

Today I finally got to go out paddling. It has been so hot lately, that I haven't been able to paddle.
Today was perfect, sunny and a nice breeze. We decided to go to our local launch which is in wickford harbor.

Here Bill is going under the bridge. Wickford is an old town, with lots of fun shops and lots of boats in the harbor.

We went back out into the main cove and paddled around the shores and landed at our favorite spot for our rest break.
This is where the boats go out to the bay, so we can sit and enjoy the breezes and the scenery.

This is a view looking back to Wickford, where we had gone first.

This is Bill getting back in his boat. The cove is a wonderful place to paddle, calmer than the bay and little islands to go around.

The treat for the day was what I found as we were heading back to the launch. The tide was high when we started and going down as we came in. As I was paddling near the shoreline, I saw all these little yellow things running into the mud and little holes. They looked like hundreds of big bugs.

When I got closer, I realized they were crabs. Lots of little fiddler crabs with one big yellow claw. As the run to hide in the mud, all you can see if the big yellow claw. It was very neat to see that, once I got over my, it looks like giant spiders fear;)

Then I got to see the bird in the nest that stands in the marshes. The marsh reeds are taller than I am and the pole is about 30 feet up, so I had to use a zoom to get a decent shot. That is not easy when you are in a rolling boat. Bill said it is a hawk, I say it looks more like an Osprey.


paulette said...

Gorgeous pictures!! What a wonderful paddle you and hubby had!!
Take care!

Kathie said...

you live in such a beautiful part of the state.
always enjoy your pictures.
thanks for sharing!

moosecraft said...

Love the scenic pictures!!! Can almost smell the water! Those crabbies are cute! :-)

Quilt Hollow said...

Wonderful photos...I'd love to go paddling.