Sunday, June 6, 2010

This and That Sunday

I have no finished pieces to show you, but I have started something new today.
Some simple stitcheries I am trying, using some gravestone images I liked.
So, that will be something new and I am going to try some cross stitch with them too, that way there will be something for everyone on the patterns.

I take pictures sometimes, just because, so here they are.

Bill is putting wood down in my office, which will be my daughters room again. She is moving back, poor me;)
I have things on shelves and in a cabinet, things I collect and this piece is something I started years ago and never finished.
Someday I will finish it.

This one is my neighbor's barn. It is slated to be torn down, they might fall down on their own, at this rate.
But, I thought I would get one more shot because they really need to be made into a future design.

This is what Izzy and Dora do on hot days, argue about who gets to sit in the window, by my chair.


Kathie said...

I love those barns
oh to have that wood to use would be wonderful
you should take it down and save the wood!
can't you see a quilt painted on some of that old wood?
sorry to hear your not going to be an empty nester anymore...hope it all works out

moosecraft said...

Love that angel wood carving... looks like some details on the wings are needed and then it's done? The barns look so peaceful, it's a shame they will have to come down. I hope the kitties play nice-nice! ;-)

LenZie said...

Love the old brans and what a treasure it would be to have all that old wood to play with. I think it might make a great kitchen floor if it was sealed.

The kittys a sure cute. My two sons have been out of work for over eighteen months and Mom helps them out. Just the time we are going throught. God Bless. LenZie

Deb said...

Did you carve that angel. It looks wonderful - you definitely need to finish it! And love the pictures of the barns too So nostalgic to look at them and it's a shame that someday they'll be gone.