Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Grave Angels Stitchery

I was in my usual lazy mood and needed something different to stitch.
So, I looked through my files and decided to try a stitchery from an old gravestone.
I used the angels and added here and there, since the stone was worn and chipped.
Then I decided to add a date and some grave type motifs.

My idea was to give it the look of carving with depth, by using batting as I stitched.
I think it would work better if I used two layers of batting and machine stitched to get a deeper outline.
I also used my lana wool thread, it is a greenish brown shade, so nice for this piece.
I used walnut, but decided to spot a bit of the java on, to give it the greenish black aging.
Not sure if I like the extra motifs and whether it would look better with just the angels and an outline stitch?


moosecraft said...

Neato! I like them with the motifs. Gravestones usually have some extra symbols on them too. Great aging technique too!

Jacque. said...

Wow...those look amazing!

Deb said...

Wow, do I love those! I've got this thing for those tombstone angels. Fantastic!!

Cat Haven Crafts said...

I'm fascinated by tombstone angels, too and like to visit cemeteries on vacation to look for them. I carry some paper and crayons to make impressions. I would like to make hooked rugs from the rubbings someday! Love your pillows!

soggibottom said...

Really effective and unusual from the norm. x x x

Kathie said...

very unusual :)
so your style though
thanks for sharing