Monday, June 28, 2010

A New Teaser

I made up some projects to take on my trip, I never made got done with the first one;)
So, I started the new cross stitch piece and thought you might like to see a teaser.
I am making this to look like an old fraktur, so I am using black to outline the main designs.
I have already messed up by missing some stitches on one side, but I am too lazy to go all the way back and redo it.
Luckily she will just be a little shorter;)

I will also get back to redoing the adam and eve piece, so the pattern matches the finished piece.

For the trip finale, we stopped at the outlets on the way home. I was not impressed with the prices, but I do love my sketchers, so I got a new pair of sneakers and bill bought himself a good pair of work boots. I also needed new kayak boots for the summer, so I was able to find my brand at the sports store there.

Since we were going through Massachusetts, I just had to stop by the quilted crow, a treat for me. I have been looking for some tan homespuns and they had what I needed, now I wish I had bought yardage, it will be for an outer section on a quilt I plan on making and not sure I have enough, guess I will have to go back, lol. I fell in love with the fat quarter bundle, it is Moda Cross weave, will be fun to make a quilt with and love the shades. And of course some hand dyed gold to go into some simple amish style quilts. And yes I know, they never use gold in their quilts, but I do;)


paulette said...

I am drooling over your new fabric!! I have heard nothing but GOOD things about the Quilted Crow!! LUcky YOU!!

moosecraft said...

Mmmmmmm... homespuns and wool... I should take a road trip up there too... ;-)

Lori said...

Those are great fabrics you found. I need some tan homespuns too. I love that bigger plaid. Have fun creating.

Deb said...

I've never been impressed with outlet malls either - I never seem to find anything at a very good price.

Love your teaser, can't wait for the A&E and just love all that fabric you bought!

soggibottom said...

Love the colour combination. Amish quilts are beautiful, I have only ever seen one "live and up close".
x x x