Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Stitchery Pillows

I think I am getting carried away with these stitcheries, lol.
It is helping my hand though, it still hurts, but less than before.
I may do some pennies and wool pieces next, need a break soon.

These pillows are both from Tiffany of Twigs n Sprigs.
I decided to add a border on these to make them into quilted pillows.
The one of the left is one of Tiffany's designs.

Then I decided to try another gravestone. This time I used two layers of batting, but still not the look I wanted.
I might have to try a different thread, maybe something thicker. I still have pieces to finish and two new ones I drew up, so I might take a break and do some finishing on my other quilting.

One thing I am doing differently with the designs, is that I am using my black ink pen to put the design onto the fabric.
I am using my faber castell artist pen, an older one, so it goes on black but not as heavy as the new ink does. I also ironed on a piece of freezer paper, so that I could draw the lines more smoothly. This way I just sew over the thin line and you cannot see it. Much easier than trying to get the blue chalk off and it will be great for making up pieces to take on my trip.


moosecraft said...

Great tip about the freezer paper and thin pen! I like ideas that make things easier... makes it more enjoyable then too! Your pillows are great! I like the Liberty one the best!

Deb said...

I've used that freezer paper trick forever. I don't know where I learned it - probably a hit I read somewhere on doing stitcheries, but it works well for a lot of different things. Just love those pillows, especially the tombies.

LenZie said...

You have been very busy the last few days. Love all your pillows and wish I had room for them. My son wants my Ram pillow and the Puma when it is finished.
Did you still have your workroom?
I sure want one but guess it will not happen in my life. Big breath.
Hugs, LenZie

Kim D. said...

More beautiful work Debbie.

Karen said...

Nicely done. I like the Liberty Angel best, though.