Friday, September 20, 2019

Friday Finish!

This week I wanted to make a pillow for the chest. I enjoy making larger things to put around the house, and less little means, less clutter and less dusting. I chose a design by Cheri Saffiote, offered on the Facebook group, Quilts by Cheri. She is another person who will never be forgotten and sorely missed.

I added some halloween scraps to make a border and antiqued it, to give it a grungy look. It was fun to make and I like how it looks with my halloween cat, which is sitting on the other side. It measures about 14".

I also needed something to decorate my halloween tree. I have fall leaf, lights and I wanted something more prim, but easy. I found some fun vintage designs online and I printed them on card stock, then threaded a piece of pearl cotton to make a hanger. I also found a fun owl for a topper, I reduced the size to fit the tree and printed that on card stock, as well. I threaded through a small area, so I could tie it to the top and it won't fall over. I think I need some more decorations, so I will have to see if the store has any mini ones.

Ignore the horrible wall, I know it needs to be repainted. We finally painted the walls with a grayed down white and I love the color, but it was too flat and peels off with the rug tape, so we need to get a better finish, that stays put.

Here is a place where you can get a lot of vintage designs, to print out, for free.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We have some hot days coming up, so it looks like beach days for us.


acorn hollow said...

very sweet. Enjoy the beach what a wonderful weekend of weather we have coming up.
Cathy said...

Oooo spooookkkyy!
Your house must look very fall-like
I haven’t gotten down my orange wreath yet and I’m waiting for my bittersweet to turn

Susan said...

I'm working on one of Cheri's designs, too. She had a great sense of folk art, and I like the pillow you made with one of hers. Enjoy the beach. We are going back into the 90s again next week, just when I thought we were finished with them!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Thanks for the link to the vintage designs.
Another sweet finish.