Sunday, September 1, 2019

Camping has ended!

We came home yesterday earlier since we had the boys and I was tired, easier to pack up before it got dark. It was a week of good and bad, the bad was our new neighbors, they were a group of families that were around us and their kids were non stop noisy when they were at camp. Quiet hours meant nothing, was awoken by them screaming by our trailer at six in the morning.

The good was the quiet time, paddles and time with the boys. It seems the birds finally arrived and each day they flew around the trees at our camp. They never set still, so hard to see what they were and get shots, but I was able to get a decent shot of this Downy Woodpecker.

On one of our walks, we spotted this deer, at dusk, so not the best shot.

The last day, we had the boys. It was not the best day to have them since we were leaving, but we had fun and they were picked up in time for us to start packing up. On the way back to camp, we stopped at a farm that we had spotted on the way up. I knew the boys would love it.

They had a large penned in area with lots of animals and a variety of fowl. This guy liked making faces at me.

And so did this one. And he got photo bombed by the cow.

And if that was not bad enough, the kids were doing it too. I wanted a nice shot of them in the flower garden. Not only do they make faces at me, Bill had to stand there and hold them still.

And then it was back to camp for rock painting. Nick wanted to paint, so he had fun painting a few rocks. His method was to mix as many colors as he could, to see what new colors he could make.

And of course, I cannot take my eyes off of any of the boys, for a minute. While Nick was painting, I spotted what these guys were up to, playing in the turtle tank.

Even though it was a little cooler the boys wanted to swim. Alex loves being in the water now and they both love playing with Bean and Bean loves playing with them.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and making your own memories. And prayers for those in the hurricane's path.


Julie Fukuda said...

Whether in a campground or neighborhood, it is annoying when people don't pay attention to the rules and make noise during quiet hours. I think we have all had experiences like that. Sometimes it seems the parents might even be telling their kids, if they are going to be noisy, go down to the other end of the camp. Yep, kids have a lot of excess energy. Too bad we can't bottle it and sell it ... or save it for when we need it. The pictures are so much fun.

acorn hollow said...

It looks like a wonderful time camping! You are so blessed to have the boys as much as you do even though you get tired.
Great pictures

PaulaB quilts said...

What a Wonderful end to a nice camping season, especially with the boys. Bean sure loves to dance in the water.

M.Jack said...
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Rugs and Pugs said...

You are making so many memories with the grands. Lucky for them...lucky for you :)