Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Finishes!

This week was a slow one, been fighting off the flu and it finally got me, so I have been taking it easy and today was a couch day, hopefully that means it is on it's way out.

I was able to finish my blocks from Cheri's Facebook Group. These are fun to do and work up quickly and she still has all the blocks and instructions in the files, so  you can still get in on the fun.

I oversized mine since the cloth is thin, next I will cut them down to size and add the sashing and work on the log cabins to go with them, a great way to use up scraps.

Since I had extra time and I wanted to take a day to just make something, I tried one of my cats as a halloween kitty with a moon and stars. I was trying to make it scrappy by changing the heights, and more loosely, a no thinking day of punching;)

We went to pick out our prize and there were no baskets left, was hoping to get a nice gift basket, but there were other prizes available. Some were just not my style and then she looked up and said, oh and this beach window. Well, that was fate, the perfect piece to put in the beach room. A bit shabby chic, and thinking I may put an ocean print behind it, or I can just paint a simple ocean and sky? It is on the wall shelve for now, not sure if i want to hang it, it does have a heavy chain on it, but I like that space and I can decorate around it. I also have a double oar to hang on the wall above it. I like how my starfish lights look, around it.

The saying is perfect for my room. I hope everyone has a nice weekend, we have rain, so maybe another rest day and hopefully some sun and a walk on Sunday.


The Civil War Quilter said...

I hope you kick that flu to the curb quick! Love your applique blocks.

acorn hollow said...

So sorry you are not feeling well. I love the window and I do think it was meant for you. Love your kitty so sweet. and of course always your needle work.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Feel better soon.
The beach window is sweet.
Hugs :)

gracie said...

Sorry about the flu....great window.

moosecraft said...

Oh my goodness! That beach window hanging is perfection! Yep... I'd say it was fate too! :-) The Cheri quilt is gorgeous! I'm still resisting facebook though... lol! Cute kitty! Feel better! :-)

Saundra said...

Oh my, sure hope I don't get the flu; I did get the flu shot just before leaving for Cape May so hope I'm covered.

Love your cat piece.

Sandi said...

Your cat is cute! I'm not a cat person but your hooked one and the wool one Paulette shared both speak to me. Maybe it is the stars and your moon that you have put on hours.

I like your idea of painting the wa,l behind the frame. It is so pretty and match your starfish lights look great on it, I look forward to see what you do with it.

Have a great weekend.

paulette said...

Your cat is adorable and your Cheri blocks are WONDERFUL! I would say that your window was made for you and your beach room! Score!+

Karen said...

The cat is oh so good! You make the best punched things.

Miccosukee said...

Here you are with the flu and are getting done much more than I do without having the flu. (I got my flu shot for free at the senior center.) The saying on the frame is so you and could not have been more perfect. You were meant to have it.