Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekend wonders!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and maybe even thought about exploring your own part of the world. This weekend we had rain and when it finally stopped, I wanted to get out and enjoy some fresh ocean air.

I left the house stiff and weak, so I planned to go to the lighthouse and just relax and enjoy the views. But, I changed my mind and wanted to go to Fort Getty so Bean could play on the beach and I could still relax. Well, as you can see, I started walking and before I knew it, I had walked down the entire beach till we hit a dead end. The ocean seems to be my healing place, I feel better mentally and physically and I did get a bit tired at the end, but it was well worth the mental boost, I needed.

On the way to the park, we stopped and enjoyed the views from Newport side of the island. Even on an overcast day, it is beautiful. We even saw two cruise ships, moored outside of Newport.

We have been to the park and walked around the main area, but we have never walked down the beach, I was amazed at all of the beautiful rock formations and coloring, and textures that reminding me of something you would see in the canyon areas.

I always see shapes in things, but I noticed them more when I looked at my photos, at home. A few faces and I love the sculpted look of the third formation. It is amazing how the rocks range from sand colored striations to jagged shale.

I wonder if the Jimmy Hendrix face will look like that in a few years, and with a storm coming our way, we may see some new formations.

This shows how the sea and weather forms ridges and impressions in the rocks, and it comes with an alligator on top;)

Further down the beach, we found a lot of sand colored rock formations. You can see the smooth, rounded areas and the tiny holes formed from hundreds of years of sea carving. A ridge of quartz runs down one area, it is a very diversified coastline.

It was a wonderful day to walk on the beach, no crowds and we could let Bean run off leash at the beach inlets we found along the way. 

When we came back we stumbled on a wedding party, they were taking photos of the couple, I bet those will be beautiful. It was the perfect way to spend our day, relaxing and magical as we walked around the different rocks and I even found some sea glass and heart rocks.


Sandi said...

Lovely pictures Debbie despite the grey weather. I'm that centre of three pictures I can see a dog leaping onto a a rock or ball. The other formations are very beautiful.

I'm glad you were able to get out and enjoy your weekend despite the epweather and being tired afterwards,

Enjoy your week,

acorn hollow said...

So glad you got out to see and smell the sea and salt.
I hope your feeling better. We have had some rain which is needed badly so no complaints.

Saundra said...

Both you and Lauren are enjoying the sights of rock formations. Yours at the sea and hers on dry land.

HomeSpunPrims said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm glad you felt better after your walk. With such beauty to behold, I can see why. Lori

Julie Fukuda said...

Sometimes just getting started is all it takes. I love that variety of rock faces.

Anna Bates said...

I so understand how the beach could me your healing place. I grew up on a beach that had more stormy days than not and it always refreshes the soul.

Fiona said...

just lovely walks again... I do love looking at rock formations too.... they are amazing how the weather changes them over the years..... I did some exploring over the weekend... hopefully will get to do a blog post soon!

Corrie said...

Sounds and looks wonderful. Glad you could enjoy the day.

Corrie said...

Sounds and looks wonderful. Glad you could enjoy the day.