Monday, September 5, 2016

Weekend Wanderings!

Bill had two extra days off so a nice long weekend. We made the best of it by enjoying our own area and were able to get out and enjoy a few good days before the storm hit. The weather is not bad here, but the winds were whipping up the waves and making it hard to swim at the ocean beaches. Today we got the winds and a little rain, hopefully we will get more rain before the warm weather comes back.

Saturday we decided to go to Connecticut and check out a boat launch we could never find, which I finally figured out. You drive over the border and go into Connecticut and then down a long back road and back towards Rhode Island and there is a nice big boat launch at their end of the lake.

Since we had never been and I wanted to walk a bit, we walked along the path that follows the shoreline. The path goes back to Rhode Island but we were just exploring. It was a beautiful part of the trail, lots of areas to stop and enjoy the views.

From this viewpoint I saw some little islands and people swimming, so we walked to that point and checked it out and went back to get our suits on and our kayaks. It was funny, Bean and I were waiting for slow poke Bill and Bean started whining and hopping into the kayaks, I guess he has decided he likes kayaking.

I also think he knows, kayaking means water fun and we had our own little spot on the island to relax and go for a swim.

After our swim, we did a little more paddling and enjoyed the shoreline, love the rock ledges in this area.

On Sunday we wanted to see the ocean and watch the waves from the storm that was approaching. We went to Fort Wetherill which has views of the bay entrance and ocean and on the other side is Newport.

This fort still has a lot of structures still standing, so we could walk around some areas and on the tops to enjoy the views.

We then took a path that led to the ocean cliffs, spectacular views of the outer bay and the sailboats.

We continued along the paths and came out on the Newport side, beautiful views from every angle.

We left the fort and headed to Battery Park. I found it on a map and wanted to check it out. A nice walk through the woods to an area that was once used in the American revolution and then for the world wars. There is not a lot left, but it was fun to visit and we even spotted the coast guard boat, anchored in the harbor.

On the path back we came across the fire control stations. I cannot imagine being stuck in that hole, looking out through the slats, all day and night.

Here is the sign that was posted nearby, it shows what it was like and a bit of history about them.

And today we spent the morning, cleaning out the yard and removing projectiles, just in case. I noticed that is was nicer in Connecticut and the orchards were open,  so we headed back over the border to go apple picking. Not only did we get some fresh apples, but some pears, as well.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and not effected too badly with the storm.
If you are bored and want to see the little slide show I made up, you can watch it at My Youtube Channel.


kelley said...

have been enjoying your FB posts all weekend...Bean is a hoot! hope the weather stays nice for you...can't wait for Nick and the new baby to arrive home for you...hugs

Sandi said...

Sounds like you all had an adventurous weekend. Enjoy the fresh fruit, can't get any better than picking you own!

moosecraft said...

Bean cracks me up! Always so much energy and always leading the way! He's keeping you guys young! :-)

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

What a great excursion with fabulous pics!

Raymond Homestead said...

Great weekend! I love how Bean gets so excited about it all!