Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekend Haunts!

This weekend we did a little exploring. On Saturday we went to Connecticut to Hurd State Park. It is a large park with an adjoining park next to it, so a lot of area to explore on the Ct. river. We only did a short hike, about 3 miles but a lot of uphill, so I got a good workout.

Or course Bean loved this park, the minute he saw water as we walked down the trail, he got more determined to pull that way. We let him have some water time before we started our hike. This area is a picnic area, so lots of grassy open spaces on the river.

We climbed up the hill to the rocky ledges, beautiful views of the river.

On the way up, we noticed another park, so we stopped at Machimoodus State park which is just down the road. I looked it up on the internet and saw that it is supposedly haunted, but no weird noises while we hiked, lol. I found it peaceful and with another hike up, over 2 miles total, we got to enjoy views of the Salmon River. You can read more about the park and the legend at Road Trippers.

On Sunday we went apple picking. I used the older apples to make apple crisp and got a fresh bag since I love eating them for a snack. It was crowded and it seems everyone was picking from the bottom of the trees, so I had to have Bill's help to get the apples up top.

On the way back we stopped at the Bee's Buzz. I didn't find any goodies this time but they were having a raffle and I made Bill fill one out, well, he won a basket. They said to come in and it is first come, first pick, so hopefully there is something good in the ones they have left.

We passed a park on the way up and it is an Audubon sanctuary, so no dogs. We left Bean home this time so we decided to check it out. It was another uphill climb and this one was rocky and full of roots, and I wasn't wearing my hiking boots, so we took it slowly.

I didn't want to go to far, but I saw photos of waterfalls. We got to the stream which was dry and I had a feeling there wouldn't be water with our drought season, but up ahead it looked like some interesting rocks and I love rocks. It wasn't just rocks, it was cairns. The sign said there are over 100 of them in that area, and they are not sure how or why they are there.

On the way back I wanted to take a photo of Bill on the bridge. When I got home I looked up the park and they said it is haunted and have gotten high readings in the area. Well, I didn't see any ghosts but when I looked at my photos, I noticed a strange foggy mist at the top of the photo and in that is a blue orb. What do you think, haunted or not?

Another fun thing I enjoyed this weekend was time with the boys. The baby is still leery of me but Nick was ready to explore the house with me and look for the kitties. They went out to do some shopping so Nick and I took Bean out for some play. He is disappointed that the tractor is broken, he loves it when Grandpa gives him a ride.

I hope everyone had a fun weekend. This week will be more rain on and off, so I am working on my blocks for Cheri's free BOM.


moosecraft said...

Beautiful place for a hike! Will look even nicer when the leaves start to turn. Enjoy your time with your grand kiddies!

acorn hollow said...

congrats on your win! the blue orb who knows but I am going with haunted.
looks like a great hike. and lucky you got to see your grandbabies.

Kate said...

Fabulous hikes, Debbie, and I love the photos that you share. So nice that you're having time with the grandsons. Can't wait to read about the basket that Bill won. :)

Rugs and Pugs said...

So happy the grand babies are finally home and you can have fun times with Nick and get to know the new little one.
I say not haunted.
Hugs :)

Saundra said...

I do see a faint orb on the side of the tree. Is that what you were referring to? Just wait until you see post in a day or two with all the orbs I captured at Cape May.

Sandi said...

Looks like you had some great weekend hikes and experiences Debbie. Enjoy those apples!

Cute way to display the photos of the boys, have fun stitching!

Allie-oops Designs said...

You do find the prettiest places!!! Haunted or not, lol! Love the pics of the boys, so very glad they're back!