Friday, September 16, 2016


I am sure a lot of you go through the same thing, wether you stay home or go away, we seem to need a vacation from a vacation;) This week was no difference, I think I am officially exhausted, but then again, tomorrow is another day and one more nice day before the rain comes in on Sunday.

Tuesday I decided to go for a ride up the Connecticut river and if we had time, over to Graig Castle in   Meriden Ct. We went along the coast to save time and then up a scenic road to enjoy the views and towns along the river.

Our final stop before we headed across to Meriden was Eagle Landing to take a break and give Bean some play time. I love the views from this side of the river, and a large park to walk around with access to the shore.

On the other side, a view of the swing bridge and opera house.

We finally got to Castle Graig, it is 976 feet high and the tower is 32 feet, so you can see for miles in all directions, in Connecticut.

We walked a bit on the trails that followed the cliffs, great views from every point.

Wednesday I needed a break, it took me awhile to decide what to do if anything and it was warmer, so we headed to the beach for a few hours. I think this was the most relaxing day, just sitting, swimming and walking along the beach. You can visit my You Tube page to see videos I took from our trips, including me getting thrown backwards by a wave;)

One way to amuse myself was to throw corn chips and watch the seagulls fight over them. The bad thing is, you end up with way too many feathered friends and half of them are flying over your head, luckily no accidents happened.

Thursday I decided I was going to brave a long drive and traffic and go to Woods Hole Massachusetts. We went through Newport and I picked back roads so it wasn't too bad until we had to connect with highways to get back on a back road.

I have been going all day and night and no time to really plan a day, so we just go and see what we can see, but I could not find anything once we got to Woods Hole and there was no parking and no beaches that weren't private and I just gave up and headed back up the coast.

We did find a wonderful town on the way down, called Mattapoisett. There are a lot of small towns and seaports all along the coast, so maybe we will visit some another time and explore the areas. We enjoyed views of the islands off of the coast and Bean got a treat from the Harbor Master, who wanted to pet him and give him a biscuit.

After we left Woods Hole we looked for a place to stop and relax. I had my phone map and each park I saw, was either private or impossible to get to. We finally found the perfect beach in West Falmouth called Old Silver Beach. Lots of sandy beach and shallow water, so Bean and I got to have some play time together.

The rest of the ride home was traffic, since we were hitting the shift changes and everyone trying to get home or out of the area so by the time we got to RI, the sun was setting and no where to park for a nice view and too late to head to the lighthouse. We caught a nice view as we crossed the Newport Bridge, minus the dirty window.

Today was a rest day, I wanted to stay closer to home and just enjoy some beach time and a hike. Yes that is rest to me, lol. But, we ended up walking the entire length of the beach, the regular walk around the trails and added on a new trail, so we hiked over 7 miles, way too much for me and now I am ready to crash.

Today my son sent a photo of Alex, they made it home safely, so we will probably be visiting them tomorrow. Can't wait to give my sweet grand boys some hugs and love. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.



acorn hollow said...

sounds busy and fun. Glad your grandbabies are back and you can get some time with them.

Karen said...

I know you can't wait to get your arms on those boys.

Sandi said...

What lovely pictures, I like that one of the juvenile and mature seagull going for the corn chips! We used to have a flat roof carport and there was a seagull who would hang out on a wood electric pole near ot. We would throw stale bread from our back porch stairs and he would swoop down and catch some and return to the pole to eat it. Dad nicknamed him Gutty Gus!

Love that sunset shot crossing over the bridge.

Enjoy your visit with the boys, the little one will be so charmed to see you and I'm sure you will get lots of hugs and kisses from Nick!

kelley said...

so happy that Nick and Alex are home...can't wait to see more pics of their sweet little faces...

The Eveningstitcher said...

What a beautiful area you live in, Deb! So nice to be able to walk on such scenic beaches, river banks. We were in Woods Hole catching the ferry to Martha's Vineyard about 10 years much fun and so lovely!

So happy that your little grandbabies are home so you can visit them...there's nothing like grandchildren to liven your lives!!

Fiona said...

lovely places and what a long walk... how fun to go and get cuddles from those lovely little boys

Rugs and Pugs said...

So many adventures, but a 7 mile hike would likely kill!
So happy the grands are home. I bet you are over the moon happy!!!
Hugs :)

Julie Fukuda said...

Yes, such sweet pictures and I think I could have passed up the 7-miler.
Enjoy your chick time!

Anna Bates said...

catching up in the blog read...I just have to take the most amazing photos and your grandson is ADORABLE!!!