Friday, June 17, 2016

The Good and the Bad!

As many of you must know, vacations do not always go as planned. I cannot complain, no major disasters this time.

The bad; thousands of Gyspy moths. It made it hard to relax since I constantly had to check my chair to make sure, none were crawling towards me. They also dropped from the trees, so I had to look up when I walked. For two days our trailer was leaning forward, not fun walking in a crooked trailer. Then we noticed a leak coming from the bathroom, but the good was that it was the water hose, nothing disgusting;) And I wasn't thinking about the fact that I was using a sit on kayak, no kayak skirt to cover my legs, so I got burnt pretty bad, so no jacuzzi soaks for me.

The good thing was, being slanted caused the leak to come onto the floor, before it was leaking below where we didn't see it, so now it can be fixed. Seems someone nailed into the hose and opened a leak. The bad thing is, I wanted to take off for a few days next week and it won't be fixed until monday so any trips will have to be local. We had lots of good moments and beautiful sunsets, so I will leave you to enjoy a few moments during our week.

Of course the highlight was when the wind died down and we got Bean out in the kayak. I took him out first in my smaller one, he sat on my lap and then we tested him on the larger one, he fits quite well. He still prefers to sit in our laps though, he is so spoiled.

If you would like to see a couple of videos of Bean paddling, you can go to my U-Tube channel and watch them. Another good thing, the old camera works nicely with the new card and on U Tube the videos are larger and much more clearer.

And he has learned that kayaking also means water fun. He loves the water and has gotten braver and going further out to actually swimming. I want him to feel safe in the water, then he will feel safer on the boat in deeper water.

He goes all out and the water is low enough to run and jump in. He also needs a new life jacket, his chest has expanded so we will take him to the store to make sure we get the right fit.

One day we went to Watch Hill lighthouse. It is a nice place to park and enjoy the views and Taylor Swift's home on the hill. We also drove to a boat launch nearby, since that means dogs are allowed. There were a few people enjoying it as a beach with their dogs. Bean wanted to play with everyone as  usual.

And another beautiful sunset on the lake. Love how it formed a shape in the clouds. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. It is going to be hot, so I may be staying in more, especially with the weekend crowds.


Sandi said...

Love your Facebook posts and these on your blog. I saw some wonderful clouds coming and going to Spokane, but hard to photograph when driving! So mainly memory pictures for me.

Sorry to hear of your trailer woes hope they are easily fixed. Hope it doesn't get too hot.

acorn hollow said...

oh those moths are awful. every time we see a nest here if we can reach it we cut it out and burn it.
looks like you have a kayaking dog!

Kate said...

Debbie, I loved watching Bean in the kayak!!! Brings back such fond memories of our Abby who absolutely loved the water. Give him an ear and chin scratch from us. ♥

paulette said...

When you weight the bad with the good I think you came out way ahead!! Such a beautiful spot and Bean sure enjoyed himself!! Gorgeous pictures!!

Darlene said...

Your doggie looks like he's in heaven! So cute!

Fiona said...

Bean is having so much fun in the water...

Rugs and Pugs said...

Bean sure is enjoying himself! Just like a
Gypsy moths...UGH!
Hugs :)

Kim said...

Well it wouldn't be a vacation if everything went smoothly. Lol. Luckily it wasn't anything bigger. Bean looks like he is having so much fun. Can't wait to get Abby out to the beach soon and see what she does.

Raymond Homestead said...

I just loved watching the videos of Bean, he's so sweet! I just wanted to give him a big hug. You got some really good snapshots of him too! Bean is so lucky to have such a good, loving mommy and daddy!

Carole said...

Ah, yes the good and the bad! Cute pictures of your dog. He reminds me of Snoopy's happy dance!