Sunday, June 12, 2016

Camping trip!

Well, I have been thinking about what to do while Bill is home for two weeks and I really wanted to go camping, so I looked online and found a reservation for 4 days at our state park. It is close by, so not too much packing and we can come home to check on the cats.

I got a site closer to the water which is a bonus since Bean will spend all his time there, if he has a choice. The weather looks good, warm and getting warmer and no rain. There are less people on the weekdays so that will be nice too. I plan on resting, paddling, swimming and relaxing, I really need a stress break.

Today we went back to the kayak store. We were thinking of getting a tandem kayak with room for Bean. But, I do not like paddling with Bill, I like my own boat, so I decided to look at singles that are big enough to fit Bean and Bill can use that one and something I could use on my own with Bean. It also has more room for gear, my camera case is huge but on this trip I will use my waterproof for water photos. Here is the new boat, has lots of space in the back so I will put a pad for Bean to sit on and it will keep him from slipping. Hopefully he will get used to paddling and enjoy it enough that we can take him out on the bay.

My present was a new waterproof camera but I hate it. I finally figured out what was wrong with mine, so I tested the two and my old one takes better photos, this was with the old one. The new one, an Olympus, washes out the photos, it lets in too much light so it is going back in the morning and I will order a new Sony. I was hoping for a better grip, but I prefer to have the thin case and better quality. Hopefully mine will work well enough till the new one comes in.

For some reason my DIL still has not friended me on Facebook but Bill is on her Facebook. Bill found some new photos today so he saved them and resent them to me. He cannot even share them, she must have banned me, lol. Alex is such a beautiful little baby, I can't wait to see him.

We will probably come home tuesday night to take care of kitties and make sure the bowls are full, so I should be able to post some photos then.


acorn hollow said...

Well you have been busy! good luck with bean on the boat we see dogs laying on the front of kayaks when we are out. Looks like a great camping spot and nice and quiet.
that baby is just darling.

The Eveningstitcher said...

Oh I hope you have a great time camping and kayaking...the boat looks good!! The little one is as sweet as can be!! Hope you get to see him soon...have fun Deb!!

Sandi said...

Have a great time distressing and relaxing. The new gear looks great, too bad about the camera.

Soon that sweetie will be home for you to cuddle.

annie said...

Sounds like a great trip, hope Bean loves the bay!
That's a beautiful baby! Just precious!

marie said...

Have a great camping outing. Love your trailer, what brand, size is it, looks like something we might like.
Hope Bean likes the ride in the kayaks.

Fiona said...

great to be off camping... hope you get the camera you want. such a big decision. so you have been banned on FB. yes, extended families!!