Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Finishes!

This week I wanted to try something new, or something old, since I have had the pattern for years. The pattern was a freebie from Create and Decorate and is a design by Denise White of The Cat's Pajamas.

It was the pattern and no directions but I never read them anyways, lol. I changed it a bit and made some mistakes but she is so goofy, she makes me smile. I forgot to cut the red ticking to make the stripes go across for one thing. Then I decided to make stockings and no shoes, but didn't like it, so I tried coloring it in with a sharpie, takes too much time and you need more than one coat, so I decided to paint them on. That was fine, but I didn't realize that I grabbed the black enamel paint, duh. I actually like how it looks, a bit thicker and a bit more shine so great for shoes, but not for washing off.

Too windy to get an outside photo, the material for her face and arms is an old muslin that I stained, beat up, washed in dirt, among other things, so it is really grungy, a bit of brown and some green. The flash washed it out. I made the hat and boat by using an online tutorial and online american backgrounds that I printed out on laid paper. Laid paper is a nicer paper with enough weight to keep it stiffer, but not too stiff.  The hair was a thick binding yarn that I attached with a thin piece of wool to tie it down, then I unravelled the yarn to get thinner locks.

She was fun and fast to make, I tried different things and see things that I can improve on, so maybe I will try some more and change them up.

Then I finished the next block in Buttermilk Basin's BOM, the  Second letter T with the snowballs. I got some carrot buttons, they are fun to use on pieces like this and on the snowman pillows, guess I need to get more.

Here is what I have so far, with the letter T at the end.

At the last minute, as usual, Bill has to go on a trip, the day after our planned vacation. It would be too much to spend the week away and then come home and have him leave the next day, there are some things I can't do and Billy is going away too, so easier to stay home and get things done before he leaves. There is nothing going on at work for now, so Bill is taking the next two weeks off, so hopefully we can do some exploring and have some fun during the weekdays with no crowds.


acorn hollow said...

wow you have been so busy this week. I love her she is just darling. and your quilt is so sweet.
we are windy here too and so chilly it feels like summer passed us by I sure hope that is not true.

Kate said...

She is precious, Debbie, and your let it snow blocks look terrific. Bummer about the vacation but sometimes it's enjoyable to just putter about near and at home - enjoy.

The Eveningstitcher said...

The block of the month is so cute!! You did a great job on your doll...adorable! That's one thing I hated when I worked...having to go back the next day..LOL!! I also told my husband it's not worth the vacation, because then I was twice as depressed having to go back! Enjoy your some exploring in your beautiful, scenic area and take lots of pictures!!

Saundra said...

The BOM is looking great will be nice to display and use this winter when it is all done.

Rugs and Pugs said...

What a fun doll! I never heard of laid paper but the hat and boat are just too cute.
Enjoy your exploring time with hubby.
Hugs :)

paulette said...

Isn't this BOM fun!! Love your newest addition! SEW cute!

Julie Fukuda said...

I know there are people out there who follow patterns but the creative touch is way better,
Weather here is starting to get hot.

Carol C. said...

I love the doll! It is so much fun to start with an idea, or pattern, and then see where it takes you, isn't it! Sometimes exporing around home turns out to be more relaxing than travel, and, bonus, you can sleep in your own bed! How is Bean?

Kim said...

Oh my goodness, she is adorable! I love those whimsical dolls. The block is great too but I'm not ready to think of winter yet. Lol

Fiona said...

she can only get a smile - just delightful and I love your blocks... they are looking great

Sandi said...

When I saw her yesterday I howled with laughter she is too cute!. You are ahead of me with the latest Buttermilk basin block. I haven't even made templates yet.

I'm in Spokane until Thursday so it isn't happening soon.

Congrats on these great finishes.

Allie-oops Designs said...

Oh Debbie she is beyond adorable - love her!!!!! I love your blocks too, so great - yes more carrot buttons.

moosecraft said...

Very cute little summer girl! You really put some character into her! Your Buttermilk Basin blocks are coming along nicely... you chose some great fabrics and wools for it!

Kurt Schindler said...

Very cute patriotic doll.

I am not participating in the BB BOM since I live in So. CA where we do not have snow. But I do love the blocks.