Saturday, June 25, 2016

Paddling Up River or Not!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week. I have been looking at blog headings to keep up, but with the slow internet it was too hard to comment this week. Of course I could have stayed in NH for another week or the whole summer, but I do miss the comforts of home;) I took my first real shower today, lol.

We did a lot, every day and by the time I hit the bed, I was asleep in minutes, I tend to over do it, but it is well worth it. We paid till Saturday so we could stay and do some things before we left yesterday. I planned a trip on the Saco River, go up river and float down. Something relaxing and fun.

We started up the river, my goal was to go 3 miles to the bridge and be able to say I paddled to Maine. I was surprised at how easy the paddle was and then I noticed some small rapids, that propelled us forward and realized, the river is flowing up, not down.

There were not a lot of people when we went out, the river was beautiful and views of the distant mountains in Maine.

The water looks so calm, crystal clear and shallow.

Lots of beach heads along the banks, a perfect place to stop and enjoy a swim and let Bean play. I sat in the shallows, too cold for me.

We made it to the bridge and we stopped to take a rest. Then we headed back and that is when I realized how strong the current was. Now I know why people get picked up, but I paid to park only. Plus they charged me 10.00 a kayak, as well, which made no sense. I will email them, I think for that price, they should have given me a map and picked me up. It was confusing since I said I was just going to paddle and come back, no pick up needed, then when we went to the launch, they asked when we wanted to be picked up, so I am not happy with the mis-communication.

And this is how we paddled back, with our feet. I had my small play kayak, fun to play in, but not to paddle against currents. We walked along the shallows and pulled the boats along. Three miles trudging through a river current, I got a good workout and was exhausted by the time we got back. I think they owe us a free day on the river;)

Bean has such the life, when it got too deep, he got a free ride. We won't mention the time that Bill pulled both kayaks while I walked Bean on a long stretch of Beach and I waited a half hour, while he went down river to find the paddle he dropped;)


Kim said...

It looks like a beautiful day. Sorry about the paddle (walk) back. I would have been annoyed too

Saundra said...

Am surprised they didn't mention the difficulty of the current for the return. Of course it would be just like me to not have heard that part since I have selective listening skills, lol.

Kate said...

Sounds like fun nonetheless, Debbie. Love that pic of Bean being pulled along.

Sandi said...

Looks like you still managed to have a lovely time. The weather looked perfect. Hope it wasn't too warm.

Rugs and Pugs said...

You sure did get your exercise!
Beautiful views.
Hugs :)

Fiona said...

im not surprised you are sleeping well.....

moosecraft said...

Paddling looks so peaceful! The scenery is absolutely gorgeous!

Jacque. said...

Love the photos! Lucky Bean-dog! Take care and have a good week.