Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Camping Fun!

We are camping this week, but came home tonight to get some things done, check on the kitties and rest. We had a long hike and it got hot and it wiped me out, so nice to be home for one night.

This is our campsite, nice views and hardly anyone at the campground so it is nice and peaceful to sit and relax there. The bad thing is, there is a gypsy moth invasion and they are all over the place, I hate those things, so we sit under the awning. Bean could care less, lots of rocks to push around, so he is happy.

It was also too windy to paddle, so hopefully the next two days will be calmer. Bean was going deeper in the water and swimming, so hopefully he will enjoy a boat ride.

Keeping it low key, relaxing and just enjoying walks and the views. We took a walk around the back section of the camp and found a section that is not even listed on the map and we spotted a deer on the pathway. After our walk we sat and watched the sunset, it reminded me of painted dessert.

Today we took another walk, we did over five miles in less than two hours. I really need to teach Bean to walk calmly and let me take the lead. It got warmer and I got hotter and it wore me out. We walked around in the water when we got back, but I was just too tired to think, so resting at home is much easier for me tonight. Tomorrow we go back and spend the next two days. I hope you are all having a wonderful week.

This is part of the North South Trail and there are a lot of new walkways and a bridge, that weren't there years ago.


Dawn said...

Looks very peaceful.

Darlene said...

It looks so peaceful. Enjoy.

acorn hollow said...

well you are getting exercise for sure. what a pretty sunset and good that you could go home to rest.

Saundra said...

Beautiful sunset.

Raymond Homestead said...

Sounds like you are enjoying yourselves which is exactly what you are supposed to do! Bean seems to be having a pretty good time as well.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Gorgeous sunset!!!

Fiona said...

sounds lovely. great that it is close enough to home comforts when you need them. what a beautiful sunset.

Jacque. said...

It looks so peaceful and lovely, Debbie! Hope you enjoy the remaining days. Beautiful photos, as always.

Julie Fukuda said...

Such nice relaxing pictures. Id love to sit on that covered bridge.
It would be hard to train Bean when he is sometimes allowed to be in charge. I have to keep reminding Nikko that she is no longer being walked by papa and needs to come at my rules. She is getting better at sitting and waiting ... finally. But I often stop along the walk and make her sit and lie down and stay until I tell her OK. It helps her to understand that I am now in charge. Have a great adventure.