Monday, May 17, 2010

Kitty Kapers

Today I got a scratching pad for the kitties. Basically cardboard and catnip, but worth a try.
It seems all the kitties cared about, was the catnip. Rolling in catnip is what my kitties love.
Izzy is the calm one, she rolls and makes happy faces.

Dora is another story, she is way to smart for her own good. I was doing something and when I came back, I found her and the bag of catnip on the bottom shelf.

Dora really gets into catnip, rolling is the first step, she has to rub it all in her fur.

Then some more frenzied rolling and contortions.

To falling in love with the object holding the catnip. At this point, I had to get my penny rug, before she went into her claw mode. I think l need child prove locks on the cabinets, but I can guarantee, Dora would figure that out too;)


Joanne said...

Oh too cute - we had fresh catnip and Nicky (this was years ago) got in even with a child proof lock on it - so dora is way too smart for that type of lock!

Love seeing their pics!

Sew Many Ways... said...

It's been crazy here and I am missing in action in reading all my favorite blogs. Hope all is well with you. Your cats are just like our Hallie. We have 2 of those card board scratchers. She loves them, but she loves the cat nip the best. We buy the little tub of it at the pet store and rub more of it in from time to time. Cracks me up how she rolls all over in it.
Glad the weather is staying warmer for a change. A little rain coming, but that's ok.
Have a great week,

moosecraft said...

Party on, Dora!!! :-)

Farm Field Primitives said...

Too cute. It is so funny how they act when they get around that catnip. We have a cat too that can get anything open. Thanks for sharing.

sewmeow said...

My youngest cat likes to roll in it, and my other two 12 yr. olds like to eat it fast & smell it & scatter it all over the floor. Aren't they fun?

Boggy Creek Primitives said...

Well I feel your pain on the "claw mode" thing. I have five 12 week old kittens running around the house terrorizing me as I type this! I do not like those claws and especially when I hear them climbing up my leather furniture. I'll have to try those scratching pads and pray they work! I don't believe in declawing.

Your cats are beautiful Debbie!

Brenda said...

I have no idea how you get anything done with those felines. I mean really, it's like a sideshow...just one more reason not to have cats. Way too entertaining, LOL!

Wendy said...

Such adorable pictures, they sure are entertaining to watch. Lula rolls around and stretches her whole body, even right down to the toes spread apart.