Sunday, May 2, 2010

Contest Winners!

I guess I won't make everyone wait any longer;)
And I won't stretch out the text and make you scroll down;)
So, without further ado, I have decided that everyone is a winner today!
Losing is no fun and it is always fun to get something free and I still need work on making these patterns.
I was thinking of an alphabet line, will see how that goes. I tend to work by moods, so it depends on what motivates me next.

I am putting two versions of the cat here, so you can just grab a copy for yourself. I did save it in pcstitch file, but have no idea if it works, so anyone who would like to try it and see what you get, email me for a copy. I make them with the dell, but use my mac for other things. My mac will not open the file. So, for another question, would you prefer patterns in pc stitch or pdf files? I would appreciate any feedback on my cat pattern. If you encounter any problems with the chart, can you follow it ok? I use less colors and make them simple, so you can use any colors you want.

This pattern is for cross stitch only, please do not use it in any other medium.
I saved the colors in text format, so you can match those if you wish. The legend numbers do not match with this version.

Grid Size: 100W x 100H
Design Area: 6.64" x 6.79" (93 x 95 stitches)

Legend: Stitches
DMC 310 black
DMC White white
DMC 3808 turquoise - ul vy dk
DMC 3011 khaki green - dk
DMC 782 topaz - dk
DMC 918 red copper - dk
DMC 517 wedgewood - dk
DMC 838 beige brown - vy dk
DMC White white
DMC 501 blue green - dk
DMC 500 blue green - vy dk
DMC 610 drab brown - dk
DMC 3857 rosewood - dk
DMC 3799 pewter gray - vy dk
DMC 3033 mocha brown - vy lt
DMC 3045 yellow beige - dk


moosecraft said...

Neato! Thanks so much, Debbie!

moosecraft said...

Oh... PDF is preferred...

primitivebettys said...

Thanks bunches! This kitty is so fun! :) I've got my pattern printed... now to find some stitching time.

PDF is preferred here too. It is just easier. :)

A Quilter Awakens said...

Oh yea! It is wonderful. Thanks Debbie! Karmen

Kim D. said...

Very cute Debbie!!

Berit said...

I'm a mac user, so PDF for me, too!

Thanks for sharing so much; I have No Idea when I'll get to this guy, but he is too cute! :D