Thursday, May 6, 2010

Painted Stitcheries

Today I worked on painting the stitcheries I made.
It is time consuming, not something you can rush, but also fun and relaxing.
I used acrylic paints, watered down and no mediums. After I finished, I put them in the front loader to heat set, then sprayed with water and reheated them again. I do the spray to help soften the paints a bit.

This one is just paint, I will antique it later. I realized that with painting, the pages didn't work, so I will close up those stitches, next.

This one I antiqued, to see how it would look. Normally I antique the piece, after I make it into a wall hanging.

This one I decided to paint first, then I will stitch with black. I think this was much easier for painting and I am not sure if this was actually cotton, it seemed a bit smoother. Now I hope it will be easy to stitch on, we shall see. I used brighter colors, but I think the stitching and walnut, will tone it down. All three of these are from Red Brolly's free stitchery, Catalicious.


Jacque. said...

my goodness there nothing you can do? These are marvelous! Your colors are great, and the antiquing looks just right.

Karen said...

Very interesting. I had not given thought to using paint with the stitcheries. I have to try this technique.

paulette said...

Wow!! These are stunning!! Incredible how wonderful the colours are! I'm wondering how you antique your work...adds a whole new dimension! Just lovely!

Bronwyn ... said...

These really are stunning! And different. I wasn't quite sure what to expect when you described them to me- but I was pleasantly surprised.
Good on you!

Betweens said...

These are absolutely gorgeous!! you are amazing and the work that is put into them is so unique.. I love them thanks so much for sharing a wonderful quilting technique

Brenda said...

That is way too cool.
BTW. I still get the replies to your comments back from Mailer-daemon so I'm giving up on on your email! LOL!

Deb said...

There are really wonderful! You do so many wonderful things! I never thought of painting stitcheries, but it really gives them a great look!