Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow Lady Applique

I have been resting the past few days. This old body cannot handle shoveling snow, like it used to;)
I worked more on my rug and finished a new punch, but I can't show it, since it is a future present.
Tonight I finished the applique on a wall hanging I am making. I wanted to make something fun and simple that I could do in my lap and decided to use a design from Primitive Blessings.

I just love her designs and this snow lady was perfect for a winter wall hanging. I added a different sign and the bucket of snowballs, plus the hat. I might put a flower on it tomorrow. I will add a border and then do some stitchery which may include snowflakes. If you want some fun designs, check out her site, she has free ones and epatterns that are inexpensive. I have my eye on a few that will make great presents for my friends.


Kathie said...

adorable, I love the sign.
nothing better than snowmen in mho!

Karmen said...

Thanks for the link. I don't decorate primative style, but I think it's nice. They have a lot of cute stuff.--I like what you make better.

WoolenSails said...

Well, by the time I get through, it will definitely be different, lol. Today I added what started as trees and now are more vine style trees, in black floss.

I tend to start with a design and build from there. Now I will stare at what I did and decide what else or what needs changing.


softinthehead said...

Hey Deb....I do love that Irish music....thanks for stopping by! Pam

Jacque said...

Hey Debbie...I cannot believe how much you're getting accomplished! I am so impressed. I always have so many things on my list...that never get done. Love the Snow do good work, there!