Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rug Progress

I got to work some more on my rug today. I decided to have fun with the cat and used some thrift wools that I had in green and blue. They were both dyed in a darker shade to get a bit of variation to them, so it gives them a more darker appearance. Hard to tell in the pictures, the camera loves to grab colors. I also decided that the apples didn't work, so I made a little cherry branch instead. As usual, I throw in faces with what worms, I have on hand, so those get redone later.

I am using black shades around light object, dark olive green around the brown and on the kitty, I use a black/gray texture that I had. I will use those and some dark browns as the main background colors and try to keep them close to the black hue, so that is blends in and adds movement.

For the tulip, I used a gold as is jacket that had touches of brown and varying shades in it. I mixed a yellow/gold that I dyed myself. The reds are from red jackets. I over dye them with maroon or mahogany to get the varying shades.

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Miz T. said...

You are just cruising on your rug progress! I like your choice to do cherries, and when looking at the photo of the entire rug it looks well balanced. Love the mixed gold in the flowers! You go girl!