Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Punch Needle Cross

Today Dora decided to hide out in the wool downstairs, so I took the opportunity to work on a new project.
It will be a present, so of course I cannot show it yet.

Tonight she is being nice and letting me finish the background. She wanted to hide in the cabinet under the tv and yes she opens it herself, way too smart. But, Izzy thought it looked fun and followed her in and the next thing you know, my supplies come tumbling out along with Dora. So much for Dora getting some peace.

This is a cross I made up for a friend who loves crosses. I wanted to make it into a stuffed piece, but couldn't figure out how to make gussets or sides to make it stand up. I was in a time crunch, so I mounted it onto a basket. I would like to do more designs like this. This one I just doodled up, so it will be fun to come up with some new ideas with the cross and improve on the layout. The basket I found in a thrift and painted a mustard color, then antique over that. I finish with a matte spray.


Jacque said...

Hey Debbie...that is a very cool PN that you did! You're so creative!

Kathie said...

wow would love to see this framed too or as a pillow
great design

Lydia said...

Debbie - I think it looks great on that basket! Good going!!

Miz T. said...

You just "doodled" that up? It's beautiful! You are wonderful at designing Debbie. I'm so glad your kitty allowed you some time to punch without taking over your frame or threads. Whomever you are giving your punched cross basket to is a very lucky friend!

WoolenSails said...

Thank you for the compliments. The next two are presents too, so can't show them until they get to the bday girls;) Lots of bdays next month.


Brenis said...

Tooo cute Deb!! I like this better than if you had made it a stand alone! I'm sure whoever receives this will be absolutely THRILLED!!! :D
ps.. tell Dora to BEHAVE! lol

Dixie said...

Your cross on the basket is wonderful! Love the Dora stories - keep them coming. Can't kitties find their way into the darndest places?

Penny @ Miss Pootsie's Primitives said...

Hi Debbie! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying such sweet things. I LOVE your needle punch items! My goodness you're talented! Keep at it sweet lady! Penny