Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dora found a way to help other homeless kitties

Today I gave my rug hooking a rest and worked on finishing a basket for one punch and finishing another punch.
One is a gift, so I will have to wait to show you and the other I should be able to finish tomorrow.

Today we found a new site called Goodsearch. You can do your searches from their site and in the process, help a charity of your choice. Of course Dora and I picked our local pound, which is funded by Friends of the animals. Without them, our pound would be closed and the animals taken to another shelter which I do not care for. They are working on building a new area for the cats and dogs to play and more room for the animals.

This year we donated when we found Dora and I gave them one of my kitty rugs for a raffle they will be having. I have always gotten my kitties from them and there is no greater love than from a cat who finds a new home. So, check out Goodsearch and pick a charity from your local town, that you can help.

We all browse on a daily basis, so why not help others in the process.

Tonight while I was finishing up my punched piece, Dora decided to show me that she can fit in my small punch frame. It takes a bit of squeezing and wiggling, but she gets herself in there. This is her, "I told you I could fit", look. Of course she had to show off her beautiful tail by swooshing it around.

Dora loves to use her big paws. She is a grabber and can leap incredible bounds with those feet.


Jacque said...

That Dora is adorable! Love her tail...and her big feet!

katie said...

What a great kittie, and she does have big paws. Aren't they a great joy to have around. Enjoying your blog.


Anne said...

Your Dora looks alot like my "Jack". Mine has an extra digit on the front paws, so he can actually "hold" things. So cute.

rockriverstitches said...

Oh I love your kitties!! Looks like they like to help you sew like mine do! LOL

Miz T. said...

I wasn't familiar with Goodsearch but will check it out. There are so many simple things like that we can do to help organizations. Those Dora photo's are wonderful!